Sunday, October 09, 2005

natural disasters

oct 10

christmas quake 2003 kills many in iran
christmas tsunami 2004 kills hundreds of thousands in india, srilanka and southeast asia
ramadan quake 2005 kills 30,000 in pakistan and kashmir

are the fierce, jealous, semitic gods sending some kind of message or what?

and for the christists who laughed when the tsunami hit asia, why is it that the most redneck, most chritist part of the us, the deep south, has been devastated by hurricanes katrina and rita?

i wonder what t. john, the karnataka congress minister and famous purveyor of divine signs, has to say about all these.


Anonymous said...

Pakistan has killed about 60000 Indians in a decade of terrorism in Kashmir alone. Since Pakis' friends advocate India-Pak equal-equal, there should be atleast one more earthquake in pakiland with a toll of 30000 to even the score.

Anonymous said...

the propaganda never stops! read this trash from Reuters (if your stomach can stand it)

from reuters


Anonymous said...

these strange coincidences are just that. and one should not waste time in talking about it. instead one should talk about what actually would have happened if a hurricane like katrina , hit the indian coast ( or like the one that hit Bangladesh that hit in the 90's and killed 130,000). one should talk about why such disasters tend to take more lives in the developing world than elsewhere. every country, developing or the so-called developed have their share of unjustified deaths.
and if my reasoning doesnt make any sense, the people who want more fake coincidences, can have more fodder for their thoughts............
The first victims of global warming , villagers of norhtwerst Alaska
justification : people who cause global warming suffer the first.
number of abortions in the US since Roe v Wade- 25-40 million.
( shouldnt this be called the mother of all ironic facts against this country which produces those fake heroic hollywood blockbusters where soldiers screaming "i wont let abandon my mate" and go back to fight some enemy and save their mate's life?)

Anonymous said...

Here is a news item, though unconnected with the above topic, should make interesting reading.

Calif. commission rejects textbook for biases against Jews and Hindus:

san said...

Anonymous, I'm not a religious fundamentalist, so for me abortion is not automatically murder. Likewise, I'm not sure why you're wishing that Katrina could have struck India.

But if I did believe in God, I'd take note of the fact that the quake has damaged the Peace Bridge between India and Pakistan:

Anyway, the quake toll is topping 20,000 now, and it's also noteworthy that the quake struck Muzzafarabad, the main launchpoint for murderous terror attacks on India.

While we're on the subject of irony, does anyone remember how that Muslim preacher called the Space Shuttle crash a punishment against Americans and Hindus? Or how Musharraf launched his sneak attack on Kargil right during the peace talks?

Now that they've suffered a humbling moment, India is not attacking but rather offering aid. It shows the difference between ourselves and them.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are sneaky. Their Yom Kippur war idea was that praying Jews would be easy to beat. But they were wrong.

Maybe India should attack Pak now. Maybe the aid should conceal some well-disguised bird flu and AIDS virus? They wouldn't hesitate to do that to India, the bastards from the ISI.

san said...

Actually, it's worth speculating on whether Osama Bin Laden may have been caught in this quake. After all, the best places for him to hide would be either in NWFP or POK.

I'll laugh if Mr Underground Resistance really did get caught underground in his bunker hideaway, or his hidden hole in the cellar.

But seriously, is it possible that this quake could have at least uprooted him from hiding, forcing him to change locations? This might be a good time for Americans to go hunting for him.

Kalyani said...

Yes,the peace(sic)bridge is in!

Anonymous, in equalling the score we should include all our forefathers slain plus loss of profits too!!

That filthy liar paki was so preoccupied collecting F 16,17,18....he missed out on helicopters it seems.He is gleefully calculating the amount of aid he decides to demand.Yes this is the right time to pulverise them but masochistic gandhi ghost ought to be exorcised first!

san said...

Lashkar-i-Taiba suffers casualties in quake:

Oh well, I'm sure they'll be trying to rake in the international charity donations, just like LTTE did following the tsunami.

Kalyani said...

Mahalaya Amavasai(New Moon)started on an auspicious note------4 pakis were publicly hanged in a Gulf country for drug,not in saudi,where it is routine but elsewhere.

I bow with my heart brimming with love and gratitude before the Might of God,our God,Hindu God Shiva!

san said...

Here's an interesting tech article:

New advances in inflatable structures including the Airbeam, using high-strength composites. These could be very important in creating portable instantly inflatable all-weather structures for emergencies. The light weight and high tensile strength of their textile skins could make them quake-proof and quake-safe as well.

India is a big manufacturer of textiles, but what about these industries branching into areas like manufacturing structures from composites?

Randhir said...

Rushdie was on Bill Maher show last week and said something to the affect that - the God seems pretty upset with it's lovers (taking a swipe at the evangilical right and the jihadis who wear religion on up their sleeve)

san said...

Despite some superficial noises, Musharraf seems to be hesitant on accepting Indian aid:

Mr Musharraf said that Pakistan was considering an offer of help from India, but showed little sign of welcoming Indian air force helicopters. He said Manmohan Singh, India's prime minister “did ring me up. It was very kind of him. He offered his condolences. But we need to work out what we would like from them.”

“There are sensitivities there,” Mr Musharraf added, referring to the two wars the nuclear rivals have fought over Kashmir.

Basically, Musharraf is playing politics. He doesn't want IAF helicopters coming to the rescue, so he's claiming that "those prickly Indians" are delaying their response. Manmohan has already immediately offered aid, but we can't force it on them. It's upto Musharraf to decide what he values more -- the lives of his people, or some misplaced sense of national pride.

DarkStorm said...

Tall Indian said:
the propaganda never stops! read this trash from Reuters (if your stomach can stand it)

Well, these Kashmiris, I will repeat are thankless wretches. Even after killing so many of our people, they are crying for help. They should actually go to Paki and see the situation there. The situation in Pok and Pak is much worse. Relief is even slower, with all that international help Mushie has got. We , on our own, have done all we can, inspite of continuing terrorist activities. What are we saving their lives for. For this. I hope another earthquake hits them. I really felt tragic and sad for them earlier. But now, after seeing all this, maybe they deserver many such quakes. Enough is enough

Ravi said...

and i read in a kannada major daily, vijaya karnataka, that vaishno devi temple unaffected by this quake. 40,000 devotees who are there for navarathri are all very safe.


Anonymous said...

Why blame John. You yourself wrote some moronic statements like these in one of your articles -

"I pooh-poohed one T John when he claimed that the Gujarat quake was a sign from above, but now I am beginning to wonder.

The devastation by the tsunami in Tamil Nadu, could it be a caveat from Up There about the atrocities being visited on the Kanchi Acharya? About adharma gaining ground?

There are mysterious forces out there that are not fully understood by our oh-so-rational selves. I am reminded of the strange signs and omens that historians recorded before calamities: for instance the rain of frogs in Vietnam preceding the cataclysmic war. Or the odd celestial signs that preceded the death of Julius Caesar.

It is said that the very elements can be affected by the mystical powers of sages who have acquired superhuman powers through meditation and sadhana. I think we should all tread carefully, for now we are treading on things we do not know."

Anonymous said...

You can be really void of any empathy. Pathetic. I agree mostly with your politics. But there is nothing intellectual about your stupid musings on tragedies.

Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

Read what the grandson of Sirdar Usman Ali Khan, grandson of the former PM of PoK has to say....worth reading...I wonder whe should even bother to offer aid.