Wednesday, October 26, 2005

lantos and natwar, revisited

oct 26th

remember tom lantos saying that natwar singh was 'brilliant' and 'dense' and a 'stalinist'?

brilliant? based on explicitly what action of his?

dense? ahem... we shall remain diplomatically silent on this one.

a stalinist? hmmmm... i should claim copyright and prior art. i have been calling a whole lot of people 'nehruvian-stalinists' for a long time. although it is true that i never explicitly called natwar singh one.

stalinism includes a personality cult, complete control of the economy by the state, endemic corruption, the tyranny of an anointed elite, and the abuse of history as a tool to brainwash.

it is true that there were no gulags in india, but as a couple of commenters said, genocide takes many forms. surely the genocide of the kashmiri pundits is as complete as though they were all carted off into gulags? and isn't the trap of hopeless poverty and the endemic suicides of all those farmers a stinging reminder of the way millions in india have been forced to hang on in quiet desperation?

stalinists everywhere form governments of stalinists, for stalinists, and by stalinists. stalinism takes many forms, too.


Anonymous said...

brilliant, probably a general description of what Americans think of indians( I have heard the words 'cerebral" and brainy too.( so Natwar singh can think he is brilliant )
Dense........better not go there.
stalinist........a good description of all the left in india. for them, india is not a sum of parts (a (union of cultures ,meaning different cultural and linguistic groups coming together). for them india as a whole defined by "rashtra bhasha"hindi and being coveniently divided into parts so that they can send crony chief ministers and governors to rule from a strong "kendra".
stalinism orginally was occupying all states surrounding Russia, and Russifying them, and we are seeing the consequences today, chechya, ossetia, kabardina-balakria, beslan.....
Stalinism in india means., having a strong "kendra" and deprive the locals of all power, and so encourage rebellions (as in places away from the hindi and hindi clone cultures)

Raghu said...

Rajeev, Lantos may be imitating you. :) But you are right. Nehruvian-Stalinism is for real. The thing which I thought was dead after Narasimha Rao has become PM is back again. The next Gen in Congress doesn't inspire any confidence either.. As long as we have the 'loyalists' of the Family, we will have this kind of moribund idealogy be perpetuated upon us. BTW, Mani Shanker Ayyar may be the more Nehruvian-Stalinist than Nut Singh.

Raghu said...

Speaking of brilliance of Nutwer Singh, someone has said Sonia Gandhi is brilliant too. And Jagmohan Mundra is making a movie on her. Strange things have been said and done before.

Anonymous said...

it is possible for you to change the blog template something little more easy on eyes


Anonymous said...

I wish it was more readable too.

KapiDhwaja said...

Preacher told to get out of India, approaches Sonia.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,
Check this out from the guy who is perhaps the high priest of Laskar -e - Taiba. I think one cannot win the war of words when it comes to Pro/Anti Jihad because people can twist facts any way they want it to suit there purpose.
Alok Swain

DarkStorm said...

Thanks for that link, LOL.. Bush and blair licking boots... Dont be immoral or else you will have earthquakes. Haha....

Man, you made my visit. This is really funny. How do people come to tears on hearing him speak. Guess thats because even feel "Please spare us, Allah, please stop this buffoon, we want to go home."

(Still chuckling)

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the meaning of life in this 'religion' is to give "money and sons" to go kill people who don't belong to a particular cult. What nonsense!

Try benefiting society by doing some actual work.

Anonymous said...

Here goes Mani Shankar Aiyar aka Marie Antoinette of 'Let them eat cakes' fame.


When will we see the end of these buffoons of the Kangress party?

Anonymous said...

Things are hotting up in the Middle East folks. Guess we'll soon see some action in Iran.


san said...

Perhaps indianpatriot can explain why 'dear friend' Iran is spouting off this bellicose rhetoric of jihad. Gee, I thought we were told these bearded Islamists are supposed to be great company to keep with.

I would once again warn that the fist-shaking mullahs are a liability that we don't want to shackle ourselves to. We don't want to be seated on their horse as they Quixotically charge at windmills. Why on earth are they so obsessed with attacking a country that they don't even share a border with??
This type of jihadist crusade against some faraway land is typical of Islamist demogoguery.

Again, I feel India should stay away from these hormonally-driven hotheads and let them cast themselves on the rocks. By no means should we be mortgaging our future by linking it to theirs. These idiots only know how to get themselves into plenty of hot water and there's no need to put our necks on the chopping block alongside theirs.

But if we could attain regime change in Tehran that would break Pakistan's transit monopoly into CentralAsia, then it wuold result in a payoff that would be well worth it.

Dric said...

Yes San, its poĆ­ntless shaking hands with Mullah minded countries.The president of Iran has just proven to be another Jihadi with his statements to wipe out another country.He has perhaps taken inspiration from China?! I bet ,the US or Israel will one day wipe out one of these Mullah countries in the near future. The US has already proved its brutality in WWII.

DarkStorm said...

Even the naivest of our politicians (exceptions, Sonia maddo, madmohan sing, nutwer sing, manishanker air, etc) know that they have to keep their mouth shut when they are having more serious problems. Even laloo has that sense.

When iran is under pressure to give up its nuclear weapon plans, at that very time, their president has to call for israel's annihilation.

Doesnt give much credence to their claims of their nuke programme being peaceful. Anyway, they dont need nuke energy as badly, they have huge gas reserves.

Just shows iran is driven by mullahcracy, it is not much different from taliban and puke-istan.

Sameer said...


Deviating from the topic for a moment....

Recently saw how the leftists have resorted to desperate means to sabotage the strangths of India....

Currently India's strengths or its assets are its emerging IT and strong and respected Armed forces.

These things were not effected by the marxist dogma thanks to the seperation of politics from Srmed forces and the emergence of IT after 1996.

but now the left wants to tackle and weaken this too...

It has started with the demand of 'Labour unions' for call centers and It workers....
It was good that the issue was nipped in the bud by Mr. Kiran Karnik (NASSCOM Chief) saying that the industry has its own grievance addressing mechanism.

But recently there has been a debate and demand for quotas in armed forces or regiments based on caste/formation of SC/ST regiments.... are they nuts? ask them not to pollute the armed forces.... thye ahve polluted the government and other departments... but Armed forces??? so that Pakis and chinese can easily attack us?
One bastard even demanded the names of regiments changed from Punjab, rajput to numbers 1, 2 etc. (Doesnt it sound like Mao's idea which u described in an earlier blog?)
A programme hosted on Aaj Tak showed a fool demanding removal of surnames and use of only first names as these create 'caste' feelings... ha ha ha,
Only bastards and children of many fathers like him would ask for it....

mitra said...

Sameer appears to be rather too knowledgable about bastards and their ways. I wonder how such knowledge came to him?

Hardly any country's army has ethicity/caste based regiment. A few do have some region based regiments. So why is giving regiments numbers instead of caste based names such a bad idea?

The caste based regimental system is a british legacy. After the 1857 mutiny, recruitment from gangetic plains was stopped and the british declared castes like sikhs, punjabis as martial--these castes had supported british in 1857. A caste based regimental system was started after disbanding the erstwhile Bengal Army. The new regimental system was basically for "checks and balances". It was the Gurkha regiments which carried out Jalianwala bagh firing.

Late, even "non-martial castes" wanted to become soldiers. So , the Guards regimet was raised. It is a mixed regiment. The Guards regiment has performed as well as, and mostly better than, caste based regiments. In any case, the officers are "mixed" for all regiments.

So, its not too bastardic to rename/mix regiments. Might even increase national unity a bit.

Anonymous said...

Yes San, it doesn't make sense being chummy with suicidal Iran. But that still is not a guarantee that the US will give up Pak. This week they are going ahead and sanctioning 80 new F-16s (fully armed with BVR missiles) for Pak, just to kill us Indians.

So you are being as naive when it comes to the US, as Nutwar & Mani Shankar Aiyar is with Iran.

kaunteya said...

Sameer, i guess the Pinkos get a nausea after seeing affluence and improved quality of life. They can't see a region, a state or a country prosper economically. They feel restless and uneasy in their red undies when they see people working hard and earning more.
The people of India (atleast a huge section) has already tasted blood. They have seen the fruits of less govt control on them and opening up of more options.
They would not touch the communist ideology with a barge pole. The CM of West Bengal is finding himself increasingly isolated amongst the idiots of his own party. One can only pity him. Ironically NDTV that so forcefully promotes communist agenda itself is a product of free market. And there are several examples like NDTV. Would NDTV allow reservations in its office? Will it allow unionism at its work place?
Will be funny to see how it deals with this. I think if the pinkos continue aggressively with this agenda (that of reservations and unionisation) they will hit the roadblock with their closest ally, the media. The media which has so far been steadfastly behind the Commies will be the first one's to back-off.
I think the Commies are not going to have it easy in coming days. May be their nuisance value will further increase. But thats it.

BTW, has anyone done any research on the amount of property and wealth the communist leaders themselves are sitting on? I know that Jyothi Basu's son is a crook and a rich man and Basu himself is no pauper. I also know that Somnath Chatterjee and Brinda Karat come from very rich background. Not sure of Prakash Karat. N.Ram is off course as rich as anyone can get. I have also read that the Communists in Kerela have a property worth more than 4000 Crores. Vinod Mehta has atleast one huge farm house. And i am sure there is big list that we do not know.
So basically what these pinkos are saying is this. "Our leaders will enjoy the fruits of capitalism and free markets. But you poor mortals, you working class third grade citizens, you should not earn so much. You should go on strikes, destroy the economy and kill the boom if need be. You should create unions, create more viciousness and break the win-win combination between your employer and yourself. Let India be perpetually doomed on the economic front. Let us pollute everything that has the potential to create affluence in the society."