Saturday, October 29, 2005

from the mailbox: example of great 'planted' story

oct 29th

how to go around planting tear-jerker stories!

the truth comes out, though: the missionaries are exploiting the poor natives, destroying their culture, living in luxury (apartheid???) amongst them, and surreptitiously stealing their mineral wealth, says the report itself.

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Subject: Amazon Tribe Wonders Why Missionaries Who Help Them Are Being Expelled From Venezuela...


check this out...

Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005


san said...

New sniper-finding anti-terrorist technology:

As far as the ethics of allowing a machine to instantaneously respond to enemy fire with its own counter-fire, well I say go for it. Give the Indian jawan some kind of RFID tag to exempt him from friendly fire, and then let the machine do its deadly work.

mitra said...

SAN shithead:

So you want to take away whatever manliness is still left in this nation. So that we can all become cybercoolies and save our worthless lives till we decay of old age.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mitra, you're truly concerned about our nation: preferring to see our soldiers dead rather than use technology that might help them.

All while you sit behind a computer screen making idiotic comments. Talk of manliness!

mitra said...

Idiotic cybercoolie

Get a handle first. Dont hide behind anonymous.

Anonymous said...

What, that's it? That's your rebuttal? Asking me to get a handle first?

I suggest that you leave this blog and never return, because you're getting into arguments far beyond your league.

Your league is more in the vicinity of "Are apples usually red or blue?"

mitra said...

Idiotic cybercoolie

I dont get into rebuttal game with uneducated-techies-who-think-a-technical-degree-is-education and whose only knowledge of world is culled from Hindutva website and who think that having-my-own-cubicle-and-my-own-coffee-mug is the height of achievment. And who are convinced that India-had-developed-all-technologies-including-hydrogen-bombs-and-phasers-by-6,00,000 b.c.

Anonymous said...

That's strange. Isn't that all you've been doing all day? You clearly value this blog a lot or you would have left by now.

And when you said that Indian soldiers should not use technology to save their lives because it is "unmanly", and I asked you why, you had no reply. Why don't you join the military and show us your manliness, Mitra?

And after making such a comment, you should really change your nickname from "Mitra" to "Shatru" because you're clearly nobody's friend but yourself.

Anonymous said...

the "manly" cuckold with hyphenated fever and delusional self grandeur returns...keep up the entertainment asswipe.

mitra said...

>> You clearly value this blog a lot <<

Sure I do. I do value hilarious entertainment and show of clowns.

Anonymous said...

What, so now you're just going to selectively quote one line I said, and reply it with a generic, uninsightful statement?

What about everthing else in the post? Can't you handle it when somebody breaks your idiocy down into smaller pieces to paint you a picture of your incompetence?

Get off this forum.

mitra said...

Idiotic cybercoolie:

Do you think you own this piece of cyber real estate? Just like your non-education-requiring-cybercoolie-job gives you the delusion of owning a piece of USA. So you think you are an honorary white to preach to ignorant, dusty Indians. I advise again - get an education -- degrees leading to cybercoolism are not education and your cubicle in Silicon Valley is not the world.

Anonymous said...

All from the report.

The charge:

Anthropologists, military officials and others have accused the group of watching indigenous people die of malnutrition while living in luxurious camps, forcing communities to give up ancestral traditions, and creating a sophisticated enclave of airstrips and settlements in order to exploit gold, quartz and even uranium deposits

The response:

The New Tribes Mission has denied the accusations and is seeking to meet directly with Chavez to discuss the issue. The group has also said it is willing to open its camps to government observers to dismiss suspicions.

Many indigenous leaders in Amazonas state have defended the group, and on Friday hundreds marched through the southern town of Puerto Ayacucho to protest Chavez's decision. Some said they support government efforts including the granting of collective property titles to Indian groups but don't see the sense in kicking out missionaries who offer help to the tribes.

Missionaries live in a cluster of rustic homes among Indians' thatched huts in Cano Iguana, a village about 565 kilometers (350 miles) south of Caracas on the fringes of the Amazon basin.

Speaking through an interpreter, Tute said the Joti people have come to know the white missionaries as neighbors.

He said the villagers, who still speak only Joti, have not been pressured to abandon their traditional beliefs and customs. They still hunt with blow guns and cook cassava over stone hearths in the ground.

But some changes have come: the missionaries have come up with a way of writing their native language, and many Joti have learned to read and write it.

The missionaries say they stretch their donated funds to cover expenses of flying in food and supplies, and airlifting tribe members to medical attention in emergencies via a short, grassy airstrip.

"There was never anybody who helped us like this before," Tute said. "It pains me to think of losing them."

In short the government, anthropologists and military have done squat to help the tribes. Now that is the neo-liberal movement for you - big government, inept officers and people who get an education at the IIT but cannot read a newspaper report :)

Anonymous said...

New York times article about christian prayers becoming an increasing part of american footbal games.

How different are these guys than the Pakis who do namaz on the cricket field. They are one and the same.


Anonymous said...

and what made you expect anything more from these people? not the "we are so good and ethical" propaganda of the press, is it? the plant story above and see how the gullible lap it up in some of the above comments.

Anonymous said...

I know - I just read your comment and figured that you can't event identify a plant.

MIT dismisses a scientist for fabricating data

From the article "Cases of research misconduct - making up data, changing the data or the results to misrepresent experiments, or copying other scientists' work - are relatively rare. In the decade ending in 2002, there were about 50 cases of misconduct involving research sponsored by the National Science Foundation and 137 cases involving research financed by the National Institutes of Health"

Must be a Republican "plant" in the NYT :) or the "gullible" just discarded it. Funny, how the "intellectuals" always seem to be Hindutva types who can't read :))

How about another "plant" - "RSS Helps Christian Priests in an accident"?

Anonymous said...

That's funny Mitra:

You believe that a person who encourages saving Indian soldier lives is an "honorary white", while a person who promotes unnecessary suicide is the "Indian"?

Anything you say has yet to make sense.

Whoever told you that you're in any form a patriot has clearly lost his/her senses.

Anonymous said...

or maybe they are the self-professed "liberal" types (commie, terrorist sympathizing mohmeddans or frockling christists) who can read but can't comprehend :)) especially since they never refute facts but bring out various red herrings with no connection to original arguments...ain't that "gullibility" ;) oh maybe not they are eminent historians..famedmedia and "Reliable sources" of the intellectual class. They do everything but respond to the fact staring themin the face. Someone needs to show them their emperor has no clothes...

Anonymous said...

Is that "intellectual" trying to say the story on football praying stunts is a plant?

Anonymous said...

Yup the Hindutva types (sic) planted it to equate the wonderful christists with the mohmeddans bad!! :) all gullibility and no reading skilss..hail mary!

Anonymous said...

No writing or computer "skilss" (sic) either :)