Saturday, October 01, 2005

racism against hindus in america goes unreported, uncommented

oct 1
this is like the case of charanjit singh aujla, shot to death by plainclothes policemen a few years ago.
this is also like khem singh, who starved in california prison.
in this case of patels too, the indian-origin marxist 'intellectuals' of AID, ASHA are conspicuously silent. after all, it's only hindus being denied of their civil and human rights.
but when a black muslim named amadou diallo was killed in new york some time ago, the AID, ASHA guys were in the forefront of the agitation.


Anonymous said...

AID, ASHA volunteers are an insult to the Indian community in the USA.

Kalyani said...

It is outrageous. And this is the country that ceaselessly yaps about 'human rights'!

Anonymous said...

Sikhs are not Hindus . Pls dont post misleading articles.

Anonymous said...

"Sikhs are not Hindus" wrote a reader!

Hindus are those who occupied the Indus valley and beyond the Indus valley as per popular understanding. So why are not Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs of Hindu origin, aren't they and thier ideologies indigenous to the region. To say that you are not a Hindu in origin is a shame not only to the panth but also to the great Gurus -- the granth clearly reads out all the Hindu Gods!

It is post 1984 that some sections of Sikhs have started this propaganda that they are not Hindus, which is a great disrecpect to the great Gurus! Oh great sardars, please do not let narrow political ideology infiltrate the pure panth.

Anonymous said...

What exactly are you ranting at? If Siddharth Patel was in India, produce the evidence and clear the man. He is not the first person (white, black,brown or yellow) to be arrested on a case of mistaken identity and he has been given due process under the law. This is more than that can be said of the "white" folks incarcerated in a UP jail because they came back from Nepal without papers.

Charanjit Singh Aujla was shot dead when he was trying to defend his store against armed robbery while the "robbers" were actually police officers. (Whether the police officers were in plain-clothes is disputed.)

Khem Singh was a convicted pedophile although I am surprised he was incarcerated at Corcoran a notorious max security prison. Again AFAIK the Sikh religion leaves the choice of eating meat to the individual (beef of course is taboo) - it is not a religious proscription. He was not the only individual to die in Corcoran another person bled to death during a dialysis while the guards were watching the Super Bowl.

Diallo - the fact that the police officers were in plain clothes is not disputed. A mixed jury acquitted the police officers.

Anonymous said...

How many of the convicted pedophile Catholic priests in Philadelphia (see another post on this blog) were sent to maximum security prisons? Why this special treatment for an old man who was sentenced to an extremely long term? Just because he was brown and dared to be a non-Christian?

Do you support the torture and ill-treatment of prisoners? It sounds like you do. You speak casually of the death of another prisoner at Corcoran. Are you a fascist?

How much noise did the media around the world make when one white Christian missionary was burned to death in India? Why is the life of a brown person not worth the same kind of noise, at least by other brown people?

The US legal system is notorious for its racism and consistent bias against non-whites. The Patel-sting is a modern-day equivalent of the lynchings of blacks for trivial reasons. Here the Patels are targeted because they are successful non-whites.

Who are you to certify that due process has been received by this Patel? Who died and made you God?

Why does your heart bleed for white people in jail in India? Why do you accept their innocence at face value? Lots of whites go to India for pedophilia and other crimes. Why do you claim they have not been given due process? You must be a white wannabe or ass-licker or racist. That must be why you applauded when the UK govt put pressure on India to release British jailed gun-runners.

You are a typical self-hating AID or ASHA person. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether Sikhs are Hindus, I don't see Rajeev saying anything about Sikhs being Hindus. Why is this Anon getting ideas? He must be a Marxist.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who reeled off data about Charanjit Singh Aujla and Khem Singh. I didnt know anything about these people, but based on your descriptions, it looks like their human rights have been violated.

1. Aujla was shot dead by police officers pretening to rob his store. This is an official execution

2. Khem Singh was starved to death in a prison. It seems he was also given a sentence out of proportion to his crime. This is a judicial execution

Where is Amnesty International? Where are the human rights mafia? Why aren't these people who are so keen to protect Muslims human rights in America speaking up for Siddharth Patel?

Anonymous said...

BS. The thrust of the "argument" is that the "rights" of the "minorities" have been violated by the arrest of Siddharth Patel and the list of others mentioned. If Siddharth Patel can easily prove he was in India during the time of the crime in a court of law, his "rights" have not been violated. He has been given an opportunity to clear his name.

In the case of Aujla he sold alcohol to a minor and was caught in a "sting" operation. The police claim they came to the store to arrest him and he drew a gun. The point of contention is that the police claim they were in uniform while the anonymous eyewitnesses claim that they (police) were in plain clothes.

In the case of Khem Singh he was convicted in a court of law in the US. If he was innocent why didn't the bleeding hearts like you and the Nizhal Yoddha take it up during the trial? (In the case of the Catholic priests, the statute of limitations for their crime has expired. So not all of them are behind bars but there are some serving sentences). So you could not bring any evidence to acquit the man and he was given a harsh sentence because prosecutors in the US always ask for the max punishment for crimes against children. It was a case of a "brown" person doing in another "brown" person using the legal system - politics of the Gurdwara. A 2004 investigation into the California Prison System uncovered even more abuses in Corcoran - the abuses were perpetrated not at just the "brown" people but all prisoners in Corcoran. You should read it someday before spouting off.

>> Who are you to certify that due process has been received by this Patel? Who died and made you God? <<

Puhleeze. Who are you to claim that due process was not received by this Patel? Are you and the Nizhal Yoddha the sole purveyors of racism against the Hindus in US? Everytime a similar case comes up, you think only of racism - it is like flogging a dead horse. Amazingly the case of Khem Singh happened in California, that bastion of neo-liberalism the Nizhal Yoddha supports. I am also curious as to why the ACLU did not take up Khem Singh's case.

Are you and the Nizhal Yoddha claiming that no "white" person has ever been unjustly held by the US legal system?

Anonymous said...

anon said :"Hindus are those who occupied the Indus valley and beyond the Indus valley as per popular understanding. So why are not Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs of Hindu origin, aren't they and thier ideologies indigenous to the region. To say that you are not a Hindu in origin is a shame not only to the panth but also to the great Gurus -- the granth clearly reads out all the Hindu Gods!"

Where did you get this definition of a Hindu . Is i your own???? If all persons residing east of Indus are Hindus then evn the converts to Islam / Christianity are Hindus . Are you suggesting that ?

Hinduism is commonly identified with Sanatan Dharma which recognizes the supremacy of Brahmans at the apex of social hierarchy . Sikhism does not . It is egalitarian . For that matter evn the so called untouchables are not Hindu ?

Kalyani said...

It is revolting,listening to this assiduously cultivated theory about "Brahmin oppression"(sic).

The above article is a must read.I quote from the above:

"The Hindu-hating media has noted with satisfaction that adherents of Sanatan Dharma lack the terrorising talents of Abrahamic faiths, and we may concede this. We have tolerated blasphemies such as the Shankaracharya's "plans" to flee to Nepal, but we have not asked how the Snam Progetti employee who became a political embarrassment to Signora Sonia Gandhi successfully escaped from the capital in a most timely fashion.

It is being insinuated that the Brahmin community is an ogre that has been sucking the blood of the Hindu people for centuries. As the attempt to de-link the Hindu community from the Brahmin preceptor who preserved Dharma through a thousand years of oppression instantly reminds one of the mischief of the British Raj, it is worth scrutinising the language of its modern advocates.

The Aryan Invasion Theory, raison detre for the north-south divide, has been debunked internationally. Brahmin-bashing, however, is one of the corrosive legacies of the Raj that has not been challenged head-on. It is therefore instructive to ask if Brahmins truly monopolised all access to education in the pre-British era, and thus cornered all avenues of employment. What kind of access did non-Brahmin castes have to education in south India before the British liberated them (sic) from the stranglehold of Brahmin control?

Dharampal (The Beautiful Tree) has effectively debunked the myth that Dalits had no place in the indigenous system of education. Sir Thomas Munro, Governor of Madras, ordered a mammoth survey in June 1822, whereby the district collectors furnished the caste-wise division of students in four categories, viz., Brahmins, Vysyas (Vaishyas), Shoodras (Shudras) and other castes (broadly the modern scheduled castes). While the percentages of the different castes varied in each district, the results were revealing to the extent that they showed an impressive presence of the so-called lower castes in the school system.

Thus, in Vizagapatam, Brahmins and Vaishyas together accounted for 47 per cent of the students, Shudras comprised 21 per cent and the other castes (scheduled) were 20 per cent; the remaining 12 per cent were Muslims. In Tinnevelly, Brahmins were 21.8 per cent of the total number of students, Shudras were 31.2 per cent and other castes 38.4 per cent (by no means a low figure). In South Arcot, Shudras and other castes together comprised more than 84 per cent of the students!

In the realm of higher education as well, there were regional variations. Brahmins appear to have dominated in the Andhra and Tamil Nadu regions, but in the Malabar area, theology and law were Brahmin preserves, but astronomy and medicine were dominated by Shudras and other castes. Thus, of a total of 808 students in astronomy, only 78 were Brahmins, while 195 were Shudras and 510 belonged to the other castes (scheduled). In medicine, out of a total of 194 students, only 31 were Brahmins, 59 were Shudras and 100 belonged to the other castes. Even subjects like metaphysics and ethics that we generally associate with Brahmin supremacy, were dominated by the other castes (62) as opposed to merely 56 Brahmin students. It bears mentioning that this higher education was in the form of private tuition (or education at home), and to that extent also reflects the near equal economic power of the concerned groups.

As a concerned reader informed me, the "Survey of Indigenous Education in the Province of Bombay (1820-1830)" showed that Brahmins were only 30 per cent of the total students there. What is more, when William Adam surveyed Bengal and Bihar, he found that Brahmins and Kayasthas together comprised less than 40 per cent of the total students, and that forty castes like Tanti, Teli, Napit, Sadgop, Tamli, etc., were well represented in the student body. The Adam report mentions that in Burdwan district, while native schools had 674 students from the lowest thirty castes, the 13 missionary schools in the district together had only 86 students from those castes. Coming to teachers, Kayasthas triumphed with about 50 per cnet of the jobs and there were only six Chandal teachers; but Rajputs, Kshatriyas and Chattris (Khatris) together had only five teachers.

Even Dalit intellectuals have questioned what the British meant when they spoke of "education" and "learning". DR Nagaraj, a leading Dalit leader of Karnataka, wrote that it was the British, particularly Lord Wellesley, who declared the Vedantic Hinduism of the Brahmins of Benares and Navadweep as "the standard Hinduism", because they realised that the vitality of the Hindu dharma of the lower castes was a threat to the empire. Fort William College, founded by Wellesley in 1800, played a major role in investing Vedantic learning with a prominence it probably hadn't had for centuries. In the process, the cultural heritage of the lower castes was successfully marginalised, and this remains an enduring legacy of colonialism.

Examining Dharampal's "Indian science and technology in the eighteenth century," Nagaraj observed that most of the native skills and technologies that perished as a result of British policies were those of the Dalit and artisan castes. This effectively debunks the fiction of Hindu-hating secularists that the so-called lower castes made no contribution to India's cultural heritage and needed deliverance from wily Brahmins.

Indeed, given the desperate manner in which the British vilified the Brahmin, it is worth examining what so annoyed them. As early as 1871-72, Sir John Campbell objected to Brahmins facilitating upward mobility: "The Brahmans are always ready to receive all who will submit to them - The process of manufacturing Rajputs from ambitious aborigines (tribals) goes on before our eyes."

Sir Alfred Lyall was unhappy that "more persons in India become every year Brahmanists than all the converts to all the other religions in India put together... these teachers address themselves to every one without distinction of caste or of creed; they preach to low-caste men and to the aboriginal tribes"; in fact, they succeed largely in those ranks of the population which would lean towards Christianity and Mohammedanism if they were not drawn into "Brahmanism". So much for the British public denunciation of the exclusion practiced by Brahmins!

Swami Jayendra Saraswati belonged to this league of Brahmin preceptor so hated by proselytisers."

Axle said...

"Sikhs are not Hindus . Pls dont post misleading articles.

Yes i totally agree. Earlier I used to think we are friends. Since that Italian madame's pet puppet Manmohan, who cannot even speak properly, is dumb and does not have his own views and thoughts, and speaks secularism, has come to power, I too agree.

DarkStorm said...

"Hinduism is commonly identified with Sanatan Dharma which recognizes the supremacy of Brahmans at the apex of social hierarchy . "

Where did you now get this definition. Find out for yourself, this is not the definition. Seems like you are a Muslim who is posing as a Khalistani.

AKSingh said...

Kalyani has conveniently sidetracked the whole issue of casteism. Access to education does not change the caste hierarchy . Let the Sankaracharya come out with a statement that Chamars are entitled to be priests or even to recite the Vedas . Brahmins have created the caste system and they must take a lead in abolishing it . Otherwise hindu unity is impossible .

Kalyani said...

To AK Singh,

If your quest is for the truth and not pointless verbal rebuttal,I suggest you read "Hindu Dharma, The Universal Way of Life",
published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.All answers are given by the Great Shankaracharya Himself.

This would clear all doubts and misinformation,as it did for me.

aksingh said...

To Kalyani ,

Looks like you have no answers . I have read the book . Nowhere does Shri Sankaracharya say the the caste system is wrong or it is not prescribed by scriptures . He simply says that a Brahmins life is as hard as a peasents and that caste should not be a cause for strife . He however appears to be subscribing to this extreme deterministic view that one's vocation and social standing is fixed at birth .

Maybe I have missed out the relevant passages . I shall be grateful if you could point them out .

Anonymous said...

article by Gurumurthy on 'minorities'..

Kalyani said...

To AK Singh,

I am surprised you posed such questions after claiming to have read the book!Point out the "relevant passages"? There are many chapters dealing with 'Varna Dharma '.(The word caste is brits'legacy).

Well,some minds are simply impervious to sage counsel.

Mitra said...

To Kalyani,

Sorry to inform you that your Brahminical con game is not working any more . You want to suggest that before advent of British rule , groups were only known by their Varna name . It appears that you have no knowledge of history . Various castes have been specifically mentioned in scriptures . All this talk about creating Hindu unity without dissolving caste hierarchy is just a pipe dream . Unfortunately for you ,Hindus have seen through the Chitpavan game . The RSS core is made up of fanatic Chitpavan Brahmins who want to use other castes as foot soldiers to achieve Hindu Rashtra . When it is achieved , naturally they have to shoulder the burden of leadership . Hindus are not interested in such a scenario . Witness the complete apathy to Sankaracharya's arrest who is percieved as a Brahmin leader .

Anonymous said...

"Sorry to inform you that your Brahminical con game is not working any more "

nor is commies. so save your energy and bark elsewhere.