Thursday, October 06, 2005

economist: how the everglades were destroyed

oct 6th

the army corps of engineers totally wrecked the ecosystem in florida.

this is why i am concerned about the river-linking proposal in india, sorry, dr. kalyan.

we simply dont understand enough about hydrology to attempt large-scale changes.

in kerala, the cutting down of tropical forests and the sand mining in rivers has led to their drying up. in andhra and tamil nadu, unchecked building in flood plains is causing untold misery when there are 'normal' or excess monsoons.

i think we better not mess around too much.

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Kalyani said...

The following is what Vandana Shiva has to say about the inherent dangers in 'river linking project'.(She is a genuine person knowledgeable about environmental issues and agriculture.) She had protested against bt cotton seeds and her fears turned out to be true.