Sunday, October 09, 2005

rushdie surfaces; kashmiri leeches

oct 10th

randhir's post reminded me of the new salman rushdie book 'shalamar the clown'.

it was savaged in a review by michiko kakutani in the new york times.

it's about some kashmiri mohammedean who marries and (but of course) converts a kashmiri hindu woman (who goes from being 'bhoomi' to 'bhuyan' or something like that) and then she screws around with some white american guy and bears this white guy with the remarkable name of max ophuls (yes, the french filmmaker) a boy child and goes to america, and thereupon, aggrieved, the kashmiri mohammedan turns from being a gentle creature into a violent terrorist. something along those lines, i paraphrase.

frankly, it sounds gross. rushdie hasn't written even one decent thing after 'shame', which was a good expose of pakistan. he's pretty much a one-trick pony. ok, two-trick pony maybe.

there's a kqed forum interview of rushdie. i caught snatches of it, and rushdie sounded like the pompous ass that he usually is. i have the podcast and will listen to it later. he is a typical kashmiri -- they were considered the shiftiest people in india by the brits.

by the way, there was a terrific kqed forum interview of jane goodall, the primatologist. remarkable woman. available on podcast.

also, thanks to tallindian for the whine by kashmiri mohammedans about how slow the indian government has been in getting aid to them. the ungrateful wretches! note there was no complaint from PoK residents, because if they complained, musharraf would kick their butts.

kashmiris are amongst the sneakist people around. do you know that j&k is the most affluent part of india? the poverty level is about 1% and the state will be completely poverty-free in the next couple of years. the poverty rate in the rest of india is about 25%. yes, thanks to indians spending so much blood and treasure on kashmir, which is starving the rest of the country. india spends 8x more on every kashmiri than on any other citizen of india. and they get to live anywhere in india and support their terrorist brethren. but no indian can live in kashmir. i tell you, article 370 is a mockery. india is kashmir's colony. i wrote about that some years ago on rediff, the situation is even worse now with the unprincipled upa in place.

the only people that i really feel bad about in the quake are the indian soldiers -- almost entirely hindus, i would imagine -- who died in bunkers, guarding these ingrates.


indianpatriot said...

Hi Rajeev,
As usual the AP news agency has shown its anti India bias. I wonder why Sonia Gandhi rushes to Uri while Kashmiri Pandiths are still saying in refugee camps for past 15 years. Famous Kashmiri muslims Rushdie, Ethan Allen owner Kathwari are pure Sunni muslim racists. I wish entire jehadi leadership is taken care of by mother nature. State department as usual will come out with a statement tomorrow how good Pakistan has taken care of kashmiris while in India they are suffering. Oh really.

KapiDhwaja said...

Here is more of bloody islamic terrorists killing hindus in kashmir just a day after the earthquake. Can bleeding-heart anonymous bastards who occasionaly visit this blog with their liberal comments, kindly explain this?

KapiDhwaja said...

Here is the link


san said...

Rushdie has such an ego, and is such a womanizer, that it's no wonder he's been through so many marriages. He certainly has an eye for the ladies, and as his latest marriage shows, he seems to prefer them young. But he's still a darling of New York liberals, and reciprocates by occasionally philosophizing on why Islamists are such nutcases. He milks it to earn a paycheque much like Musharraf does.

san said...

The US may shooting itself in the foot in Iraq:

On the one hand, a wider Shia-Sunni civil war may suck in all the wahabbi freaks into an all-out brawl with the Shias. Such a wider war may then bring home the gory consequences of sectarianism to the wider Muslim masses, thus diminishing their support for fundamentalism.

On the other hand, it may bolster the recruitment ranks of the wahabbis. There may also be destabilization of Afghanistan, which would play into Pak's hands.

Kalyani said...

How well you have captured the truth,Rajeev!Yes,indeed..."India is Kashmir's colony".I am praying there should be a mutiny in our Army.

San,it is self deception to keep believing there exists 'normal masses' and 'fundamentalists'among those vermins.The whole lot is putrefying,good for nothing (potentially) evil terrorists.

I,personally would not want any aid to reach them except our curses and ill will.

It hurts me seeing our Army nursing them.Reminds me of the Sandalwood Trees which existed to perfume the air,that were chopped off ruthlessly by veerappans of our country.

The only thing which fills me with optimism, is our ancient Prophesies that speak without a trace of ambiguity, about the TOTAL extermination of all these inimical,mobile, respirating carcasses including white barbarians.These are referred to as the "Earth's useless burden".

The very sight of them makes me puke and we have people chipping in with gibberish about "peace,friendship,mending fences,change of heart....".Very painful and bitter comic relief!

avidnewsreader said...

When " paap " increases ,earth shakes it off.Good to see " South Asian" dictator president begging for aid on his International mouthpiece ...THE CNN.India must grab the chance and neutralise those terrorists holed up here there in Masjids and Dargahs.

On the other hand, i am concerned about predictions of Delhi and surrounding regions hit by a massive earth quake in a couple of years.This "South Asian quake" should be a warning to the babus at Delhi, else the earth may shake of their "paap" too.

DarkStorm said...

There is one thing I noticed on TV, about the JnK earthquake.
People protesting against the government were shown saying "We have no food, no electricity, no phones. What is the government doing. They havent cared for us for 50 years, and they dont care now. "

After all what the army is doing for them in Kashmir !!! . I guess they should ask Pakis for help :)

This is an earthquake , dear, of much less proportions than the Gujarat quake or the dec26 tsunami. It has now become a habit for kashmiris to complain incessantly about just anything. We have let our economy go down the drain in Kashmir for nothing in return, except killings of Hindus, and a few truckloads of apples(grown with Indian :)fertilizer and pesticides ), which would cost us cheaper if we import them from Australia or NewZealand. Why are they now complaining. For once, we should leave them alone.

Also there have been reports of militants killing Hindus in Rajouri, and army shooting down infiltrators in Gulmarg. Man, they really have no shame even at this time. They are using the earthquake as a tool to kill and infiltrate !! .
Personally, I had 3 Kashmiri muslim classmates in college. All of them were real wretches. My experience. They would borrow books and having limited thoughts, they would ask other students to help with their studies. Later they would badmouth the same people.

san said...

NYT article says the quake faultline near Nepal may be due for a big shake:

Well, let's hope nobody besides the Maoists take the brunt of it.

Hmm, tsunami hit LTTE turf badly, now Muzzafarabad -- western Nepal would make it a trifecta. :P

Here is of course the heroic movement's website:

MaoMitra, care to give us a personalized tour?

Anonymous said...

Yeah....i would like to see massive earthquakes near Maoist strngholds in Nepal.Landslides ala Guatemala style in Insurgent strong holds in the Northeast would be pleasant.

mitra said...


The recent earthquake has confirmed that this grat motherland of Hindus has a rotten sneaky northern extremity .It is not only the Kashmiris who are sneaky, the Kashmiri terra firma(renamed as terra sneaka now), the kashmiri mountains and the rivers flowing through Kashmir are confirmed sneaky bastards. If it was not for the sneakiness of Kashmir Himalayas which have been sneaking into the Eurasian plate , would we be having all this earthquake ?It has now been confirmed that mountains have tried to sneak more than was their due in the last feaw days , prompting a tense rebuke from the semitic porcine heartland of Eurasia , causing this earthquake .

The whole affair started when the Muslim pigs on the other side of LOC took stock of decling Jehadi population as aresult of conflits with our virtuous army . A fatwa was announced from the grand mosque at Muzaffarabad . All Muslim couples were ordered to unceasingly fornicate till the depleted Jehadi pipulation could be made up ,and then some more . US military satellites report seeing hordes of fornicating couples in POK . Unfortunately, such synchronized application of rhythmic foce alomh the Great himalayan fault caused it to loosen up considerably.Even this would not have mattered much, had not the Muslim bastard pigs aligned the axis of thrust forces in a wasterly direction, towards the holy mislim(originally holy hindu) city of mecca. Unfortunately for these Muslim pigs , this produced an earthquake wave which was more devastating in the west than in the east. So there we are . This earthquake is nothing but a semitic conspiracy which unfortunately turned upon the perpeterators , we Hindus being protected by godess Durga during Navratras .

Coming back to the issu of Kashmiri sneakiness, readers will note that Kashmiris sneak all the time . People from POK sneak into India . Our homegrown Kashmiri terrorists sneak into POK to get arms training,and then sneak back . The whole of Kashmiri Pundit community sneaked into India when sneaking terrorists sneaked into their towns . It is another matter that most have now sneaked back into jammu, after ensuring continuation in relief lists . Even the Indian army tried to sneak into China in 1962, but were badly repulsed.

alwaysIndian said...

Yo, man, welcome da sneaka man,.
Hes got sneakas all over him.
Sneakas here, sneakas there,
Sneakahs all ovahr his holes ;).
Yo, man, Sneaka man.
(tune of 50-cent)
I am da real sneakah man, you are not da real sneakah man, so will da real slim sneakah man , please stand up, please stand up.

my fellow commies cannot stand me, let alone digest me,
cos I was felletting Mao and Marx for da Commy award.

(sung to the tune of eminem)

Kalyani said...


The orchards actually belong to Kashmiri Pundits who had to abandon everything and flee to escape slaughter.What do those indolent parasites know about agriculture?

Our 'enemies within' WILL die a GORY death.

Man without Cerebral Cortex said...

Ignore Mitro Khin,
Stalin's secret service has screwed his Cerebral Cortex , he thinks the ones without Cerebral Cortex and should enjoy screwing of up by the comrades. Having done that they can support terrorism.

Man without Cerebral Cortex said...

Did Sandeep Pandey had a good time with tittilation in SanFransisco ? Why did the Mitro Khin got reactivated ?

Anonymous said...

Bharath lovers, why do we keep referring to these Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir as Kshmiris. Aren't the original Hindus the Kashmiris? The others are simply foreigners and terrorists.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this news. Hindus are being slaughtered in Kashmir like animals. The towel head prime minister has done nothing, but to promise aid for Muslims in Indian and Pakistani occupied Kashmir. I guess from his point of few 10 dead Hindus = 10 fewer potential BJP voters. Un-fucking-believable.

If this sort of nonsense happened in America, the public would demand blood. In India, there will probably be more Hindu and BJP bashing. This episode has been a very fortunate one for towel head, Sonia Ghandhi, et al, as it has directed the media's attention away from the most recent Bihar related fiasco (Supreme Court verdict).

mitra said...

Anonymous said :

"I can't believe this news. Hindus are being slaughtered in Kashmir like animals. The towel head prime minister has done nothing, but to promise aid for Muslims in Indian and Pakistani occupied Kashmir. I guess from his point of few 10 dead Hindus = 10 fewer potential BJP voters. Un-fucking-believable.

If this sort of nonsense happened in America, the public would demand blood. In India, there will probably be more Hindu and BJP bashing. This episode has been a very fortunate one for towel head, Sonia Ghandhi, et al, as it has directed the media's attention away from the most recent Bihar related fiasco (Supreme Court verdict)."

Dear Anonymous:

I cannot even begin to explain the sense of disappointment with which I beheld your comments. A Hindu with such unhindu thoughts. Such pathological attachment to life. Life is after all just an inconvenient interlude to Moksha. Atman is amar. Don't you see. The Hindus are not losing anything by dying. Even rapes need not be minded too much . Since the mortal body is nothing but clothing for the Atman, a rapist does nothing more than ruffle up the clothes a bit . Atman, the real works, remins untouched; being waterproof, heatproof and all kinds of proof.

I am also pained that you have broached the lowly topic of elections. Politics need not concern Hindus,to do as it is with the material world. When did Hindus concern themselves with material things. As you may well know , we had all kinds of weapons and transport systems in Ancient era. The nuclear bombs, missiles, deep space travel craft and everyday conveniences like teleporters were already in place latest by 3,00,000 B.C.To took great effort on our part to unlearn all this decadence and we were nearing perfection by around 700-800 A.d when the Muslims invaded. How proud we were of the fact that even stiched garments were not available. We were so successful in delearning atomic weapons that Muslim artillary trounced our ass royally.

You cannot be allowed to remain in this confusion. Please contact learned Kalyani. He has a direct line to Shankaracharya and will be happy to relieve you of your mundane , materialistic obsessions.


Anonymous said...

Please ignore this sick multi-fathered EMS/Mao/Karat Puthr 'Mithra'.

san said...

MaoMitraPutra, I fail to see what motivates your useless blabber. Other than demonstrating your talent for callous mockery(rapes?), what useful point were you trying to make? Stitched garments -- whom do you feel was living in deprivation of them?

Like all the Leftist anonymouths, they can only define who they're hating at the moment, and not what they stand for. Such people get more pleasure wallowing in their hatred and/or self-pity, and have no idea how move anyone's lives forward.

Anonymous said...

I think he was trying to make a parody of the typical psuedo-secular Ghandi-ite Congress party supporter.

At least that's what I hope he was doing.

mitra said...

SAN wrote:

"Like all the Leftist anonymouths, they can only define who they're hating at the moment, and not what they stand for. Such people get more pleasure wallowing in their hatred and/or self-pity, and have no idea how move anyone's lives forward."

Some realization at last, I hope. Your above description fits this blog like a glove; or are you too dense to realise this? I haven't seen a single costructive solution coming out of this board for uniting Hindus. All we get is: hate Muslims( alright; no problem,but what are we goig to do with 150 millions of them;convert them, kick them out, Kill them), wallow in self pity(how we Hindus have been exploited throughout ages for no fault of ours) and chant mantras(like the priests did when Ghori was attacking Somnath). Let me have some suggestions from you,SAN. Or,is it that you dont have any?

Anonymous said...

why beg from San? Mitra-khin the communist begging gene is on overt display in your last post. I haven't seen any constructive posts from you either commie lover. If you actually did read, San and the ohers have been posting solutions for a long long time but it takes an IQ greater than your commie-addled brain is capable of to recognise one. Butthen again is any solution that doesn't suck up to mother china not a solution from your perspective (rhetorical question for you)?

mitra said...

So sorry Anonymii. Why do I keep slipping. You having to exert the last few neurons in your brain-step to spew this reflex bilge. Must be so hard on your nerves; isn't it?

I keep forgetting that this blog is strictly for laughs. Some of you cybercoolie types, sitting abroad, get humour challenged once in a while. So,some smart alec came up with this great idea: hey guys! lets carry absurdity to extremes.I also suspect that all of you are Commie-Mao agents who have planed to trounce Hindutva by making it look so absurd and unreasonable that people turn away in disgust. Congratulations! you are succeeding admirably.

I know all this. But, why do I keep slipping? Must be all that Syphilis and whoring....

Anonymous said...

Mitra wrote: " I haven't seen a single costructive solution coming out of this board for uniting Hindus." Now, 'for uniting Hindus' is a new bit to his previous rant. In a response to "BBC has sudden attack of sanity" he lamented about the "NRIs who have no idea of the reality of India and have no real solutions either ."

So I presented him (her) with an issue that hurts national interests immensely: the double speak of the Indian Leftists. Unfortuately (or possibly for lack of any sensible reply) Mitra chose to ignore it.

Should I say even Mitra does not care about a real issue that haunts the nation, and instead spends energy ridiculing Hindutwa followers with all venom?


mitra said...

Dear Nationalist Anonymii:

Your query has left me floored; pure and simple. You are right when you suggest that I failed to respond because I had no answer. You asked; what solution would you have for the double standards of Leftists, who promote market , liberal policies in West bengal and disallow the same elsewhere by blackmailing UPA Government. What answaer could I give . I am not a leftist and cannot hold a brief for them . To escape leftist effect on public policy, which has been in effect since Indira gandhi invited them to outmaneouvre the "triumvurate",India voted NDA. Unfortunately, NDA tried to become a second rate congress without any of the redeeming factors which the later has. When BJP was an unknown quantity, people had hopes. Now, the bluff has been called.

How the Left thrives; I have no answer. Note however that it rules in those states, Bengal and Kerala, where the people are given to excessive theorizing and shirking work. Unlike Hindutva, the Left has a clever and capable ideological core which is capable of detecting divisive movements of all types and adopting them in its fold. Utterly destructive movements like feminism are part of mainstream left. It is like a chameleon which prays on people's fears and hedonism. It is so successful that its radical agendas of yesteryears have become mainstream policy in Europe and increasingly the U.S.A. Examples are multiculturalism, feminism, liberalism etc. I am sure Hindutva is no match for the left. Hindutva's crude, in your face methods cannot even win converts within Hindus, to say nothing of Non-Hindus . Intellectualism and sophestication is the way but we seem to be increasingly adopting the overt confrontationist techniques of Jehadis . I have no solutions. maybe you have.

DarkStorm said...

mao-putra-mitra is a troller. Please ignore him. He is just a Muslim kid from Bihar or Kashmir stirring up trouble, and enjoying the show. Also making racist remarks against south-indians. LOL.. he believes in the Aryan invasion theory.

But he does raise one major point, how do Hindus unite.
the likes of mao mitra, have played divide and rule after the brits left. And today Sonia maddo and her sycophants, Madmohan, Lallu, prakash ka-rot, etc continue to do it.

It starts at a personal level. We need to chuck out Aryan invasion theory out of our minds. Let us stop thinking in racist manner. Dont we ridicule other Hindus?? Like Mallu like this, Tamil like that, PUnjabi are this, Sindhi are that, Bengali, Gujju are so and so,,,.. it goes on and on.
There are these sekoolars who would continue to do this.

But all similar minded people like us should stop thinking in those lines. No commenting on caste and language.

The next step would arrive when the mao-mitras are chucked out. The EC should control caste based politics. That would happen when a good commissioner comes in. Once caste based politics is brought into control, it will more India focussed than caste/secular focussed as now. No more paswan like histrionics. (Muslims seem to enjoy and wallow in this filth, evident from the votes paswan got)

By the way, why did the supreme court not fine the Left for sponsoring the strike. Ahh they are the government.

Anonymous said...

While thinking about Solution to this problem of Hindu-poaching, India-bashing, I happened to be reading this piece about the latest nobel prize in economics.

He (the 2005 economics prize winner) "showed that the capability to retaliate can be more useful than the ability to resist an attack, and that uncertain retaliation is more credible and more efficient than certain retaliation," the academy said.

I suggest that the leftist and other India-baiters KNOW that India and Indians are strong and can resist...but are quire sure that Indians will not retaliate. That is the reason India and Hindu fails to stop the vituperative propaganda.

Here is an idea towards a solution. Track down individuals/organizations that are left-leaning...and inform Uncle Sam and other developed world about their activities and leanings. Urge the readers to stay away from their articles/columns. Don't even click on their article. Let the ad revenues from their articles dry up. Make it difficult for them to get a visa..just as they campaigned against Modi. Each one on this board might be able to contribute and someone might be able to post better and more effective ways of doing that.

mitra said...

I have another idea for a solution; stop being so thin skinned. Why do we need to bother about propaganda. U.S.A is the most abused nation on earth. Do you think they bother. They dismiss it as rantings of the lowly have-nots while we react as if a verdict has been passed upon us. All the anti-Hindu propaganda has not stopped american firms from outsourcing to India in a big way. Lighten up, man. The world is not ganging up against us.

Kalyani said...


This unwanted *thing* hovering around is trying the worn out ploy-----act very 'concerned',pose some inane questions only to steal some thoughts (Naipaul once unfazedly snubbed a clone of thaparmata (who tried the same congame) while trying to get some soundbytes by telling "words and thoughts are very precious" and she had to clam up with poor grace!)and then launch on his incontinent drivel with a *gotcha* stink!

A similar *thing* tries the same with Nizhal Yoddha.....posing to engage in some earnest fact finding mission about adam eve stuff........then burp *gotcha*!

Consider these the 'Drishtis' (to nullify the evil eye) necessary for this blog!

Kalyani said...

Sri Kanchi Paramacharya has said :

"Many of our Hindu NRIs have more *Bharathiyam* in them than the ones living in India".

Coming from our Jagadguru,this is no small compliment!It goes without saying the marx- mao- mullaxians and secularists are not Hindus of course.

That is akin to a comet zapping the NRI bashers!

Bladderburst blunderbuss?

Anonymous said...

All hail Mithra-The leader of idiots! He has many followers!

Anonymous said...

talking about another leech some mohmeddan dude in kashmir was pontificating that india inc helped gujrat but not "kashmir". Notice he didn't mention J&K. Similar to vacuous commies i'm sure he didn't bother to see how much gujrat keeps contributing to india's gdp and well-being despite commies and the press driving india down the drain. Another beggar like the commies but with an attitude. despite living of the taxes these two never-do-well crazies keep asking for handouts. Love the fact that both are getting their back-sides kicked by the newer generations

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To a terrorist, a cease fire is only a break in between rounds. There is no "peace".

Of course, many of the Kashmiri terrorist organizations have called a cease fire. This is because many of their members are dead, and their supply lines are broken.

For India to honor this cease fire is ludicrous. Now is exactly the right time to hunt down every last terrorist, and put an end to the insurrection once and for all.