Saturday, October 29, 2005

From the mailbox: pseudos' reaction to delhi blasts

oct 29th

regarding the delhi blasts.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: S
Date: Oct 29, 2005 2:27 PM
Subject: no petition this time

meanwhile, top secularists beat their chests and sign a petion to stop Delhi police from investigating into Geelani's links with jehadi terrorists:

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mitra said...

Rajeev, the uneducated-techie-who-thinks-he-knows-all is back with his diversionary drivel.

What has been the response of cowards in BJP-RSS; Advani's stament after the blasts:

"I appeal to the public to maintain peace, law will take its own course"

Surprisingly, when shankaracharya was arrested, it was not "law will take its own course". But then, how can you compare a vedic Brahmin with Riff-raff.

If this is the best we get from a "hindutva party" , give me Muslim league anytime.

Anonymous said...

Educated Mitra dude,
WTF R U doing here then man... Why dont you move around only in educated circles..

mitra said...

All this Buk-Buk about Hindu Interests; But when time comes and there is justification for retaliation --

"what-can-we-do-and-there-is-thelaw-of-the-land-and-being-respectable-people-we-cant-take-law-in-our-hands-and-who-wants-to-go-to-jail. So we slink like the cowards we are and leave our uneducated-cybercoolies-with-hindutva-contamination-of-whatever-is left-of-their-brains-after-mind-numbing-debugging-sessions to fight it out in cyberspace.

In any case, elect-us-first-and-then-we-shall-see. In fact, we welcome such bomb attacks. Hindus might get inclined to vote us in a bit more.

Anonymous said...

The blasts must be diversionary tactics from the mullah brigade to protect their comrades from the Volcket report...
No wonder Mitra has his knickers in a bunch.

mitra said...

And this paunchy-outofshape-cowards of RSS, who will probably faint on seeing a gun fired, compare themselves eith the Brown Shirt Strum Abteilung(SA) of Nazi Germany. Hitler will be dying in shame a thousand times.

Anonymous said...

Maoist Mitra, your hero Geelani got out of court on a technicality. But it wont happen all the time.. he is bound to slip up somwehere. Your great Nutwar himself is exposed..

Firing guns or blasting gelatine sticks is the expertise of the Naxalite scum.

mitra said...

Idiotic cybercoolie:

Chew on this question - "what is the use of all this Hindutva propaganda and grand strategies if Hindus cannot find a single organization to reflect their outrage in times of crisis"

Think from what ever is left of your low IQ, saturated-with-the-shit-dished-out-by-uneducated-cybercoolie-Rajeev-srinivasan brain. Think; it might help you.

mitra said...

And Rajeev , just like his RSS masters, is such a coward. As soon as a contrary viewpoint emerges...hey, hide the He is suddenly so solicitous of decency and decorum. Doesn't he realise that this is a "gutter" board.

Shadow warrior indeed, well named. Rajeev, what is malyalam for smoke and mirrors. That might be more apt.

Anonymous said...


I do not know what religious preference (your preference for the Muslim league is a give away though, you seem to be a savvy Muslim pretending to be a secularist) you have but carefully consider the predicament of the Hindus...

The political, education and media institutions are run and controlled by the marxist/mullah/missionary nexus, period. So opinion manufacturing is completely under the control of this cartel. Additionally in the name of reservations this cartel has infiltrated the legal system at the lower courts (at the state level -- BTW please do not go ramblingt into the legal system), with their cadre and sympathizers.

No amount of Hindu collaboration is going to dismantle this criminal nexus!! The was against Hindus started way back with the invasion of Alexander, the onslaught continues today. This time the Hindus have started realizing the peril they are in and yes they have to first come together to take this cartel head on!

mitra said...

Idiotic cybercoolie:

Keep your idiotic Hindutva-website-culled-knowledge to yourself. Get an education first and then come back and discuss.

mitra said...

And what is the psychological makeup of those cowards who dont evn dare to get a handle and go by name of "anonymous". Is it to confuse which idiot has said what?

Anonymous said...


I realized that you are one confused puppy from the time you entered this blog! I am glad that atleast now you realize that you are confused!

I don't know to which secular brigade you belong to, the green (read islamist), the white (read christist), or the red brigade (read commies) but you seem to fit these profiles with your inuendos! These are the most virulent anti-hindu fronts who claim to be secular -- LOL!

Anonmyous is an honest statement from someone who wants to remain anonymous! Unlike "you know who's" attempt at deception with names like 'Mitra' and then trying to confuse folks with a blow hot and blow cold strategy (either ways it is gas though!).

mitra said...

Idiotic cybercoolie:

And you know the reason for your non-confusion; Its because you dont know anything. No Knowledge = no confusion.

After all an amoeba knows that he just has to eat and divide - so , no confusion.

Anonymous said...

The cuckolded prodigal son of the butt-smacked lineage returns with high entertainment. Why the thin skin on Rajeev's comments? Touched a raw nerve did he....the hyphenated dysentry may be the result of ice in your heavenly vodka..very entertaining drivel...good job of flashing a dross intellect

gemini said...

Hi all,

I saw the CNBC interview of Arun Shourie by Karan Thapar on his book "Will the Iron Fence Save a Tree Hollowed by Termites?". My salutes to Shourie's excellent theories, for which we have the Delhi blasts as the first proof.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the reactions of the mitras..please have some decency and stop welcoming the blasts..if you want to talk in glowing terms please feel free to invade the websites of Namakha Rams..
I think we have shown ourselves as the timidest of the lot in the world..
Manmohan should give musharraf a stiff 48 hour deadline..If M does not fall in line and clean up the terror camps in POK..Just start the act ourselves..I am sure the Jawans who were humiliated by asking to build the bunkers are itching to set things right..
Even if Msingh does not have the guts to act..Posture and stop tha 'Dastardly act' stuff --- What kind of Morons do we have representing us..

Niketan said...

Waiting to see who the secularists will blame for the blasts. There has been no riot in Delhi. There is also a secular government at the Centre. Any more excuses? Are these retaliations for Gujarat more than 3 years back? Aha that must be it. Let us wait for some more drivel from the jholawala brigade.
Sharing the anguish of the people who lost their near and dear ones. MAy God give them the strength to rebuild their lives.

Anonymous said...

As a respect for the victims of this act of these "Mitras" --- can you remove all his stupid stuff (which would be all of his utterances) at least in this thread..

I posted the previous one too--

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mushy is busy setting up another assasination attempt on himself..this time the blasts will miss him by a mere 179 seconds...

What cowards we are..
It was heartening to read about a bus driver Kuldeep singh throwing a bag out in time to save 30 lives..We salute you my friend..And this is the community that the Congress hooligans rioted against and killed freely and GOT AWAY with it..Shame on us Hindus..


mitra said...

<< What kind of Morons do we have representing us.. >>

Idiotic cybercoolie.

Stop your patronizing rant which you spew from your cubicle in Silicon valley. The people of India have chosen whoever they wish to choose. Who are you, an escapist, to comment on their collective wisdom. Recognize the uneducated-techie-pretending-to-be-a-know-all that you are and shut your trap. You have already shown your disgust for your motherland by escaping at earliest opportunity -- so spare us your further diatribes.

Keep your worries reserved for the nation you have adopted; and for the fact that your yet-to-be-born-daughter is probably gonna marry a nigger and get pregnant by the age of 12. Be happy where you are and dont worry about us. we will take care of ourselves.

mitra said...

<< And this is the community that the Congress hooligans rioted against and killed freely and GOT AWAY with it. >>

Have great love for sikhs... dont you. Ever been to punjab during militancy. Pulled out of bus -- lined --and shot. That was the fate of Hindus. Streams of Hindu refugees pouring into Delhi. And Bhindrawale -- nice , cuddly fellow, wasn't he? And demand for Khalistan? we should have given it to them.....isn't it. Whats so sacred about a place of worship that the Prime Minister had to lose her life. And was it a place of worship. Akal Takht was a fortress....machine guns, bazookas, the works. And tens of women...kidnapped and raped...kept in akal takht.

Do you know that, even today, the portraits of Bhindrawale are in the same row which holds the pantheon of sikh gurus. And Satwant and Kehar declared as martyrs and their portraits in golden temple.

Anyway, you can relax. Nothing is going to happen to your beloved Sikhs anymore. The Sikhs have armed themselves to the teeth. So the next time hindus try, they will be butchered. You may feel happy.

Anonymous said...

"Bhindrawale" was puppet created and nurtured by Kaangressi Indira.

"yet-to-be-born-daughter is probably gonna marry a nigger"... Oh! oodles of wisdom from the exploding high IQ brain trained by the Commies.

mitra said...

Idiotic cybercoolie

Your idiocy never fails to amaze me. SO, the allegation that Congress patronized Bhindrawale is justification enough for Punjab Militancy and the Killing of a Prime Minister in retaliation for Army's entry into Akal Takhs. This is the kind of logic produced when you know nothing of the world beyond C++/Java/.Net and read nothing but Hindutva websites.

Anonymous said...

"Keep your worries reserved for the nation you have adopted; and for the fact that your yet-to-be-born-daughter is probably gonna marry a nigger and get pregnant by the age of 12. Be happy where you are and dont worry about us. we will take care of ourselves."

You're not just an idiot, you're a racist idiot. I don't understand why folks here on this website continue to take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Time for readers and postors to bail off this blog if Rajiv can't jettison this troll who diverts every fucking discussion

Anonymous said...

Mitra reminds one of "code_coolie" on Sulekha newshopper, the incoherent idiot spewing his marxist hatred for Hindus.

Anonymous said...

code coolie - a ka desi pardesi a ka indianadonis

Maybe all diversionary discussion should be conducted at HIS blog.

Anonymous said...

But anonymous, that is precisely what the troll wants. It wants to have people avoid posting to this blog by hijacking all discussions. It is probably not even one person, but a whole group of ASHA and AID characters. Thhat would explain the baffling changes in its character. The best way to deal with the troll is to completely ignore it. If it realizes it is wasting its time, it will go away.

Read the wikipedia entry on trolls.

But I agree, I think Rajeev should get blogspot to expose the troll's id and ban it.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia entry on trolls:

Anonymous said...

manmohan singh says it is terrorist act. I admire the courage and intelligence of the man in correctly identifying so.

One wouldn't have known, if he had not specified what it was. It could have been just another explosion.

Anonymous said...

now that we know it has been identified as a terrorist act, all of us Hindus are now happy and feel safe.

Let it be business as usual now.

mitra said...

Idiotic cybercoolie

Discussion??? You guys think some discussion is being carried out on this blog?? No, sir; Its a chorus in a lunatic assylum. A "discussion on this board goes on something like this:

Blog entry made by rajeev: Hindus are great; everyone else is bad. Oh! how great we are.

1st Idiotic cybercoolie: I agree with Rajeev. But I also differ. I would rather say "Oh! how great we are. Hindus are great! everyone else is so bad.

2nd Idiotic cybercoolie:No you have missed the point; Hindus are great inspite of everyone being so bad. Oh! how great we are. One almost gets nauseated by one's greatness.

3rd Idiotic cybercoolie: And how backward were the others. You know; I read from this great Hindutva site that India had Transponders, matter replicators and space craft faster than speed of light in 1,00,00 b.c

4th Idiotic cybercoolie: Thats a mullah/marxist/macaulian conspiracy. We already had all this in satyug; at least as early as 4,00,00000000 B.C. Its all written in vedas which are atleast that old.

5th Idiotic cybercoolie: oh! and these christists and mullahs. So backward. They even learnt the art of shitting from us.

Mitra : Hey! not exactly

Chorus: You mullah, marxist, macaulian. How dare you disturb our wet dreams. Troll.troll..troll...troll...troll..

Anonymous said...

mitra is a Troll.troll..troll...troll...troll..Troll.troll..troll...troll...troll..Troll.troll..troll...troll...troll..Troll.troll..troll...troll...troll..Troll.troll..troll...troll...troll..

Anonymous said...

another dirge from the commie cuckold...the entertainment continues and the roadkill called mitrakhin gives me extreme entertainment for thats worth thanking commies, christists and mohmeddans for :) Happy Diwali everyone..unless ofcourse you don't read hindutva texts and don't know whatthat means ....early morning the cuckolds and only in india!

mitra said...

See I told you. Q.E.D

Anonymous said...

Anatomy of posts on this blog:

1. Rajeev posts something and comments on it

2. Mitra says "I piss on this, I shit on this, I am a motherfucker, I have my head up my ass, I am a racist shit"

3. Unwary individual says, "But Mitra, you should not be such a racist"

4. Mitra says "I piss on this, I shit on this, I am a motherfucker, I have my head up my ass, I am a racist shit"

5. Unwary other individual says, "But you shouldn't be pissing and shitting so much"

6. Mitra says "I piss on this, I shit on this, I am a motherfucker, I have my head up my ass, I am a racist shit"

7. Unwary individuals try to make sensible posts countering Mitra's nocturnal emissions

8. Mitra says "I piss on this, I shit on this, I am a motherfucker, I have my head up my ass, I am a racist shit"

steps 2 though 8 are repeated in an endless loop.

9. Rajeev wipes out all posts including the sensible ones, because they are overwhelmed by Mitra's senseless rantings, and by the irritation genuine posters feel

Mitra has never said anything that even remotely made any sense. Best bet is to ignore it completely. As in the wikipedia troll manual, trolls are seeking attention. Denying it attention will do the trick. Just don't respond at all to whatever it says.

Anonymous said...

ouch ...the truth hurts..i was merely enjoying the cuckolded dyansty's prodigal son a.k.a "mitra"khin make an ass of himself. why deny me the simple albeit macabre pleasures of life? :)

mitra said...

Dear Idiotic Cybercoolies

I bring you bad news. Most of you will be saddened to know that I shall not be spending quite so much time on this blog any longer. But please dont lose heart. I introduce you to three of my dearest friends: Agni, Asvin and Vayu. You see; strictly vedic names. And between us, we shall divide the day so that you are always proected from the evil designs of Hindutva...oops..I mean marxist, mullah and macaulians by us four guardian angels.It will be hard for us; But you see; Duty is Duty and all that; After all , in absence of proper dosage, inmates might get a bit edgy.

So, Your friends, guides and counsellors - Mitra, Asvin, Agni and Vayu. Sorry, cant have it in that order. It has to be in the order of hymns in Rig Veda. So, it is: Agni, asvin, mitra and vayu.

Let me tell you a bit about your new friends:

Agni : Will make you see red with his imflammatory writings and occasionally turns you red between ears. Better have fire protection on your PC turned on.

Asvin: The charioteer; he is erratic. Doesnt stop for punctuation marks. so you could have some difficulty in following his advices. But please bear. Asvin the Charioteer has been driving his chariot since satyug i.e 4,00,00,00,000 B.C even though the first archeological remains of chariot found near Black sea are not dated earlier than 2,000 B.C. But then , its a vedic chariot and Hindutva is not bothered by trivial details from archeology. Death to Aryan Invasion Theory!

Vayu: Well.. Vayu is.. er..ahem. ok! Vayu farts. But then, what can you expect from Vayu.

And Mitra : Yours faithfully (also known in his different incarnations as Mitro-khin, Maoputra, Mootra etc)

Expect to meet your new friends after diwali.

Anonymous said...

ow cmon where is your cuckolded gene mitrakhin, send your mom, sister anybody in your place ...we love the drivel you spout...atleast i do! it's the sissy vodka you drink "on-the-rocks" :) that has made you develop your thin skin like the rest...too bad LMAO. Try to read up on hindutva texts in the meantime so you can imagine more rubbish. we'll be waitin :)

prasank said...

What will happen even if the terrorists are caught... Nothing much,

Anonymous said...

where was the link to the pakistani cybercoolie link again commando4 or something lunatic like that which our half-brothers :) always come up with...could anybody repost it? hope the next aftershock takes out isloo and the fat cat terrorist masters instead of the poor terrorist foot soldiers. we could then open up 10 exchange points along the entire international border and donate $25.1MM since NATO forces will help out with the rest ROTFLMAO...gawd they are hilarious

Anonymous said...,curpg-1.cms