Monday, October 17, 2005

awol: viral fever

oct 16th

sorry folks, i have been a bit under the weather with viral fever (no, not bird flu, san). hence i have been told to keep off the computer, but i snuck in for a little while.

regarding the quake, it's interesting that the indian army went across the loc and rebuilt a pakistani bunker (this story was denied later, but it's pretty likely it is true). why not make noise about this? this is the moral equivalent of jaswant singh escorting that terrorist to kabul. worse. it shows that as far as the politicians are concerned our soldiers are worth less than dirt. they literally forced our soldiers to help pakistani soldiers kill them.

like the nazis used to do to jews: they had to dig their own graves before they were shot.

has anybody seen any news of payments made to the indian soldiers' families in j&k (those who died when their bunker collapsed)?


but sending the soldiers over to pok and building pak bunkers, yes.


doubtinggaurav said...

Get well soon OK


Shankar said...

'Quake killed over 3000 militants'