Friday, October 07, 2005

Nilakkal episode 1983

oct 6th

how a cross was 'discovered' which the (non-existent) thomas had allegedly set up on his (mythical) visit to kerala.

the idea was to take over the sabarimala area. christists had already set fire to the temple in the 1950 CE timeframe.

christism is heavily into land-grab.

this story is like how thomas has two skeletons. one in ortona, italy, and the other at the san thome cathedral, chennai. lo and behold, a true miracle, one man with two skeletons! they tell me that the skeleton in chennai is that of thomas as a young man, and the skeleton in ortona is that of thomas as an old man. that surely explains it.

the san thome cathedral is built on top of the kapaleeswara temple that was torn down by the portuguese in 1546 CE. the (mythical) site of thomas' death in chennai (while thomas was still living happily) on thomas mount is built on top of a demolished jain temple. read for more details.

this is how christists 'manufacture' history, much like the chinese also do. also directs you to sitaram goel's book on the myth of the (non-existent?) christ.

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Shankar said...

Thanks Rajeev, for bringing this up. This is yet another solid proof on the deceit and mischief of communal X-ians.

Nilakkal trouble by the fanatic bishops was a horrific stab directly at the hearts of peaceful citizens. Thoma's visit was a blatant lie with no historical proof (your outline on the story of 2 skeletons was pretty good) and inorder to cover-it up the Church had to resort to lotsa communal disturbances like Nilakkal and Mahabalipuram.

Googling 'Nilakkal' gave this funny (and atrocious) site which mentions about another non-existent character - Sabor Easow. Here is the link:

see what's written on Sabor " The hill where he was buried is known as Sabor Mala that is the present Sabarimala."

So Sabarimala is a Christian Shrine!! Beleive it or not!!

And did you know that "The teachings of St Thomas Christians are mentioned in one of the oldest Tamil Book, Thirukural" ??

Anonymous said...


the joke is, Thirukural itself starts with an amazing 10 slokas on God's greatness... one of the Kurals goes something like this "Those who surrender to the God who has no wants/wishes will not have any problem"[In Tamil, "Vaenduthal Vaendamai Illan Adi Searndharku Yeandum Idumbai Illa"] ... the point to be noted here is that, in the abrahamic religions, god is a vengeful character and far from someone without wishes...

there r sooooo many other points where Thirukural is obviously Hindu in nature. it refers to many many Hindu Devas and Gods.

the f***** up 'dravidians' and christian fundamentalists will pretent as though these slokas never exists in Kural..

BTW, Thirukural is not the oldest... That distinction goes to "Thool Kapiyam" which means "the great old book" or something like that.. and Thool Kapiyam itself references quite a few hundreds of other older Tamil books.. so, Kural, though most well known Tamil book, is certainly not the oldest..

and now, ppl dont get me wrong, I am a proud Tamil, but not a chauvinist -- i have read a few comments from some of the posters in Rajeev's blog that Tamils are chauvinist etc. that is a piece if crap.. I am a proud Hindu too and I have equal respect for Sanskrit too... the joke is, i am not good enuf in both Tamil and Sanskrit and am learning both languages now!

finally, rajeev... u rock man... u r my inspiration... i will do something constructive like u when my time comes...


bodhi dharma said...

Sabor-mala = Sabarimala!!

This is hilarious. How can people survive on lies like this? Are they aware of the State Archeology department to trace historical evidences?

Nilakkal is a painful episode for all tolerant people, who were taken for ride by few Christian fanatics of Central Kerala.

Kalyani said...

Sundar is absolutely right.It is beyond my comprehension the way rabid Shivadrohees like Tamil Nadu politicians take refuge in Thirukkural!Devils citing the scriptures.... what else can we say?

Anonymous said...

I think A. N. Wilson in his "Jesus: A Life" demolished the historical reality of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity where did Sabarimala get its name from? The name Sabarimala appears to have been in use before the Ayyappan temple was built....

Kalyani said...


Sabari,the woman,who ardently gathered sweet and ripe fruits for Sri Ramar lived there.She was blessed by Sri Ramar and Vaidehi and got 'moksham'.Hence the name.

Shankar said...

An interesting 'secular' feature at Sabarimala is the presence of Vavar mosque (near Pampa), where the pilgrims pray before climbing the holy hills. Vavar mosque is under the Waqf board, while Sabarimala is under state control.

The anonymous who's worried about the name should also try to investigate the Kerala towns like -Puthuppalli, Kanjirampalli, Karunagappali, Mallappali etc which had Budhist vihars ('palli') but now fully looted and colonized by the Churchists.

jacob j said...

Mr Shankar,

i understand that you are a fanatic who can very well cook up stories to stir communal violence. Don't think that people will believe all of your arguments, which are selfishly subjective!

You said places like Puthupalli, Kanjirapally etc were named after'vihars' right? well, you are wrong. Go and learn history before you comment with such authority. Places like Kanjirapally and Puthupally were uninhabited until Christian settlers first entered those areas.

And you said that the 'churchists' LOOTED and COLONIZED the place. Well, then can you cite a single instance of this LOOTING done by Churchists? Don't use words without knowing its meaning. See, everyone knows that the Syrian Christians were and are hardworking farmers who turn wastelands and forests into farmlands. They are appreciated by the nation for their diligence and contribution to the nation's economy.