Thursday, October 27, 2005

From the mailbox: Onion story

oct 27th

interesting mail from my inbox.

i didnt know india is importing onions from pakistan. the onion scare a few years ago brought lots of calls for the NDA to resign. why not call for the UPA to resign over this?

also, i am told there is torrential rain in both bangalore and chennai that has brought those cities to a grinding halt. i talked to friends and relatives in both places. chennai has had 20 cm of rain in one day, a record.

bangalore, likewise flooded. must be  in bad shape this year especially with all the pre-conference controversy.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sandeep
Date: Oct 27, 2005 3:54 AM
Subject: Onion story
To: rajeev

Hello rajeev srinivsan
i am big fan of ur blog i am suprised how
u missed the onion story .When again the onions have become scare in northern
india for whom i think unlike us south indians onions forms vital part of diet this manmahon-devi sonia govt
has decided to import onion from pakistan !!! ok fine but should they have checked it out from karnataka farmers
of belguam region whose have problem of plenty and whose onions are starting to rot !!! maybe sonia needs pakistan musharff more than AAM Adami or the kisan
of karnataka whose Congress-JDs Govt is killing bangalore in name of rural development i am sorry for not sending the link check out deccanherald issue couple days back you will find it out



vladimir said...

after all 4 dat italian bitch..pakis r more AAM than others

Anonymous said...

get dat italian bitch & all her (known) progeny off 2 italy.....