Monday, October 17, 2005

cipla and bird flu and so forth

oct 14th

san, thanks for the pointer to the news item that cipla is bringing out a generic version of flu medicine. good for yusuf hamied of cipla. he has stood up to the big pharma majors before and forced them to back off in the AIDS drugs case. he offered the drug cocktail at $1/day while the other guys wanted to sell them at like $100/day. now they all offer the drugs at $1/day.

i am hearing alarming forecasts about bird flu turning into some kind of pandemic. apparently previous epidemics like SARS and the 1918 huge flu epidemic have been found to be related to bird flu. so it might be a good idea to avoid eating chicken, especially in india because it is quite likely that birds with the disease meant for incineration will be imported into india by unscrupulous people.


san said...

Hi Rajeev, let's not also forget that migratory birds seem quite infectable too, and SouthAsia is on all the migratory routes. It's also useful to note that tens of thousands of people die from flu sickness every year globally - and these deaths are from the known flu strains. Kashmir is well-known to be on these migratory bird routes, and I'm wondering how many of shivering huddling masses under the crowded tents won't soon become dangerous carriers. Cipla was also instrumental during the 9/11 anthrax scare, in providing cheap drug supplies which the US gave waiver for.

Anonymous said...

"yusuf hamied of cipla"...? Damn, Cipla is a Mohammedan company? Who knows what they put into those medicines that are being offered for $1 a day!..Maybe this is a strategy to covert the AIDS affected people and their families... Hindu Nationalists, beware! Boycott Cipla! or soon you'll be dealing with Mohammedans in all pharma!

Anonymous said...

&es, I know! Hard though it is believe, there are some Nationalist Muslims. The last known specimen was one Jawaharlal Nehru.