Friday, October 07, 2005

times uk: vatican's banker's mafia connection and his 'suicide' 25 years ago

oct 6

high finance and murder in the vatican. why isn't anyone out there arresting godman ratzinger (or why didn't they arrest the previous godman who reigned for 25 years?) in this situation for suspicion of having ordered the banker's murder?

i guess the arrest and humiliation of innocent religious figures is reserved for hindus. yeah, especially on a national public holiday when the magistrate hangs around especially to nail the person.

nice connections for money laundering. the mafia are involved. so here's where some of the vatican's money for conversion comes from: the mafia. prostitution, gambling, anything is fair game to generate conversion money, which i suppose gets 'converted' into holy money as soon as it is in the hands of the vatican.,,13509-1812738,00.html

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