Monday, October 17, 2005

the resolution in the us congress bashing hinduism

oct 16th

simplest response would be to just copy the chinese 'report on human rights violations in the US' which they produce very year. this has made the yanks very quiet about chinese humans right violations.

we can take the chinese report (it should be on the web), fix it up a little, and try to bring it up at the UN for a resolution condemning the US in the wake of extreme prejudice during katrina.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chinese report is available on the web. Very helpful these Chinese ... It's available at:

I haven't read it yet, but the titles of the sections look interesting enough.

Now, will we have the b***s to do the same?


Shankar said...

These same bashers need to plagiarize everything from the pagans to 'survive' in the west:

See some of their 'innovations':
"Om Jagat Jyoti, Yesu Bhagawaan"

Has anyone heard of ''Kristu Sahasra Naamam''. These are the usual evil plots of Kerala Christians.

Syriac Chants from South India : plagiarized form of Vedic chants.

KapiDhwaja said...

Japanese PM back to Yasukuni shrine


Anonymous said...

Sick of people trying to bash Hindus around. Time Hindus started bashing others.

Anonymous said...

I read the Chinese report on US hum rights abuses. It's hilariously written. I laughed out loud at the references...but boy do I respect the chinese. They have the fucking balls to write something and submit it to the UN to shut up the whites.

Indians are such fools. They could EASILY do the same thing, but then our leaders' swiss bank accounts would stop receiving deposits from agent sonia maino's bank account...

money trail:

langley-->agent sonia-->indian parliament

Anonymous said...

what resolution bashing Hinduism? Is there a link?


indianpatriot said...

Hi San,
US Congress bashes Hinduism. How about India with Buddhist countries (Srilanka, Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and also China) and moderate Islamic countries(Sorry not Uncle Sam's definition of Pukistan) Indonesia and Malaysia (which allows practise of Hinduism) calling an international conference to declare Christianity as rasicsm. I will find lot of African and Latin American countries will also support that. Hello this is not non alignment of Chacha Nehru but exhibition of Civilzation leadership of Sanathan Dharma exposing evils of semitic religions (Christianity and Islam) which are as bad as Hitler's fasicsm Stalinis communism. If small country like Srilanka does not allow the pope and Chavez can say get lost to Pat Robertson, India can excercise leadership in religious freedom.

Raghu said...

If Hindus and Hinduism are not respected in India, what can we expect from Americans or any other people. In the name of secularism we have tolerated such a nonsense, that the government is now thinking of establishing Islamic banks. Where does it stop? I think we should make our government stop insulting Hindus before we can emulate China.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shankar and Rajeev,
I found the message of PRG Pradeep in the link provided by you as a very valid one in the present kerala election context.
( )

SNDP and NSS should inervene in the kerala politics actively now. I am doubtful about Panicker since NSS leadership is a stupid one as compared to the natesan's SNDP..
Just arrived news: It is almost sure that CK Padmanabhan will contest in Thiruvananthpuram constituency now. Rather than giving mixed signals to the Nair-ezhava belt, Panicker and Natesan should openly support Padmanabhan as this will consolidate their union in kerala politics..
As a nair community person, I barely understand what panicker means by Samadooram( equally away).

Shankar said...


SNDP-NSS unity is a reality now. Even marxists like ONV Kurup had already supported their statements. More importantly, even the Harijans have started supporting this venture for a broader Hindu mandalam.

SNDP-NSS has already started grass-root level contacts, but they should find a common platform like Freeing the temples from state loot. Even after numerous requests for improving the facilities at Sabarimala, Govt. never bothers but bends extra to satisfy the Christist spirit/land mafia.

On the election, I wonder they would make such an open statement, though their members have started voting with more sense. In the Recent civic polls, BJP was at the second position in most of the wards in TVPM.

PRJ Pradeep's site is

Anonymous said...

the kerala christians are plagiarizing everything of the hindus like constructing the 'KODIMARAM(in temples)' even in churches.they copy even the aratis in temples.And what more,now they have started placing a CROSS in a lotus in the same way as Goddess LAKSHMI is seated.And not to forget a picture recently where christ is depicted on a banyan leaf same as LORD KRISHNA.

clumsy,isn't it.I wonder when would they depict MARY as Goddess KALI with a slain demon in her hand.