Monday, October 17, 2005

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oct 17th

reminds me strongly of the monty python crew's 'ministry of silly walks'. stupid, but hilarious. john cleese could carry off all sorts of barminess.

Haven't had a dial tone since I stubbed my toe: The trouble with mobile devices is that they're often a bit more mobile than some of their more absentminded owners might like, wandering off with all manner of personal information at the most inconvenient times (see "Rotten luck? Yeah, that and a healthy dose of stupidity... "). Interesting to hear then of a "walking style-based recognition system " that authenticates users by their gait. Developed by VTT, Technical Research Center of Finland, the system continuously measures the user's movements, comparing them to a baseline reading stored in its memory. As long as these measures are sufficiently close, the system allows the protected device to function. If they differ, it shuts the device shuts down. An intriguing bit of technology, although one does wonder how it might account for sudden changes in gait, a limp from a twisted ankle or the motion of a user on crutches.


DRic said...

Standard Operating Procedure BY Arun Shourie :

Commentary on the marxist propaganda tactics wrt Mitrokhin:


...industrial excellence of East Germany and Czechoslovakia, about the achievements of Ceausescu and his Romania, about the unequalled might of the Soviet Union; about how unemployment had been abolished...."

Anonymous said...

unrelated, but by replacing Amy Waldman with Somini Sengupta as the south asia correspondent, they thought she would have a less hard time. But this piece does contain factual errors -

"the maharajah, a Hindu ruler of a largely Muslim populace, signed away his kingdom to India"

- the instrument of accession has no reference and nor is there any mention of the circumstances under which the Maharaja signed it.

I do not know how many letters were sent to the editor and how many were published when Amy was the correspondent - somini should not have a easy ride either.
Any thoughts ?

Anonymous said...

seems the US is learning a thing or two from India, albeit the wrong ones. Here's bush hosting a iftaar party....