Saturday, October 01, 2005

interpress agency: india loses credibility among banana republics

oct 1
"In one single vote, India lost the trust placed on it as a respected and founder member of the 114-nation Non-Aligned Movement, the biggest single political grouping at the United Nations. "
if true, this is the best news i have heard in some time. thank god (and thank marx) if india is no longer seen as the pansy for the NAM banana republics of the world, a nation for them to use when they need help and then abuse when india needs help. (eg. banana republic vote in the un general assembly in favor of india during the bangladesh war: 2; banana republic vote against india: 103). as if these nonentities have any say in the un security council tamasha! NAM today is china's lobby, as the chinese give most of them a little bribery and lots of encouraging propaganda.
also note this guy giving credit to prominent countries starting with pakistan for having abstained in the iaea vote. that's when i checked his name. ah, no surprise: a mohammedan. of course, pakistan is the undisputed leader of the mohammedan banana republics.
interpress services is notorious for india-bashing. 

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