Sunday, October 09, 2005

independent: genocide in darfur is over

oct 10

i got the full text of this from a friend, but i cant post it for copyright reasons.

but here's the facts: 400,000 black mohammedans have been massacred and 2 million ethnically cleansed by arab mohammedans, with generous dollops of rape as a weapon. simply because they were black and therefore inferior.

sounds remarkably similar to 'tall, fair, handsome' west pakistanis and their exploits in 1971 in trying to bring the benefits of their 'tall, fair, handsome' genes to the 'short, dark, ugly' east pakistanis by generously impregnating all their women? in addition to wiping out a few million of the 'short, dark, ugly' east pakistani men?

did someone say something about the equality of all mohammedans, or about their worldwide brotherhood?

where is shabana azmi, where is teesta setalvad? no sermons from them?


As the violence grew more and more wild, the hardliners in Khartoum
saw this as an opportunity. Darfur sits on the geographical faultline
between Arab Africa and black Africa, and since the 1980s Khartoum's
Islamists have longed to "completely Arabize our part of Africa" and
drive the "inferior" black population out. This was their chance.
They ensured the crushing of a local rebellion slid gradually into


The list of people who have betrayed the Darfurians continues. China
and France both have oil interests in Sudan - so they told Kofi Annan
they would veto any attempt by the Security Council even to impose
sanctions on Sudan. At the height of the murders in Darfur, the
United Nations itself appointed the Sudanese government to a three-
year term on the UN Human Rights Commission. The jihadists who claim
to be fighting on behalf of Muslims from Palestine to Chechnya to
Iraq have said nothing to condemn the mass slaughter of 400,000
innocent Muslims in Darfur. No: they support it, because the Khartoum
government imposes sharia law wherever it goes and even invited their
hero Osama Bin Laden to make Sudan his home from 1991-6. Major
corporations - including Siemens and Alcatel - continue to work and
pay taxes in Sudan even though they know the money is being funnelled
towards mass murder.


hellicon said...

Sacrilege!! .. how dare you.. I have told you a million billion times that muslims dont have caste system, muslims treat everyone equally, including all our wives. we only kill dogs, goats, mad cows, blacks, browns, Hindus, christians, any infidels, destroy buildings that have human figures, because our mullah told us to do so, and I want my 70 virgins and 70 young boys. even though i havent read the quran , if my mullah says so, it must be true. Dont spread lies ..

alwaysIndian said...

Shabana is worried only about the Pakis. But then, dont they say all muslims around the world are equal. Ohh, i forgot, all muslims are equal, it is true, but some muslims are more equal than others. Seems like shabana is one of those 70 virgins(well again some virgins are more virgin than others ;) ) reserved for osama.