Friday, October 07, 2005

sabha 4m report

oct 7

amazing stuff about the blood hoax and the baby-killers apart from the usual antics of ASHA types and other related thugs.

i am told peaceful protesters at sandeep pandey's meetings were beaten up by ASHA heavyweights.

fortunately, the department of homeland security is known to be taking a keen interest in pandey and his hosts. they seem to have been alerted by concerned citizens keen on preventing the spread of terrorism.


Raghu said...

Arvind as usual is amazing.

Shankar said...

As Russians brought down the Lenin statues, Keralites need to grow-up and destroy the idols of evil 'god' EMS, a stalinist stammering Chinese Nazi, who single-handedly wiped off and tortured many communities (incl his own).

Sameer said...

Good one Rajeev.
and hey I also happened to read ur column on rediff on India standing up to USA.... great one...

san said...

Again, this is where cameraphones and other recording devices can be used to provide damning smoking gun evidence.

Speaking of damning evidence, has anybody read about the court verdict on UPA's behavior on Bihar?

And yet Indians keep voting in large numbers for the corrupt Congress Party. It shows that corruption is engrained into the Indian culture and the Indian masses. Too many people are looking for the illusory get-rich-quick schemes that Congress and Left offer. And they're willing to tolerate anything. The gland-induced myopia is glaringly obvious.

Anonymous said...

Sandeep Pandey questioned on arrival in the US.

san said...

Here's an opportunity looming for India:

Delphi, the largest US auto parts maker and spinoff of General Motors, is now poised to declare bankruptcy. Barring some impossible miracle, this is inevitable.

When such a large sickly beast collapses, it's time for the vultures to come out and feast. India's booming auto parts manufacturers should see this as a golden opportunity to expand into the US auto supply chain territory. The collapse of giants like Delphi should allow displacers like Indians to come in and fill the yawning gaps that will emerge.

This shouldn't be much different than what the Lakshmi Mittals have done, but just further up the value chain. Materials costs are at unprecedented highs right now, and the easiest ways to save costs are labour costs -- especially skilled engineering labour which India can offer on the cheap.

With GM itself reeling from loss of marketshare and mounting pension/healthcare liabilities, they won't be too choosey about which port to take in a storm. The Indian port is looking very inviting right now.


avidnewsreade said...

I doubt if our Automotive industry is that competent! There are a host of small automotive companies in Europe and other countries which are ready to pounce!