Friday, October 07, 2005

bbc: india says bye bye, bangladesh!

oct 7

this is good news. bangladesh can kiss goodbye to transit fees.

what happened to mani shankar aiyer, usually so keen to help mohammedans? isn't he married to one, too? why isn't he bending over backwards to accommodate bangladesh's demands?


Anonymous said...

Quote from Mani Shanker Aiyar:- 'I am a Brahmin from Tanjore district. Yet I eat beef. I threw my sacred thread. I married, not a Brahmin, but, a non-Hindu. I am so secular.' Source is

Anonymous said...

I think he is married to a xtian

Pavan said...

Read the following sentence:

Mahmudur Rahman, the adviser to Bangladesh's energy minister, said Dhaka had no objections if India chose to use another route.

No objection?
Does this guy think he can object to a pipeline India lays through her own territory?

prasank said...

Its interesting, the official quotes one of the reasons as the troubles when dealing with a third country. The same people are running behind the tsp pipeline.

alwaysIndian said...

No objections!!
Eat crow, bangladesh. :)

For once, a sane decision, and that too by GAIL, and not by our dear so-secular money shankar iyer. We would have been left blackmailed again by this UPA govt of madmohans and lalloos, and sonia maddos (from maino).