Sunday, October 09, 2005

pioneer: how marxists in WB 'win' elections

oct 10th

'one man, one vote, one time' -- the marxist mantra, plus 'one marxist, many votes'

or is it 'vote early and often'?

serious booth capturing. and in fact the EVMs help them do this, apparently.

forwarded by a friend.

The Asansol rigging: Whither ECI?
Oct 8 2005
Dipak Ghosh

The Asansol by-election held on September 29 was widely viewed as a
litmus test of the Election Commission of India (ECI)'s commitment
to hold rigging-free elections in West Bengal. For the first time in
the history of any election, the ECI introduced central government
employees as presiding officers in each of the polling stations.
This was in obvious response to the report filed by Mr Afzal
Amanullah, the Bihar cadre IAS officer who acted as special observer
for West Bengal in the 2004 Lok Sabha election.

Mr Amanullah had been shocked by the partisanship displayed by the
West Bengal government employees, who manned the booths. Each and
every one of them were members of the CPI(M)-controlled Coordination
Committee of State Government Employees. Besides, the policemen who
were supposed to give security to the voters and ensure free and
fair polls were, down to the last man, Marxist loyalists. They were
members of the CPI(M)'s Non-Gazetted Police Karmachari Samity. After
seeing the shocking scale of rigging, Mr Amanullah had recommended
in his 13-page final report that the entire polling to the 42
parliamentary constituencies be countermanded.


Anonymous said...

Click below link Thug "Mitro Khin".

Man without Cerebral Cortex said...

Mitro Khin has put his imported Cerebral Cortex into a vibrator, he would vomit soon in this blog, instead of directing them to import more Cerebral Cortex for anti nationals.

Kalyani said...

I am afraid Rajeev's apprehensions and repeated warnings are not unfounded.

These traitors are paving the way for chinese invasion which would be "sudden....India being caught unawares".(Prophesies).

Pray,we thwart and stand tall, not turning to the callous countries around for support.

mitra said...

Why don't you have your own blog, Kalyani. It will be such a good laugh. While this blog certainly tickles the funny bone, it regrettably stops at melodrama. On your blog we could have a stimulating dose of mythological psycho-vedic horror(what with buffaloes and all that..).

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, pioneer had run an article on Kolkata Council elections. In some wards, CPM got 99% votes. There were many in which CPM got more than 90% votes.

That doesn't seem to surprise any other newspaper/medium in India. I wonder whether Lyngdoh was the EC last time WB elections took place.

Man without Cerebral Cortex said...

Mitro Khin thinks when his Cerebral Cortex got titillated in a homo episode, it as fun. I would send him to Afganisthan for more fun, rather than reading blobs here.