Tuesday, October 18, 2005

meanwhile, back at the ranch

oct 18

after the quake, let's take a look at events during the mohammedan holy month of ramadan.

30 or so indian soldiers die in quake (i particularly noted the indian media's preoccupation with the poor soldiers' families)

terrorists rush into j&k taking advantage of army's preoccupation with rescue operations and the destruction of parts of the security fence

terrorists behead 9 hindus the day after the quake (i particularly noted the outrage in the indian media about this)

indian soldiers cross LoC to repair damaged pak bunker (yes, the better for them to kill more indian soldiers later)

terrorists kill j&k minister

musharraf wants LoC opened and india keenly agrees

it sounds like business as usual.

peace process == mechanism for getting more terrorists into india

ps. via swapan dasgupta, comment by ndtv's 'star reporter' on the bunker-building activity: "it's such an unnecessary controversy!" yes, of course, it is the role of indian soldiers to die at the hands of superior 'tall, fair, handsome' pakistani soldiers. also 1 pakistani mohammedan == 10 indian hindus.

i once read a book called 'extraordinary delusions and the madness of crowds'. this title describes the UPA government and the indian english language media perfectly. the book is about greed (tulipmania and other financial scandals), that too describes this crowd perfectly.

pps. violent riots at mau near benares leave many dalits dead and their houses torched by mohammedans. reason: mohammedans wanted the dalits' hanuman festival postponed since this is the fasting month for mohdans. it is not noted whether mohdans offered to postpone their fasting till after the hanuman festival, but you may draw your own conclusions. (will this event appear in the us congress report on dalits, udit raj?)

musharraf once described mohammedanism as the most tolerant religion.

observers were left wondering: "on which planet? surely not on planet earth!"


indianpatriot said...

Finally some good news. Surya is under development. Uncle Sam tried all things to prevent Agni. Surya was in the drawing board since Narasimha Rao gave approval to it in 1993. Definitely India needs Surya and Agni III. I agree that military strength itself is not the only criteria but power always flows from the barrel of the gun.
India developing ICBM
India is developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), code-named Surya. It is a three-stage ballistic missile that DRDO, along with a number of defence agencies in the country, is working hard on.

The missile will have solid fuel rockets in the first and second stages, and a liquid propellant rocket in the third stage. The launch weight of the missile may reach 270 to 275 tonnes. The missile could have a 5,480 pound to 7,680 pound releasable front section with two to three warheads of 15 kilo tonne to 20 kilo tonnes each.

The ICBM is being developed by combining the technology of the Agni II with that of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. It is expected to have a range of more than 8,000 km. The ICBM is likely to be test-fired by 2008. They expect it to be added to the Indian armed forces’ deterrence arsenal by 2015.

sri said...


I love my country..but this really makes me sad:( Is there a way to shoot to the top in two or three years??

Dric said...

Well, as usual Indian society is in a state of denial.We badly need some nasty shock treatmen.

BTW the word verification is sometimes getting on my nerves. Naa i am not partly blind, but u know sometimes i feel like i am deciphering Hieroglyphics!!You should perhaps consider someother meanns linke commentators history & ranking...

Dric said...


Chinese Statistics Propoganda

Nothing new about that,but
Hari Sud gives some figures:


..." (a very publicized education of masses took place in fifties and sixties, where six months of night schooling was identified as sufficient to classify them as educated)"...

That is interesting.

But i think that has happened in India too.Someone is taught how to make a signature and is declared Literate....

DarkStorm said...

That 'star reporter' from NDTV is a known secular, progressive liberal types. She is known to speak in favour of Muslims in talk shows on NDTV.
I have once seen her shut up a Kashmiri Hindu on her talk show, slightly rudely, when that person raised a perfectly valid point.

Now, dont we know that NDTV boss prannoy roy was known to be close to Rajiv Gandhi and now Sonia.

On other terms, NDTV isnt really that respected out here in India. It is AajTak/Headlines Today , Star News, that have better sense and presentation. NDTV has that ghetto image, though their coverage is better. I have not seen much respect for NDTV in urban circles in India, except amongst page 3 secular liberals.

DarkStorm said...

I must say that all TV news channels, all of them, love sensationalism. All of them try to show their secular credentials, and bend over backwards to please, with NDTV leading the pack, followed by StarNews and AajTak. Perhaps, CNBC is one good channel which focusses on business news , rather than the masala out there.

I just recall, how the channels hyped up the Ishrat jahan case, ( a woman terrorist gunned down), and later shut up their big mouths when it was proved that she actually was a jehadi. Our shameless secular politicians as usual continued their secular bullshit, even after some jehadi lashkar put up ishrat as a shaheed jehadi on their website.

There are many such instances of TV channels spreading lies and deceiving. I wonder, why isnt there even a single news channel that presents news with a neutral view. Our media has a lot to learn from even Al jazeera.

DarkStorm said...

Regarding a previous post about Britain banning pigs to please Muslims, I guess they should now ban dogs and foxes too ;)

They come next in line for animals that Muslims should avoid. It must be true, because it is written in the kuran.

Anyway, Muslims have a lot to learn from even dogs, the first and foremost being loyalty.

Anonymous said...

>>NDTV boss prannoy roy was known to be close to Rajiv Gandhi and now Sonia.

NDTV is infested with commie/naxal/islamist sympathisers. And it is all in the family.

Prannoy Roy's wife Radhika Roy is Brinda Karat's (Prakash Karat's wife) sister. Brinda and Prakash both are politburo members of the CPI(M).

It is rumored that Prannoy Roy's seed capital for NDTV came from the comfy relationship he had with Bhaskar Ghose, then Doordarshan's head honcho. DD was fond of doing business with Roy at the exclusion of other contenders, which fondness Roy exploited to the detriment of DD's revenues but to his own advanatage.

Rajdeep Sardesai former test cricketer Dilip Sardesai's son and was an anchor at NDTV is married to Bhaskar Ghose's daughter Sagarika Ghose who writes columns for the Indian Express. Express' Shekhar Gupta in return hosts a talk show on NDTV.

Neat family business all this ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Is there no Indian equivalent of Rush Limbaugh? Of conservative talk radio? Of Bill O' Reilly? Of Fox News? Of the National Review?

Shankar said...

commie Prafoool bidwai and his new theory hindoo rate((3 to 3.5 percent) has doubled. so what's it now? Marxist rate? Christist rate or Islamic rate?
double of hindu rate = Marxist rate!

These kinda multi-fathered morons need to be banged with hot iron (smeared with 'red' chilly powder and pepper )right into the center of their rectum.

kaunteya said...

NDTV has neatly crafted itself as the flag-bearer of the secular fundamentalists. Its also the starting point of all the secular crap that we read in the english dailies. Its there at NDTV that it is invented and spread around. Even the vernacular media is in awe of NDTV and continues to work as its younger sibling.
As such , even though its viewership is less than say Aaj Tak, it still holds a considerable hold over the media in the country. What NDTV spells out as a news is lapped up by the "secular" media of the country as the gospel truth.

NDTV has systematically over the period of time demonized the BJP and Sangh Parivar. And to give the devil its due, it has done a good job at that.

Also one cannot deny that it's presentation and packaging of a news item is impeccable. Almost compelling.

Some of tricks that i have observed :

1) NDTV usually hosts some talk shows where the panel is invariably dominated by the Left. Not only that , the host who puts a facade of being neutral towards the issue, drives the discussion towards vilifying the Sangh Parivar to the maximum.

2) NDTV is a master of sticking a truth by repeated assertions. Gujarat riots was played again and again in the minds of the viewers everyday till the cacophony of lies could destroy the hard facts. In the end the muslims came out as the oh-so-innocent victims and everything was forgotten about the cause of the riots in the first place. Nobody bothered about the Hindu victims. In that sense NDTV and 'The Hindu' are probably more anti-India than ISI itself.

3) NDTV invents issues. A local fight between neigbours in a small village in Gujarat was presented as a fight between Hindu right wing verses the 'innocent poor christians' (Dang, Gujarat)

4) Another trick is to put a hardcore pinko or a Commie as an 'independent' analyst in the discussion panel. For example a Vinod Mehta or a Kuldeep Nayar will officially represent the independent voice and sit on judging others (read - only BJP)

5) BJP is its favourite punching bag. So there is a full time cover up job available for congress and its 'secular' partners. But even the smallest of news related to BJP is put on the front burner. So no programs and discussion on the Supreme Court judgement in case of Bihar, no questioning of decision of Movie National Awards committee, no discussion on retoxification of the school books, no discussion on the SC judgement on AMU etc.

BJP has been naive in dealing with NDTV. NDTV has been blatanly campaigning against BJP since its inception. Yet BJP sends its leaders to NDTV studios who cannot keep their loud mouths under control.

NDTV clinically manipulates the news to drive home the opinion that the BJP is the worst thing to have happened to the nation after the Britishers. And it been very successful in its mission thus far

blackpanther said...

here is the complete translation of unrestricted warfare which describes tactics for china to compensate for its military inferiority against u.s.

Unrestricted Warfare by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui

Anonymous said...

you might be interested in this

Silicon Valley VCs face tricky Chinese puzzle

DarkStorm said...

>> Also one cannot deny that it's presentation and packaging of a news item is impeccable. Almost compelling.

Yes, it does have a neat presentation, which they learnt at Star News(NDTV was Star News partner, until Star must have decided to put an end to ndtv's commie bullshit). But somehow, I feel Star and AajTak/Headlines Today have better presentation.
Headlines Today is actually a pretty neat channel, but they lost out because of late entry into the market, and by that time, English news channels market was saturated. AajTak won because of Hindi, and good coverage. But still aajtak guys have this habit of sensationalizing the trivial, for example, their coverage of Viru Sehwags marriage.( LOL, with the caption on the screen reading "Veeru kee shaadi", and interviews with even his tailor and cook at the mandap)

Yes, Ndtv people definitely are much more compelling than other channels. They carry that strong commie emotion, while delivering news and that makes it believable to the public.

Vinod Mehta is a girlie mag editor. People do not even come to know that, and assume that this guy in the talk show is some bigshot newsperson or something. It is ok to look at the girls in the mags, but when one reads the articles, they are illogical and senseless, and they talk about aphrodaisiacs. Werent they spreading disinformation then.

DarkStorm said...

Add a sixth point to that.

The Ndtv anchors steer away the discussion when someone from the audience raises a valid point, which might prove uncomfortable to the commies/islamists.

I dont know how much footage is chopped away at the editing table. I guess they allow some anti-commie questions to stay because they want to present a neutral view.

Man, these days, how much they have hyped up Kashmir quake. It is filled with the sneaky kashmiris raising slogans against the government and army, when their own mufti was least bothered about them. Do these ndtv guys realize that more people died in the tsunami.

I once saw nr narayana murthy of infosys declaring a donation of 1 crore for kashmir relief. i may be wrong but i dont recall him showing any such affection towards the tsunami victims(on whose hard work infy stands, the ppl of TN and Andhra) and Gujarat quake.

ndtv has shown kashmir to be the most suffering victim in india, so much so that, people think "hey those poor suffering kashmiris. First the army and government, now this quake is making them suffer, we must donate generously. "

DarkStorm said...

I have heard of NR narayana murthy , chief of infosys, being a commie, or sympathetic to commies. Is that true.

Of whatever interviews I have read, he does seem to have leftist/commie thoughts.

Anyway, hope he realizes that the very success of Infosys is because of a market that allowed him to innovate and build, not marxist model.

Sameer said...

Indian mainstream Media is hopeless, its full of 'selling' news by sensationalising and masalafying news.
One example was that ur veeru's shaadi of tailor and cook.
Another was when Indians were captured in Iraq.... they declared them to be set free where as they were not and they were set free after a month...
It needs to evolve... and break the commie shackles... till then alternate media zindabad...I mean blogs like this and many National minded blogs....

DarkStorm said...


Another nail in the coffin for AIT. Plus francois's criticism of US bashing Hinduism

Anonymous said...

Even in America, where most people are plugged in, blogs only make a limited impact.

In India, where only 5% accesses the internet, they make even less impact. How many people here are Indians who live overseas? (Oops, guilty as charged!)

I think the best way to start out is with some conservative talk radio. That's what began the alternative media revolution in the U.S. back in the early 1990's.

Otherwise before then, everything was like it is in India: lots of different media outlets, all offering the same psuedo progressive liberal "secular" spin on the same stories.

Kaunteya said...

I have heard of NR narayana murthy , chief of infosys, being a commie, or sympathetic to commies. Is that true.

From what i know, he used to be a Commie.. But now he abhors it..Thats what i gathered from one of his interviews..
Anyways doesn't matter..His success was totally fueled by capitalism..He cannot run away from that fact..

Anonymous said...

Why are English newspapers and mediamen pro-commie and pro-muslim when most of them are Hindus? What makes them do/support things that eventually harm hindus?

Begs the question. Is it worth supporting the hindu/Indian cause? When the writing is on the wall that India will be converted to Muslim/Christain domination, possibly in this century itself, does it not make more sense to take the side of Muslims/Christains/commies?