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Fwd: Volume 2:9, September 30, 2005.The Hague

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Subject: Volume 2:9, September 30, 2005.The Hague

Volume 2:9, September 30, 2005.The Hague


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Bhutan: Human Rights Report for the month of October 2005
Sri Lanka on the Outlines of Human Rights by Justice C.V. Wigneswaran
Bangladesh: EU cancels funding of Dinajpur project
Bangladesh: Militants threaten journos, renew vow for Islamic rule
Bangladesh: Rabindra Ghosh of GHRD along with another assaulted
Mr. Nizaad Bissumbhar an office bearer of GHRD giving press briefings in the National News Port. 
Opening speech "GHRD" Congress by P. de Klerk
New website
During the first day of this conference AME gave a presentation of the new website, which is based on the AME software framework (web-tools).
Link to GHRD website
The Web-tools software will enable GHRD to circulate immediately and globally news messages, reports and photographs of human rights violations. This website is user friendly and has a strong search engine to make information easily reachable and offers Global Human Rights Defence the tooling to publish, update and maintain all reports in a structured way.
Link to GHRD website
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Phone: +31 70 345 69 75
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The Hague
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The stalwartness of GHRD to defend the rights of the minorities is now geared up to public and individual benefit.

The assembly of lawyers, educationists, human rights activists, journalists, religious figures and women representatives from almost all the countries of South Asia, Malaysia United Kingdom and USA, 35 of them, gathered in The Hague for three day discussion that gave GHRD a momentum of statutory support for its strategic defence mechanism and human rights activities.

Addressing the opening session, the Mayor of The Hague city, Mr. W.J. Deetman called the gathering to be resolute to their defend for the rights of the minorities worldwide and appreciated the initiatives of the Chairman, Mr. S. Sital in making ways to do this collectively.
The Mayor of The Hague city, Mr. W.J. Deetman
He opened the Headquarter of GHRD located in the centre of Hague, a office block within a house of other human rights organisations, offered with rental concession. Dutch Human Rights Ambassador attached to the ministry of external affairs, Mr. P. de Klerk, addressing the gathering emphasized to build up the recognition of identity of minorities as a mechanism to protect their rights and freedoms.

GHRD, defending human rights, particularly the rights of the ethnic, religious and or linguistic minorities including those of the tribal and marginalised
groups is now fortified with operational accessories and regular recruits in The Hague, as well as representatives in the field where GHRD is already active in.
The Dutch Human Rights Ambassador Mr. P. de Klerk
It is now considering expanding its coverage in more countries.

The three day congress overwhelmingly supported the statute and principles of operations of GHRD that would eventually qualify it to the status of a Co-financing organisation and to operate in an international standard.
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