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arvind kumar's article on Communist fronts in USA

oct 12

good stuff from arvind. aid and asha are terrorism fronts

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From: Arvind
Date: Oct 11, 2005 4:27 AM
Subject: My article on Communist fronts in USA

Go to page 35 of this edition of Indo American News to read my piece
on Communists abusing American hospitality (Page 11 of 14 of the pdf

Are Communists abusing American hospitality?

Arvind Kumar

The human suffering caused by the tsunami disaster few months ago once
again brought out an ugly facet of human nature to the surface. In the
wake of the devastating tsunami, which left an estimated 200,000 dead,
millions injured, orphaned, homeless and destitute, some political
organizations posing as charities and a few other charities connected
to political groups aggressively sought donations while providing
little, if any, succor to tsunami victims. Collecting funds under
false pretenses is nothing new, nor is it unique to the countries of
the Indian subcontinent, but what is especially troubling in this case
is that money collected by some organizations is used for political
purposes and in some cases even ends up with groups that fund violent

In particular, some Indians in USA who support Communists at home have
set up organizations that present a fa├žade of helping poor people.
These groups often coordinate their fund-raising activities and shadow
their proceeds by passing money through multiple accounts all
controlled by like-minded groups.

Sandeep Pandey, the founder of Asha for Education (ASHA) which is one
of the groups in the network, is a supporter of Communist Party of
India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation [CPI (ML)-L], a group that openly
calls for an "armed revolution" and has a stated objective of using
illegal methods and raising an army to wage a war. In November 2002,
during its party congress, this group honored 'comrade martyrs' or
terrorists killed in action. Sandeep Pandey was one of the speakers at
the congress and called for the unity of 'revolutionary' Communist

Another outfit, Association for India's Development (AID), is closely
allied with ASHA and seeks funds from people in America in the name of
charity, but is linked to Communist groups in India. When AID started
collecting money ostensibly for the relief of those affected by the
tsunami, it inadvertently publicized the fact that it was working
together with other organizations including the Democratic Youth
Federation of India (DYFI) – the youth wing of Communist Party of
India (Marxist) – which was mentioned only by its acronym on AID's
website. DYFI is routinely in the news for indulging in acts of
violence and rioting. In March 2002, DYFI activists attacked women
journalists, and in August of the same year, they torched buses. DYFI
has repeatedly targeted the offices of Malayala Manorama, one of the
leading media houses in the south Indian state of Kerala, and in
August 2003, hurled a petrol bomb at one of Malayala Manorama's
offices. In November 2004, they threw stones at vehicles and smashed
windshields on buses.

Using the time-tested "follow the money" technique, a recent
independent investigation revealed connections between AID and Indian
Communist organizations. According to information AID put out on the
internet, it donates money to Tamilnadu Science Forum (TNSF) – yet
another organization run by one of its own members – which in turn
supports libraries but makes it a pre-condition 'as a policy' to
support only those libraries linked to organizations such as DYFI.
Effectively, this makes AID a front organization for Indian Communists
seeking funds in USA. In the past, ASHA has also contributed money to

Activities of Indians in USA that benefit various Communist groups are
a matter of grave concern not just for Indians, but for everyone
around the world. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)
Liberation considers Russian actions in Chechnya to be racist acts of
terror and blames Russia for not giving in to the demands of the
terrorists who held schoolchildren hostage at Beslan a few months ago.
The US State Department has already listed as terrorist groups some
radical Communist organizations in the Indian subcontinent, including
a couple of groups that have an ideology similar to that of CPI (ML)-L
and share common roots with it. One of the key political parties that
CPI (ML)-L opposes in the state of Uttar Pradesh is Bahujan Samaj
Party, a party of oppressed Indians treated as untouchables by
'upper-caste' elite who support outlawed Marxist-Leninist and Maoist

It is unfortunate that many unsuspecting people have been taken in by
the claims of AID and similar organizations and have donated money to
them. Several former donors state that they were unaware of AID's
connection to Communists and believed the apparent good intentions of
AID. Disillusioned students who have stopped donating to AID speak of
a sense of betrayal they felt upon discovering its true nature.

Organizations like AID, which are based in the US, raise money by
abusing the sincerity and goodwill of their American hosts. Although
AID is connected to groups in India with an overt political agenda, it
claims to be a non-political outfit and draws its support primarily
from students on American campuses. One of its main bases is Stanford
University in California where it has hosted speakers sympathetic to
groups that base their ideology on hatred and indulge in violence. It
is high time that the American authorities crack down on groups that
brazenly operate in USA with a tax-exempt status despite their links
to radical Communists. There is no need to wait for a crisis before
tackling the problem.


Anonymous said...

I went to an ASHA charity dinner at Cornell once or twice. I had no idea about their political inclinations. Did not even occur to me. But I am not surprised by these revelations. Using starving kids as a prop to earn money is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Ralph Nader (the closest thing to an American communist) does the same thing with his phony charitable "PIRG" organizations on American universities campuses which funnel money into Nader's campaign coffers.

I'm just glad I didn't get more involved in ASHA.

Anonymous said...

More funny comments from regarding the earthquake.


san said...

Well, I'm not a religious fellow in the slightest, but some others were telling me they enjoyed this daily blog on Hindu parables:

Some interesting moral commentaries, I suppose.

san said...

As you may have heard, Apple has just announced the Video iPod:

This could really be quite disruptive, with vidcasting following the trend of audio podcasting. (Note to Rajeev: buy a camera, and clean up the study room) ;)

True, the screen is tiny and low-res -- right now. But there are various types of portable video eyeglasses/goggles on the way out, which could make this portable video concept take off. These may eventually become as common as headphones. There are even tiny portable projection systems starting to appear in the market.

Add on a portable keyboard or similar input device, along with wireless connectivity, and you'll have pervasive computing, always-there and always-available.

san said...

Another one I'd wanted to post:

A powerful new gene therapy technique allows for easy problem-free gene insertion. As you know, previous attempts to cure patients suffering from genetic diseases by inserting healthy genes into their DNA have met with problems. The chief problem is that such genes insert themselves randomly into the existing DNA, with the danger of interrupting important coding sequences. One famous experiment to treat children suffering from SCID ("bubble-boy disease") attempted to insert a healthy gene, and succeeded for 4 out of the 5 children, but the 5th developed fatal leukemia, because the inserted gene disrupted existing genes, causing cancer.

Scientists have now found a way to overcome the problem by using an insertion vector which specifically targets insertion into a known sequence of DNA which has no important function. As a result of this method, genes can be usefully inserted without disrupting existing genetic function. In the trial, the genetic disease phenylketonuria was cured with just 3 simple injections.

I know some respected biochemists who are enthralled by this new capability. It holds the potential not just to cure a variety of genetic diseases, but even to supplement flagging health of the elderly by simply inserting in fresh genes which generate vital cellular substances at youthful levels.

Santhosh said...

Chavez ejects US preachers.

A Proud Hindu said...

If we really want to destroy the likes of Sandeep Pandey and ASHA then donate your money to Hindu Charities such as Sewa USA or Ekal Vidyalaya. These two organizations are doing tremendous work in uplifting in the Hindu society worldwide. Ekal Vidyalaya runs close to 14,000 schools and educates nearly 450,000 students every day in the remote tribal villages of India. These guys are doing great service by preventing tribal villagers from becoming prey of Christian Missionaries or Terrorist, as well as imparting basic education to "forgotten" Indians.

A Hindu-American said...

ASHA and AID probably rue the day they launched an attack on IDRF and revealed their true colors.

Hindus are fighting back! Thank you Rajeev and thank you Arvind. May God bless you both.

DarkStorm said...

Hi, seems like Mootro is on the j*had watch: Look at this post :-

Primary source -
Interestingly, all the spin-doctors in Pakistan, where 81,000 people have been hit by the quake are stating that really the Jooooooos and Hindooooooos are to blame for the quake. The Jammat-i-Islam head honcho (Maulana Fazl-ur Rehman) is saying that it is a Zionist-Hindu conspiracy.

It must be written in the quran, mootro did you check that up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this informative post.


Anonymous said...

There is an overwhelming opinion on this blogspace that these organizations are fronts. However, time and again, I find reference to only 3-4 instances, and even they are somewhat tenuous, it almost feels like hearsay. I would like to hear/see some solid proof, in terms of funding, projects, etc. more than just names being thrown around to believe the allegations or links to under-reported meetings. I don't know the entire IDRF fiasco, but rest assured, there must have been enough solid evidence for US corporations to withdraw the matching funds.
The organizations mentioned here (Asha, AID, DYFI) are registered and duly audited, and their accounts must be public, unlike the RSS which is neither registered nor audited. It would be helpful for this forum to put out facts rather than emotional arguments, if the real intent is to ensure that the donations are used for the projects and not for supporting violence.However, all I see is labelling one group as communist and the other as supporting religious violence.
At this point, it is merely a poor attempt to launch donor wars , a surprising disease that seems to strike all ideological outfits, left or right.

- An objective reader

sk said...

"I would like to hear/see some solid proof, in terms of funding, projects, etc."

I second that.

- One more objective reader.

Anonymous said...

Gee, lot of 'objective readers' seems to have made up their minds about RSS but would like "solid concrete proof" about ASHA, AID, DYFI etc. Anyone surprised?

Maybe the Dept of Homeland Security picked up Pandey at the airport just because he looked creepy?

Former ASHA volunteer said...

"Maybe the Dept of Homeland Security picked up Pandey at the airport just because he looked creepy?"

Good point! Also, has solid proof. This article too mentions that the independent investigation followed the money trail. You just have to look at for the money trail.

As someone who has worked at top levels in ASHA, I can vouch for the fact that they carry out fraud. It has always unnerved me that they focus on fundraising and not on helping the poor. I would rather work for someone who FIRST identifies specific tasks to help the poor and then looks for money,instead of ASHA kind of people who look for money first.

Anonymous said...

AID and ASHA key functionary rejoice as earthquake kills thousands

Raghu said...

What more proof does anybody need other than that Sandeep Pandey attended the Naxalite conference and supported their cause so openly. Do these fellows who want solid proof are so ignorant to not know that Naxalites indulge in violence against State and innocent people. And didn't Sandeep go on a much publicized across the border tour and denounce India there.

Sameer said...

Read abt how Chavez expelled American Rabid Evangalesists.
Good job.... No wonder why Pat Robertson was foaming at his mouth and even gave a 'fatwa' of his execution.

san said...

Here's another bitter rant from one of the Atlanticists-in-Chief, Dr Zbigniew Brzinski:

That fellow is the Atlanticist Dr Strangelove. See him fulminate over the deal to grant India nuclear tech access, and over the Bush admin's emphasis on Islamic terrorism. As you can see, as a Polish immigrant he has a fixation with hating Russia, and naturally that will make him more pro-Pakistan and more pro-jihadi.

Indianpatriot, when you remember the dark days of the 1980s when India was beset by rampant terrorism due to US policies, much of the blame can be placed on policies first initiated by mad scientists like Dr Brzinski, who as President Carter's National Security Advisor was the original architect of US support for Afghan mujahedin via Pakistan.

We tend to reserve our wrath for his predecessor Dr Kissinger, but at least Kissinger is a Jew and has moved on to support Indo-US relations. The Brzinski camp however will continue to look scornfully upon us, and will lean towards Pakistan as the dagger pointed at the Russian underbelly.

So here is where I like to zero in on the rats in the American camp. We Indians tend to naively trust all Democrats because they always suck upto ethnic minorities, but our ignorance and superficial perspectives only make us blind to sucker-punches.

indianpatriot said...

Hi San,
You think Kissinger was a great friend of India. He was the guy who sent 7th fleet during Bangladesh war. I tried to find out whether Brahma was Indira Gandhis advisor during Bangladesh war. I did not find any reference. I believe 1971 war was the first instance where India stood for its national interest and asked US, UN, China and whoever stood in the way go for a walk if they did not like what was happenning. I believe India's pokhran 1 was mainly due to US sending 7th fleet during Bangladesh war and some extent to china. Similarly Pokhran II was due to unrelenting US pressure to role back India's capability and secondly unholy China Pakistan nexus. If you find time goto and read an article by a Cato affairs specialist (India as a world power written in 2000).
I for one donot find much difference between democrats and republicans in foreign policy. Some difference is democrats are Atlantist non proliferation Taleban while republicans are Evangelical Taleban. Nothing to choose between them. Only if Indian Leader picks up the guts and sends evangelical missionaries packing then India's securtiy problems(Created mainly by christian missionaries) in India's northeast would be reduced. If leader of a small country like Chavez could do that India can as well as do that. Probably Pat Robertson wanted to kill him because chavez wanted to put to an end to conversion business. San you may have a different opinion. That is your right. But in my opinion India's main challengers for world leadership role will be US and China. India should be very carefull while dealing with both at the same time maximizing its advantages by playing one against the other. So any attempt to capping India's strategic advantages like this nuclear agreement would be strict no for me.

san said...

Indianpatriot, you completely misunderstood what I meant about Kissinger. I'm saying that, yes, he was an adversary in the past, such as in 1971 as you've pointed out, but since the end of the Cold War he has moved on to be more pro-India. I think that he's aware India is an important alternative to China for the US. So there's no point in our nursing a grudge for him, since that's flogging a dead horse. But we should certainly be vigilant against people like Brzinski who are continuing to actively campaign against India, because they continue to see us as obstacles to their narrow agenda.

And just so one doesn't lose perspective, we should remember that India's economy is only one-sixth of China's. So we have nowhere near the strength to combat them ourselves, and that's even without factoring in the Pakistan threat.

I understand your concern about missionary campaigns and the sectarian problems they are creating. Frankly, as an atheist, I think the solution there lies more in reforming Hinduism, rather than purely blaming others. Let's face it, Hinduism doesn't have a lot to offer the poor, and whoever came up with the idea of caste was the biggest traitor to his faith, because he immediately created the basis for divide-and-conquer against Hindus. If Hindus want to compete better against religious conversions, they need to launch a reformist movement for a casteless Hinduism. Because nobody will be loyal to a religion which brands them a lower form of life, or unclean, etc. Denying this fundamental reality amounts to dreaming in technicolour. It's no different than Muslim men who want to keep their wives locked up due to paranoia of losing them to other men, instead of these husbands improving their behaviour towards their wives in order to retain them.

Anonymous said...

San, you say we cannot face China on our own... Sounds more like what Nehru said in 1962 to people in the North-East, when the chinese were invading us. Look up what a poor battered nation, Vietnam did first to the French, then Americans and then the Chinese. Threw them all out one after the other. I think we are strong enough militarily and economically to take care of the Chinese. And don't bank on the US to bail us out the next time the chinese attack.

Anonymous said...

... and when you post crap such as US would give up Puke-istan when we support them on Iran to enable them access to Central Asia, seems to me that you are dreaming in technicolor. Never seen such absurd theory from any strategy bigwigs. Guess it is original crap from you.

indianpatriot said...

Hi San,
This is absolutely news to me. Indian economy as the size of 1/6th of chineese economy. Where did you get that. In fact by all measures chineese economy (both ppp or real $ figures) is around 60 to 75 % larger. There are lot of reputed economist who suspect chineese figures. There was an very interesting article by two professors one of chineese origin and one of Indian origin in foreign policy magazine why India above China in world order. Why India's home grown companies(Infosys, Wipro, Ranbaxy) is much better than fdi led development in China. Regarding your godfather USA I was also very enthusiastic about India US cooperation but it did not take long to realize that establishment(both parties) think that they are racially superior and look down upon contributions of Indian culture and civilization. There are a miniscule number of Americans who are Indophile and recognize that Indus civilization was the mother of human civilization. Unfortunately they are not found in corridors of power.(Robert Blackwill was one such person and see how he was shunted out). In comparison with Commie China, I prefer US devoid of evangelical ASWP's. However when it comes to US and Bharat I prefer Bharat. Finally there was a very evangelical senator from North Carolina named Jesse helms. I remember his words when Pokhran 2 occured. India did not shoot itself in foot they shot themselves in head. I repeat the same words by invading a secular Iraq whose dictator was America's lackey while maintaining good ties to Wahabi Soudis and Jehadi Paki Army America shot itself in the head. Now is the time for retreat from middle east and allowing India's influence to extend in this oil rich region. San you may say anything but one thing is missionaries are as evil as wahabis probably more. These ASWP missionaries who donot care for African american poor in south how can they think of saving souls in India. Luckily events are in India's favour and as rajeev said India will be the world's major power(as it was always except a few centuries).

indianpatriot said...

You claim to point out casteism in Hinduism. I would not claim perfection for Hinduism. That is greatest strength. You can be an Atheist, worship Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh or anybody like or donot worship but lead a perfectly moral life and attain salvation. But for Christists if somebody does not worship Christ he is bound to goto hell. I had misfortune of encountering 2 such brainwashed aswps where I was dragged into conversations like that in work and also in fitness centre. That allowed me to realize the strengths of Sanathan Dharma(I include all branches Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Saivism, Lingayaths etc) compared to Semitic religions. If you worship Christ Indian plurality allows that as long as you donot interfere with others religious beliefs. Problems with foreign evangelicals is that they are they are brainswashed (like wahabis) that theirs is the only true path to God and others are souls to be saved. Fortunately for India the entire west coast of India(I mean starting from Mangalore in Karnataka all the way upto Punjab is prosperous and have a strong Hindu right tendency). Even if the Hindu right is in opposition like in Maharashtra ruling parties follow the agenda set by Hindu right. Same tendency is occuring in east coast (Orissa, Jharkand and hopefully Bihar in this months election). I am definitely hopeful of renaissance of Indus civilization.

Anoop Verma said...

Interesting information you have!

I think communists have to be fought everywhere in the world. But especially in India, where they have inflicted maximum damage on our nation, on our culture, on every aspect of our lives.

Anonymous said...

I donated already to ASHA once because one of my friends is volunter....I was considering donating in Oct again ...Have to reconsider ...anyways will talk to these guys ( Volunteers ) first ....

Anonymous said...

Why is AID INDIA trying to collaborate with the enemy.. I was looking at this site and near the bottom it shows that it has some sort of tie up with AID