Saturday, October 29, 2005

iraq oil scandal and natwar singh: explosive stuff!

oct 29th

now we know why lantos called natwar "brilliant". it is because natwar has made many millions (and so has the congress party) from the oil-for-food scam in iraq. this report is written by paul volcker, who has no vested interest in india. it is likely that it is quite accurate.

no wonder natwar has been so keen on supporting saddam hussein and probably the iranians.

see the following url, thanks to a friend.

this is the second shoe to drop, the first being the mitrokhin archive.

reasonable conclusion: the congress party has been selling india to a) the marxists and b) the muslims.

corollary: the congress party commits treason and is anti-national party. it ought to be abolished

second corollary: since the indian media is mum about both these scandals, the indian media is also sold out to a) the marxists, b) the muslims. the mitrokhin accusation that the media was controlled by the KGB must be accurate.

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has the Volcker report. Go to
Table III to see Natwar Singh's name and that of Congress Party.


Anonymous said...

It's funny to see the italian waitress and her coterie cut natwar out to fend for himself lest the trail reach "high-command". The Indian Express and other left-liberal bullshit spouting media are either silent or have relegated to minor articles. Their backsides are on line too.

san said...

General Motors may be headed for bankruptcy:

Their October sales results were catastrophically low. With the Delphi bankruptcy and its pension liabilities upon GM, as well as the sale of the vitally profitable GMAC financial arm, the mighty GM may finally be headed into the junk heap. Overseas operations should keep going, but the company will be a spent force.

Anonymous said...

Table 7 in the link also has a list of Indian companies including Bajaj, Reliance, L and T etc that took kickbacks