Sunday, October 30, 2005

n ram exonerates natwar singh over iraq oil-for-food scam

oct 30th

oh, that settles it. now that china's best friend in india has said natwar singh is innocent, let us all cease worrying about the matter. darn, we were all worried for nothing.

oh, and manmohan singh has given natwar singh a 'clean chit' too. that totally settles it.

moreover, the CPI(M) thinks natwar is innocent. then how could anyone else ask any questions?

small matters like treason are the CPI(M)'s forte, of course.

let us forget this like we all forgot bofors and mitrokhin.

thanks to reader g.

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Political targeting, says Natwar Singh

N. Ram


In a telephone conversation with me on Sunday, India's External Affairs Minister, K. Natwar Singh, expressed outrage and anger over the Volcker Committee naming him as a "non-contractual beneficiary" of Iraqi oil sales in 2001 to Masefield AG on the basis of "no evidence" at all &#151; and with no one talking either to him or to the contracting company to ascertain the truth relating to him in advance.

"Let me make this absolutely clear," Mr. Singh told me, "I have had nothing to do with this affair. Nor has my son [Jagat Singh, against whom there has been a whispering campaign]... I saw the Prime Minister and he has given me a clean chit and stood by me," pointing out that there was no evidence offered against him in Table 3 of the report. India's Foreign Minister also called attention to the statement by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), which spoke of the political bias against those who were opposed to the "brutal sanctions" Iraq suffered for more than a decade; and to the official Russian position that the Volcker Committee report was based on "forgeries."



Anonymous said...

This guy Singh is a shady guy - his daughter in-law died under mysterious circumstances - she had separated from jagat singh and was seeing some executive from coke india - who was beaten up by jagat and some other thugs. Then the daughter-in-law jumped (or was pushed) from top of a hotel. There was no police action at all. Then Singh's daughter committed suicide within a month (maybe because of the stress in the family or she knew the truth about her dad and brother). Everything has been hushed up - there is hardly a mention of the case and last I think Jagat contested elections too (don't know whether he won or not). Because of Singh's royal connections (related to some Punjabi royal family)and the fact that he is in power makes his family immune to prosecution (hopefully the case should be pursued in the future).

san said...

And what does the Atlanticist mouthpiece NYT say about the Diwali bombings:

New Delhi Police Doubt a Boast; Shoppers Back, a Day After Blasts

The subtext of this news title is that Indians themselves doubt Islamic terrorists are responsible for the carnage, and that the shallow Indians have shrugged off the blasts and are back to shop until they drop.

We really need to collect a catalogue of NYT story titles on India, because if you were to just read the list of titles from across the years, you'd get a quick idea of the level of their disdain for India.

Kalyani said...

The name is n(amak ha)ram.

When Sri Kanchi Shankaracharya was 'arrested' the namakharaam was interviewed by, who else,but bbc (like consulting aurangazeb about Sri Ramar) and he said "...the pontiff is trying to become another pope..."..

A bizarre character.But the Swiss wife was wise enough to divorce the dropsical devil!

Gameboys said...

I see that Anon has already mentioned the mysterious death of the estranged daughter-in-law. Now Jagat Singh finds mention in the media again, dishonourably of course. Manmohan Singh rushes to provide a clean chit. And anything any American says must be all lies of course, for Congress and the left, who were all so chummy with Saddam and his sons. Natwar's Arab connections are fantastic - he has managed to be friends with both Iran and Iraq! Our national interests come last, as always. Of course, Paul Volcker is trying to settle political scores against Nutwar! Actually, it's the CIA...and ISI...and MI6...
- Nanda Kishore

KapiDhwaja said...

Here is another name for the disgusting chief of 'The Hindu'


KapiDhwaja said...

Kalyani, wonder how Naxal Ram being a commie, had a Swiss wife. Aren't swiss and switzerland the epitome of capitalism, 'bourgeous' etc..

Kalyani said...

KapiDhwaja, I concur with you; I also wonder how someone like R.K.Narayan could be so close to naxalram!

san said...

Gentlemen, it's because our marxists are complete hypocrites!

I loved the stinging remark made by BJP on this Natwar-oil-bribery scandal:

They accused Congress of "permitting FDI in politics"

Haha! Loved it! Considering how the Left loves to rant against FDI in private industry, the accusation of FDI in politics, a la Mitrokhin and oil-scam, is priceless.