Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bush called Manmohan to get India to offer more concessions to this very charlatan

oct 1
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what exactly is musharraf's hold over the bushies? does he have, like, incriminating photographs or something? obviously, he can do no wrong.
or is is just that the state department cold warriors are so stupid that a cheap con-man can take them to the cleaners just because of their fond belief in dictators?
or is the allure of central asian oil and gas so great? if so, america really has to get over this 'crack' addiction to hydrocarbons.
or is that they fancy themselves to be playing the imperial Great Game? if so, san's thesis that musharraf is their new shah of iran would make sense. in that case, what will happen is that before they know it, the chinese would have made mincemeat of them by capturing all the central asian states. the only way to avoid this is to foment serious mohammedan insurrections in xinjiang.
the us is living in cloud-cuckoo land as regards pakistan and musharraf.

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Washington Post Editorial


Gen. Musharraf 's Lies

Saturday, October 1, 2005

PAKISTANI President Pervez Musharraf complains that his country is unfairly portrayed as a place where rape and other violence against women are rampant and frequently condoned. In fact, it deserves such a reputation. According to Pakistani human rights groups, thousands of attacks are reported every year, including gang rapes and "honor killings" of women who are accused of having affairs or who refuse an arranged marriage. Most of these attacks go unpunished. So retrograde are Pakistan's laws that there are more than 1,500 women in prison as a result of rapes -- they were prosecuted for adultery -- while arrests of men occur in only about 15 percent of reported cases.

Gen. Musharraf, too, deserves the reputation he is earning as a ruler who cares more about how he is perceived in the West than in implementing the policies he claims to espouse, or even in speaking the truth. The general, who seized power in a coup six years ago, has reneged on promises to retire from the army or restore democracy. He has not carried out the reform of Islamic religious schools that he promised in 2001. He has allowed the extremist Afghan Taliban movement to base itself in Pakistan's western provinces with virtual impunity. He has repeatedly insisted, almost certainly falsely, that Osama bin Laden is not in Pakistan. All the while he has gone on collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in aid each year from the Bush administration, which accepts his words and ignores most of his actions.

Gen. Musharraf claims to champion a "moderate Islam" that respects the rights of women. But when Mukhtar Mai, a victim of a gang rape whose attackers have not been punished, tried to visit the United States earlier this year, the president barred her from leaving the country. In an interview with The Post last month, he claimed that he had relented. But then he said this: "You must understand the environment in Pakistan. This has become a money-making concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped." This statement was, as Pakistani activists and the Canadian government soon pointed out, an outrageous lie. There is only one known case of a rape victim moving to Canada, a doctor who was assaulted by a military officer. A far more common outcome for rape victims is to be ostracized by their communities or jailed.

When Gen. Musharraf's statement provoked an uproar, he responded with another lie: He claimed that he had never made it. In fact, a recording of him speaking is available on The Post's Web site, His words are quite clear. "These are not my words, and I would go to the extent of saying I am not so silly and stupid to make comments of this sort," the general said. Well, yes, he is.



Kalyani said...

Kalyani said...

Come Dheepavali,our army jawans would offer mithais across to them!

Why not send ndtv crew for our routine Pavlovian diehard goodwill gestures?

And have n(amak ha)ram,prannoy and karat to give the special salute of smiting the forehead with booted toes at wagah border.

san said...
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san said...
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san said...

Here is the link to that editorial on Pakistan's General Musharraf:

Please go to the link on that webpage for the audioclip of Musharraf's statements on rape:

Talk about a *general* lack of decency in the man!
What a scumbag!

The guy must be mentally ill, too.
That pretentious jerk needs to drop the 3-piece suit and trade it for a straitjacket.

And our elite Bollywood glitterati want to rub elbows with the well-dressed smiling dictator, so that they can bask in the love. How sweet.

Uhh, reality-check, people?

Regarding addiction to hydrocarbons, yes, the US will have to get over it for the sake of its own national security. But it's unrealistic to expect they will bring about such a sea-change just for India's sake. This is why we should look for some easier opportunity like regime-change in Iran to bring about better transit alternatives into CentralAsia that bypass Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Why the outrage against the good general's comment? The tin-pot and his mulla-military juanta have been willing to be raped by the western for a few $$ since '47 and have raped the nation and it's citizens since then.

During Aimal Kansi trial, a US prosecutor publicly stated that all Pakistanis would "sell their mothers for a few thousand dollars". The good paki CEO-President-generalissimo apparently just too it up a notch. Who says Pakis ain't making progress?