Thursday, October 27, 2005

From the mailbox: What NGO Charity Hides

oct 27th

we have NGO-raj in india these days, which is no better than goonda-raj.

also, if you look closely, western NGOs prefer to bring in christists as their chiefs as alleged below. this is because most NGOs are fifth columnists, usually of christists, and otherwise of china. our favorite NGOs, AID and ASHA fall into the latter category.

an example of the totally destructive recipes pushed by NGOs is the recent 'domestic violence against women act'. this is grossly skewed, in that it assumes a priori than men are always at fault in domestic disharmony. it allows *only* the female spouse to sue. this is gender discrimination, which is unconstitutional. furthermore, it explicitly prevents females such as mother-in-law, sister-in-law etc. from being able to sue under this provision. thus it is a unilateral device that pre-judges all men to be monsters.

which means this is another act that will be used by rich urban women to settle scores with their spouses, just as the infamous 498A provision for dowry harassment is now increasingly being use by femi-nazis to harass men. 498A is a charade now: urban women use it as a weapon. the poor rural women who are actually suffering from dowry and domestic violence do not get to use it.

this 'domestic violence' act has the fingerprints of american femi-nazis all over it. it has been pushed by the usual suspects on the shadowy national advisory council or whatever: shabana azmi, teesta setalvad, aruna roy, that whole jholawali brigade.

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Date: Oct 25, 2005 1:02 PM
Subject: What NGO Charity Hides

What NGO Charity Hides

The popular model of NGOs, non-governmental organisations, in the country evolved in the Christian west. In India, fiercely so with states like Kerala, this sector is almost totally controlled by the Christian church, international Christian donors and their allies. Some of them have budgets mounting to several crores with their beneficiary list across India reading like a 'who is who' of Indian society. This list ofcourse also include hard-core church agencies involved in conversion. They make inroads to respectable NGO movements mostly through surreptitious means. Money has its lure and many succumb and do their bidding later. There is an army of people involved in this most subtle divisive activity in today's India.

Many 'secular NGOs' are actually secretly aided by these people. Some of them quite famous. Those trying to eek out a separate identity in the NGO sector will find it difficult. Despite setting up of agencies like CAPART (Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology) by the ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, the promotion of secular NGOs in development sector has been minimal. While the Hindu groups have tried to organise these, lack of professionalism and exposure to the resources become a handicap. Thus these very same agencies succeed in getting the government funds as well. Over and above the international church aid they have. To the ordinary people the 'generosity' come from the local Christian priests and that in concrete terms and they follow them.

The Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana(SGSY) of the BJP government, launched in 1999 for rural uplift, did not foresee this background and resulted in the Hindutwa government's undoing. SGSY, which followed the old Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) of the Congress government, aimed at promoting village organisations and since the NGOs meeting the various criteria were almost all from the Christian segment they began getting government funds. They also got a new stamp of acceptability and became the government itself to the villagers. With their professional and team approaches they accessed the government funds set aside for the purpose, developed good rapport with 'result' driven beurocracy and made an empire of sorts. Huge numbers of rural poor became captive to their whims and fancies. More important they became victims of Christian propaganda.

That is what matters in elections, as subtle messages against a political party shall be immediately absorbed by the innocent rural folks who consider these saviors with eyes of worship. In Tamilnadu where SGSY was implemented with great success some of these NGOs caused traffic blocks in cities like Madurai. The Self Help Groups of women they formed in villages run to thousands and when they come for a meeting the entire city gets jam-packed. These are the core areas of Indian psyche and the Christian NGOs managed to enter there. That with state sponsorship. Yes, BJP's SGSY programme with its nationalist fervor must have improved the quality of life in villages is certain. But it also indirectly became its undoing.

Many of these NGOs are already quite powerful and wield might in rural interiors. They have liberal funds and the staff hiring terms is as attractive as any corporate giant. It is the antithesis of the Hindu concepts of 'Sewa' and 'Tyaga'. Though some of these activists generously supported by these sources wear, often worn out, Indian dress (what the development circuit calls the 'NGO uniform'). They travel luxury class and stay only in star hotels though. Since they have got used to the 'comfortable' life they do anything for a price. Many of the secular intellectuals of India are these paid workers. Since the operations are discrete it is near impossible to trace their links. A famous river valley protection movement later was penetrated and they are now allegedly supported by the same sources. Some Christian priests in the game from Kerala, who now decide things, have dropped their priestly dress and the `father' prefix in name when in the north of the country.

In time these NGOs can be dangerous as they are building up a parallel system of governance rooted in the villages and people's movements. Which can eventually weaken the centralised government mechanism of today. With their indebtedness to the external donors they are extremely vulnerable to pressure tactics. How one often finds some individuals with Hindu names seen attacking the Hindu movements. They also support academics in various research programmes and international tours and they also fall in line, are also at their beck and call. Since the battery of donor agencies is spread over various countries, mainly Europe and USA, also elsewhere, it is too difficult to trace them down. They also belong to a mosaic of Christian faiths some of them enemies of each other in their own regions. With liberalisation their roads are smooth as NGOs can now access funds without much government monitoring. Not many know about these gray areas of Indian polity.

P R J Pradeep


Anonymous said...

Rajeev, could you please publicize this on your blog? I am not sure whether you know about this. It is about the myth of St.Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva temple. A must-read. I am sure many readers would like to be enlightened on this --

mitra said...

As far as your views on Feminazis go, I stand completely in your support.

Just as a human body is an indivisible biological unit, a family is an indivisible social unit. This is true of all societies, and in all periods of history.

Inviting state interference in family's autonomy is a sure recipe for social disaster.

And it has a special significance for India. Almost the only commodity India has, to offer to the world, is its skilled manpower. Educated children can only be produced within a disciplined, stable family setting. That is why I do not support the lightening of curriculum proposed by NCERT lately. Our children are poor man's children. And poor man's children must work.Any dumbing down of education erodes our comparative advantage.

I think we insult the Nazis by calling rabid feminists as feminazis. The Nazis are unfortunate victims of history simply because they were defeated. Nazi philosophy was strong and patriotic and there was nothing dishonourable in wanting to expand into Russia; all dominant civilizations have expanded into adjecent ones.

But, I am not convinced about feminist's links to Christians. Conservative Christians are totally opposed to feminism.

Anonymous said...

"we insult the nazis" ...really mitra it takes one devil to feel compassion for another. disgusting moronic loser. but your other pathetic posts had amply proved it.

498A_Victim said...

Here is crude witness for Indian FemNazis and how they harass Innocent men and his Family