Wednesday, October 12, 2005

apple video ipod; ufo maps

oct 12

thanks san for the pointer to the video ipod. sigh, i am one generation behind already, not even got my audio podcasts going. and no, i ain't touching video podcasting any time in the near future. one can be scruffy and sit in a messy room and do an audio mp3, but can't with video.

i am really not sure if the video-on-the-go idea is all that great. personally, audio is soothing, but video demands full attention. i guess if you have a long commute by train it can come in handy, or if you car-pool.

also, belated thanks for the 'shining' trailer parody. it was very cute. i guess nicholson has been 'corrrrrected' and 'redrum'  is not on the cards.

for all your entertainment, here's a frivolous use of google maps: to show where ufos have been sighted in the us lately. i used to think they were all seen mostly in redneck areas -- and were generally the result of too much moonshine -- but apparently not.

now that election season is soon going to be upon us in bihar, later kerala, i wish some indian blogger will start preparing useful district-wise information on past trends in voting district-wise.

incidentally, the congress got severely mauled in municipal elections in kerala recently. they only managed to win where their allies were strong. one, malappuram where their ally the muslim league is powerful. two, kottayam where their ally the kerala congress which is a christist front is strong. the congress in kerala is a christist party. i think hindus are finally recognizing that voting for the congress means voting for the vatican and baptists. the bjp had some gains this time from hindu alienation from the congress and the marxists.

kerala will elect the marxists back into power in a few months when there is a statewide election.


san said...

Article on engineering and industrial design being outsourced to India:

So, if not "made in India" then "designed in India"

san said...

Here's one from BBC:

Read this quote including remarks from Jan Egeland, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees:

Mr Egeland said he hoped the quake would allow India and Pakistan to bury their old enmity.

"We should really forget about old divides in Kashmir and there should be a very open invitation to all assistance from everywhere," he said.

"India is the biggest nation in the region - they should not only have a right but an obligation to provide major resources."

Uhh, gee, thanks for the wisdom, Jan. Next time terrorists kill your countrymen, we'll send you a get well card.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm on marxists from Amulya

Anonymous said...

Here is the Castro clone Chavez doing something that we should have done long ago in India.


Anonymous said...

Anon said:
"Here is the Castro clone Chavez doing something that we should have done long ago in India."

That will be the day! With so many desh dhrohis in power, when will our country be really free! We are still fighting for freedom from a handful of thugs, who have created politics as a huge corrupt industry -- a very tough task indeed! Add to this the media collusion and complete control over information!!

I am reminded of Bharathi's song "Endru thaniyum indha sundanthira dagam..." (when will this thirst of freedom be quenched...). We are enslaved by our own, who not only abuse us but allow foreigners and thier money to divide and conquer us. Our own "bretheren" are perpetuating the ills of imperialism and colonialism!

Anonymous said...

Would love a comment on the link pasted below. It is from a internet ad which is cajoling US people to pour money in China. The ad itself said something like 675% returns were given by this chinese govt backed fund in last 3 years. The link:

Anonymous said...


One suggestion kindly change the template of your blog.
And what do you think about this whole bloggers vs IIPM issue

DarkStorm said...

bloggers vs IIPM

What is that. Can you post the link. Thanks.

Randhir said...

IIPM issue

kaunteya said...

Apple stocks gained almost 10% today.. not sure how long it will remain bullish..
Rajeev, i think you should start a seperate thread for people who would like to know your views on Stocks and stuff..

I missed the google bus .. i remember Rajeev having posted a question on this blog for the google stock few months back.. back then it was not even close to 120$... today its hovering around 300$ mark...(would have hit gold !)
Wouldn't harm if there are inputs on the money front from the readers of this blog... !!!

any gujjus out there :-) ??

san said...

The Chechen freaks have struck against, killing at least 85 in a sudden terror raid on a Russian city:

That just sounds crazy.

san said...

Have we all been reading about the possible danger of an Avian Flu virus from Asia?

The Indian govt needs to keep alive to the threat which this disease may pose. There are no known anti-biotics for this virus, and possible vaccines may require very large doses to be effective. Some extreme predictions forecast deathtolls in the millions.
I don't know how realistic they are, but it's worth being worried about.

If disaster strikes, I'm sure the numerous graduates of the Indian Institutes of 20-20 Hindsight will at once angrily surge in like a tsunami, with accusations of "Why did you spend money on XYZ, when you could have spent money on stopping this disaster?"

Perhaps Monday-morning Quarterbacking should be declared as the real national sport, instead of cricket.

san said...

Speaking of video, one of the best video compression technologies ever was invented by an Indian not too long ago:,17863,1106847,00.html

I thought JPEG was as compact as things could get, and even it is known to be a "lossy" compression. But this MVU format is known to be even more compressed, and yet is not lossy.

This guy really needs to protect his patent.

san said...

Technology Prediction markets are attracing more interest now, such as Yahoo's Buzzgame:

It's a stockmarket type of board where people compete on speculatively predicting which technologies will come out ahead. All about that wisdom of crowds thing.

san said...

India's Cipla may start making its own generic knockoff of the drug TamiFlu:

This may be a very good idea.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be so much awareness and concern regarding the Avian Flu in the western press. The same is totally missing in India, though India is closer to the countries in Southeast Asia, where there have been frequent outbreaks.

Is the Indian Government doing anything? Or does it think that we Indians have natural resistance to this flu?

A concerned Indian.

DarkStorm said...

Thanks for the link Randhir. Did not expect Arindam Chaudhary to turn out like that.
Unrelated to this current topic, but related to a previous post, which is now way down on this page:

Found this on rediff -

Mantrijee:JEE will continue to be the sole criterion for ranking the students for admission to IITs, IT-BHU, ISM Dhanbad and other participating institutes.
DarkStorm: Good.

Mantrijee:School results will be factored into the admission process for the IITs. Only those students who secure a first class or equivalent in the plus-2 examinations will be eligible for admission to the IITs.
DarkStorm: Again, good enough. A capable student should not find scoring above 60% difficult, whether a tough board or a lenient board.

Mantrijee:For students belonging to SC/ST there will be a relaxation of 5 per cent of marks below the level of marks prescribed in the respective examination.
DarkStorm:I dont believe in this thing called caste, but, it is more related to IIT, and less with caste politics,
Is this mentioned relaxation -
1. Relaxation in 12th Board results.
2. Relaxation in the JEE result
In case of 1, fine enough. In case of 2, the usual. Caste or no caste, only let the best performers go to IIT. The admissions to IITs close within the top x and x-2 percentages of JEE score. Dont play around with the quality of IITs and IIMs. I Agree, that if SC/ST gets the score, no stopping him. Stop introducing caste everywhere. The last remaining area is our private industry, and they will be under it soon. I firmly believe, merit should be the only criterion, regardless of other factors.

Mantrijee:JEE will be a single objective type examination. The question paper can include short write-up on a topic in physics, chemistry or even mathematics followed by objective type questions that are based on the write-up.
DarkStorm: Do students have to write on the topic. Or write-up will be printed, and you have to answer questions on it(something like english comprehension that we have in school and CAT) ?
If former, can you judge a write-up mathematically. Then follow the thumb rule, keep a scale with you. Longer answers get more marks.
If latter, ok, fine enough.

Mantrijee:A student can write the JEE in the year in which he/she passes the XII standard examination and/or in the following year.
DarkStorm: Are you nuts? You talk of reducing stress on students and then force them to appear for JEE in the same year as 12th Boards. Do you have some brains. Alas, sawdust filled heads rule our HRD and education ministries(starting with maulana azad, xyz, MM Joshi, and now the toxification plant called Arjun Singh).
Make that 3 chances. Or better still, two chances in successive years, starting when they take the first shot. Anyone can make it through if they prepare for JEE 365 days a year, for 3-4 years, thus depriving more deserving people.

Mantrijee:Those who join any of the IITs, IT-BHU, and ISM Dhanbad through JEE-2006 will not be permitted to appear for JEE in the future.
The procedure will be reviewed after JEE-2006. A one-time exception would be allowed for those who passed their qualifying examination in 2005 or earlier.
DarkStorm: Good enough. If someone has real brains, everyone deserving should get it.

Randhir said...


If I'm not mistaken, even President Carter's sighted a UFO.
President Jimmy Carter's Actual UFO Sighting Report

san said...

Apparently, the first female suicide-bomber in J&K was killed today, when her bomb detonated prematurely as she tried to attack an Indian Army convoy:

Amazing -- we are going out of our way to send supplies across the border, even when our own people are going without aid, and still our own aid convoys are supposed to suffer suicide attacks while they bring aid to the people.

san said...

The Buddhist monks of Thailand are getting new James Bond style gadgets to protect them from Muslim separatist violence in the southern part of the country:

Haha, wow, the Thais are at least more serious about security than we are.

indianpatriot said...

Once again a very good article by Swapan Das Gupta. Hi San will James Bond Gadgets be followed by Evangelicals claiming that Buddhism copied from christianity(That was what I read missionaries were claiming while trying to convert people) while Buddha lived 350 years before christ. I hope they take help from neighbouring countries Mynamar or Vietnam or even India than depending solely on Americans.

Till the mid-seventies, it was routine to encounter a breed of humans who went all gush-gush and gooey-eyed at the mere mention of either China or the Soviet Union. They were not all Communists.

Indeed some of them would balk at the very idea of living in dreary Moscow or spending more than a day in some make-believe Fanshen. They were the Fellow Travellers, the noble intellectuals who worshipped socialism from a discreet distance. Leon Trotsky had an even better description for these deeply gullible souls who saw salvation in evil. He called them the "radical tourists".

The Berlin Wall has crumbled and the mythology surrounding Chairman Mao has been well and truly demolished, but the fellow traveller and the radical tourist have not been put out of business. In India, they have been reborn and reinvented to further another trendy cause and propitiate another ugly icon.

"It is such an unnecessary controversy", rued NDTV's star reporter from Uri last week, after the earthquake. She was referring to the wave of indignation in both India and Pakistan at a report that Indian soldiers crossed the Line of Control to rescue Pakistani soldiers who were trapped under the debris of a collapsed bunker. It was suggested that the Indian jawans subsequently helped the Pakistanis rebuild the bunker.

The story was subsequently denied by Islamabad and modified in New Delhi. The Indian Army says its jawans did cross the LoC in response to an SOS and rescued trapped Pakistani soldiers. There was, however, no question of helping reconstruct a Pakistani bunker.

To the radical tourists nurtured by the sadbhavna industry, it was an "unnecessary" controversy because Indians rebuilding a Pakistani military bunker seemed the most natural thing. To them, last Sunday's earthquake was not merely a natural disaster; it presented an opportunity to embrace Pakistan even more tightly. For them, it was not merely a case of contiguous regions being united in grief; it was an earthquake of peace. Their body language, their lachrymose tone said it all: This tragedy was special because it also touched Pakistan.

We have all decried the tendency of politicians to feast on human suffering. What the media-driven sadbhavna groupies have been attempting over the past week is more despicable. Under the smokescreen of human compassion, they have attempted to exacerbate capitulationist tendencies within India. The argument that Kashmir is a contrived dispute and that what matters is human suffering is calculated to whittle down Indian determination. It is a tacit encouragement to our Kashmiri separatists. The humanitarian agenda of the bleeding hearts conceals a deeply political agenda.

Let us never forget that neither Pakistan nor their sponsored terrorists have been taken in by this sentimental drivel. The throat-slitting of Hindu families in Jammu remained uninterrupted by the tremors on the ground. Worse, Pakistan took advantage of the Indian Army's preoccupation with rescue work to push in armed infiltrators across the LoC. President Pervez Musharraf cited "political sensitivities" for keeping Indian assistance at token level. There is no evidence to suggest that the earthquake forced a mindset change in either the Pakistan establishment or society. The hatred of India still determines Pakistani existence. We can pity this perversion; to deny its existence would be dangerous.

India must continue to offer all possible humanitarian assistance with absolutely no strings attached. If Pakistan is not interested in our help, it is no skin off our back. This is no time to get wistful over the destruction of terrorist camps at the epicentre of the earthquake. Musharraf will attempt to leverage the natural disaster to secure international advantage. There will be pressure on India to be more accommodating but it will be in national interest to let Musharraf stew, like Yahya Khan stewed in the aftermath of the 1970 cyclone in East Pakistan. To assist the process, our radical tourists must be encouraged to travel to Muzaffarabad, report the mess and devastate the enemy.

san said...

Modi seems to have done well in Gujarat polls, rolling back the Congress:

Here's a related link on what kinds of campaigning practices can yield better results:

It looks like Modi's campaigning instincts have become much more improved since previous times.

san said...

Placeopedia is the new location-based method of adding entries into Wikipedia:

Fast and clever. Might be useful for tourism, for example.

san said...

Leader of the POK puppet-govt Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan wants the border opened up, so that Indian assistance can come through:

As the suffering gets worse with the coming of winter, the clamour for this is sure to rise. Will India press Pakistan on this, or will it stay quiet and let the opportunity fizzle? It could be an opportunity for us to undo the Pak brainwashing on them, and prove the jihadis wrong. Or this winter could become devastating to POK, embittering them for years to come.

Anonymous said...

i find it amazing that after nearly 60 years of direct rule by Pakistan, certain parts of POK are still better accessible from India.

What have the Paks been doing for the last six decades -- making sure their infrastructure supports infiltration into India?


san said...

With over 2 million homeless, there's no way that the Pak army can keep them all fed and warm this winter.

And as we know, this is not a very good time to be getting sick:

Must either be another Hindu Conspiracy(TM), or else another Test from Allah(TM) -- either way, gotta hate it when that happens.

Raghu said...


I find it surprising you are in favor of opening up the borders to help the victims in POK. I don't share your optimism that we can undo the Pak brainwashing on them. Haven't we seen enough in Kashmir? and Bangladesh? They don't have a word called gratitude in their lexicon. No matter how much India helps them, they always prefer Pakistan. Dogs curly tail. I think it would be better if we don't extend our 'hand of friendship' once again and get bitten forever.


Anonymous said...

Inida has to be very careful here.

Pakistan may use this opportunity to send 'refugees' across the LOC and if India blocks this -- watch for China and Pakistan to seek international pressure on India to 'open' the border.


san said...

I'm not necessarily saying we can make POKers pro-India, but we can make them anti-Pakistan, especially in this time of their severe suffering. Doesn't anyone remember that massive hurricane which hit East Pakistan - soon to become Bangladesh?

Anyway, soon we'll find out if the imminent Asian Flu will coming to Pakistan and POK. That would actually give us a big excuse to seal the border. You can't let people in if there's an epidemic going on.

blackpanther said...

The Finance Ministry has directed RBI to explore the possibilities of Islamic Banking in India.

Anonymous said...

Christian Blogosphere: