Saturday, October 01, 2005

PINR: pakistan 2 in the making in southern thailand

oct 1

in the context of the bombs in bali (yet again), here is a note about thailand's problem with its mohammedan southern provinces.

apparently, mohammedans cannot live under non-mohammedan rule or coexist with non-mohammedans.

this will of course result in 'greater bangladesh' being set up in india's northeast, to be followed by 'mughalistan' in uttar pradesh, delhi, bihar and madhya pradesh. this is part of the long-term plan by separatist mohammedans.

and once they get these mohammedan-dominated, sharia areas, ethnic cleansing will begin as in jammu and kashmir. as we are seeing in mohammedan-majority malappuram district  in kerala as well. (btw, i dont know why everybody calls it mallapuram: it is not 'malla's puram'. it is mala = mountain + puRam (hard R) = top of, therefore malaPPuram).

Bangkok Struggles to End Separatist Violence in Southern Thailand
Drafted By: Adam Wolfe

While the world looks to suture the recent Aceh peace agreement onto the violence that is bleeding southern Thailand, the region's Muslim insurgency is eyeing the benefits of globalized terror networks. Bangkok has tried a variety of responses to the separatist violence -- everything from imposing martial law to dropping 100 million origami birds inscribed with peace messages onto the region -- but nothing has curtailed the violence, which has killed some 900 people since January 2004. With every attempted tactic, Bangkok seems to reinforce the differences between the Muslim, Malay-speaking south and the Buddhist, Thai-speaking majority.

.... (deleted)

also, thanks to reader kapidhwaja and others for a pointer to the allegedly peaceful sufis' good works. timur lane was a sufi and he was very 'peaceful' indeed: he only massacred 100,000 in delhi. he frequently made pyramids of human skulls. from the andrew bostom book.

sufism looks like an interesting invention to make mohammedanism more acceptable to those with spiritual and mystical traditions.

much like the christists have their madonna cult (eg. velankanni), intended to blend into the local culture. the madonna cult, one notes with interest, is most often used to infiltrate poorer, more rural societies like mexico (our lady of guadalupe) and poor rural france (lourdes) as well as india where the mother-goddess idea still exists because they are agricultural societies. pretty innovate, i should say.

here's the data about timur the devout sufi. sounds a lot like another devout person, aurangazeb:


Kalyani said...

Incidentally,the twin temples dedicated to
'Mariammman' earlier were named as 'Vel Ilangu Kanni Devi'( meaning 'The Resplendent Devi With A Lance')
temple and the twin Sister's temple is now also called
'Vel Thandha Devi'(Sri Devi who gave the Lance to Her Son SivaSubrahmanya for soorasamharam) located at near by
Sikkil. The Portuguese took over the temple and converted "Vel Ilangu Kanni" into Velankanni church!

For more such 'exploits and achievements' of the "bandits and the pirates":

Kalyani said...

Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

Kashmirizing Bali

There is a different aspect that I perceive here and that has parallels with Kashmir.

Bali is a tourist spot and the economy depends on tourism. Any such economy is always fragile and needs to be vigilantly protected. It is extremely easy to destroy such an economy otherwise. Scare the tourists away, and you have destroyed the economy.

The local youth then rendered jobless and with little prospects, are easy to subvert.

Pakistan used this strategy successfully in Kashmir. Unfortunately, the Kashmiri politicians only cared for their own fiefdoms and were also confident of their blackmail clout with Delhi for whom Kasmir is strategically important. This fatal combination let the economy of Kashmir go to seed. Subverting the ill-educated Kashmiri youth was easy.

Bali is seeing a repeat of this. In Kashmir, Proxystan did this as part of containment measures against India, acting proxy for either US or China or perhaps both.

Who are the perpetrators here and what are their motives in Bali this time? Just a general condemnation against Al Qaeda will not help.

Kalyani said...

Slightly off topic,nevertheless worth knowing:

Anonymous said...

Did u get the latest scoop?

How can they blissfully ignore the achievements of Rahulji esp his Afghanisthan visit?

Whats your take on this Rajeev?