Sunday, May 31, 2009

those that learn nothing - and forget nothing

looks like Advani is dishing out more 'sacrifice' in the best tradition of the Gandhi famiy. me thinks it is time for LKA to go gentle into the night - but like all worn down Indian has-beens; the man insists on 'sacrificing' a bit more

I think all the atheletes, cricketers and bollywood actors that stay on beyond their prime. it is one of the reasons why India is struck in the past. looks like the coterie-cabbal within the BJP pointed out by Rajinder Puri won again. I was personally for Sushma Swaraj leading the BJP in LS. Not that I brim over with affection for her (remember the mandir cheque can be cashed only once bit) - but it is the best way to destroy Manmohan's appeal to the chattering classes.

not to mention that the banshees will be forced to shut-up - which alone is relief enough -eh?


senthil said...

/** Mr. Advani said the Congress’ success was due to the voters’ desire for “stability and bipolarity,” indicating that the second part, bipolarity, was what the BJP had contributed to India’s polity.

Definitely i could not agree to the above lines.. they seem to have accepted a rigged elections as genuine one..

There is no effort to replace the EVMS with ballot paper in future..

BJP really sucks here..

Shankar said...

I am for Sushma Swaraj, not because she is so capable, but because the rest will all be 75+ in 2014. She should however learn not to attack too much. The lesson of this election is - beyond a point, attacking can be counter-productive.

Sudhir said...,+Mohan+Singh&SectionName=VfE7I/Vl8os=

"KUALA LUMPUR: A Sikh family is fighting for the right to cremate the body of a dead relative whom Islamic authorities say converted and should be buried according to Muslim tradition, a lawyer said Sunday.

Such conflicts are on the rise in Malaysia, where 60 percent of the 28 million people are Muslim Malays. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and other religious minorities say their rights are under threat."

Delram said...

What are the Chinese upto in Bangladesh??

China-Bangladesh Friendship Bridges

Ghatotkacha said...

Shanker, there is no such thing as attacking too much in a war. If you win you can apologise graciously and call for harmony, and if you lose then you realise that you were not vicious enough.
Either you continue the aggression until the enemy is destroyed beyond recovery or until you die mortally wounded. This is the Chanakya-neeti.
In the Mahabharata war, Bhima did not kill Duryodhana the way he killed Jarasandha or the way he killed Baka-asura.
But then the BJP’s way of fighting is
No strategy and
Wrong tactics.
But please don’t blame the BJP for losing the electoral battle. It is not the BJP’s fault that they lost once again. It is actually the people’s fault. The people did not vote for the BJP.
Well how could they? The Muslims and the Christians fear and hate the BJP and the Hindus don’t trust them.
How can the hindus trust a political formation that talks
positive secularism today after talking
integral humanism yesterday
gandhian socialism the day before yesterday and
Hindutva the day even before?
Such ideological ambivalence in an alleged ideological party is nothing but opportunism and hypocrisy. An ideologically neutered party attracts opprobrium and not votes.

Shankar said...

Look at Naveen Patnaik, Sharad Yadav, Nitish Kumar - none of them is very harsh in their speeches. They have built a pro-development image. Many mis-guided people feel the BJP has to take up some confrontation or the other to prove its patriotism. And they seem to say, "To Hell With Moderate Hindus".

makku said...


You are cho chweet,innochent,pure and noble

M. Patil said...

I am not sure who is asking for confrontation or harsh speech. Standing your ground should not be construed as confrontational.

Congress can afford to act magnanimous, like a good cop since their hench men (ELM)are acting as the bad cops.

Hindus must have a media presence to expose these Media charlatans.


Canis said...

Rajinder Puri's piece in the link is a must-read. It brings to mind the reasons Uma Bharti was hounded out of the party. Eccentric, erratic, mercurial blah blah blah... These charges have all been laid on her. But devious and underhand she is not. One can't see what the Advani caucus hopes to gain by ruling like Shah Alam - i.e emperor of a few hundred hectares.

Shankar said...

"Never hate your enemy, it will affect your judgement." I only discussed a winning strategy. I didn't preach PSECULARISM.