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vijay r: Mukul Kesavan and Naveen Patnaik

may 3rd, 2009
dr vijay does not know this, but mukul kesavan is a crypto-mohammedan. he works for the jamia millia islamia and may well be zealous mohammedan convert, or else he is a communist from malabar. in his book "looking through glass" (or something along those lines), he has some scenes from the moplah pogrom in 1921, where they went on a murderous dance of death, raping, converting, and murdering 10,000 totally innocent hindus in malabar. they were protesting the fact that kemal pasha in distant turkey had abolished the calphate -- naturally the best thing to do was to kill and rape some hindus.
in one scene, kesavan describes how a fleeing hindu woman is found in hiding by a mohammedan man, and how she totally enoys being raped by the virile mohammedan! she then becomes a willing and enthusiastic convert.
this is truly pornographic.

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From: Vijay


Dear Editor,

Re: 'Naveen Patnaik's New Secularism' a blog on Mukul Kesavan's 'Naveen Patnaik's New Secularism' (The Telegraph, April 30, 2009).

An ingenious but unconvincing defence of Naveen Patnaik's volte face !

The author Mr.Mukul Kesavan suffers from two of the characteristics of liberal Indian journalists:

1. A selective treatment of facts. For example, in speaking about the events of Kandamahal in 2008, he mentions the situation of the Christian population there, but omits certain important facts.

They are : the horrific murder of an 80 year old Swami, a Hindu nun, their associates ( and even a child, according to some reports) and that too at an Ashram, hitherto considered sacred ground.

This heinous act was committed by masked gunmen, subsequently identified as Christian Maoists(whatever that oxymoron might stand for!).

The Hindu response can be understood in this context. As well, that for years, the Christian tribal converts, had been oppressing the Hindu tribals, and recently even stealing their land by clever subterfuges instigated by the missionaries. This included their passing themselves off as Scheduled Tribes, entitled to reservations and affirmative action by the Government of India, a status they lost upon conversion.

The negative activities of the Christian missionaries, most sponsored by foreign outfits, is well known. This includes not only the above but the systematic denigration of the indigenous religion of India, Hinduism. Clearly, a continuation of their activities during colonial rule, when missionaries stood at street corners and abused the indigenous religion.

2. Secondly, Mr. Kesavan, like many of his liberal peers has a barely concealed contempt for the indigenous religion and culture of the Indian subcontinent. This elitism is revealed by his systematic denial of the fact that the majority population of India, comprised of millions upon millions of everyday Indians, are Hindus.

All this is concealed by a supposed attack (however muted, as it is in his case) on Hindutva.

The real target is Hinduism.


Dr. Vijay

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