Monday, May 11, 2009

stratfor's take on obama's plan for af-pak

may 11th, 2009

obama wants to make friends with the taliban! this must be music to the ISI's ears, as taliban == ISI.

obama's moves are clearly very negative for india.


Gayathri said...

This is atrocious! Even a child knows that globally,all the jihadists consider every other,their whats the point in befriending taliban to fight al qaeda?

AGworld said...

Oh look, Zardari admits it openly!

smiqbal said...

Mr. Obama administration is looking for good taliban for talks and truce.What is the criteria of good taliban and bad taliban. Mr. Karzai recognizes a section of taliban as good at the same time the same set of taliban is termed as bad taliban by Pakistan. First of all a consensus should be developed between US and Pakistan regarding good and bad taliban. The same is lacking and it would be a big blow to every future policy regarding south asia.