Thursday, May 07, 2009

NRO on Pak

National Review Online had a panel discussion on Pak, and panelist Bill Roggio had this comment to make:
The Pakistani military is currently battling the Taliban in a region just 60 miles from Islamabad. The government and the military are touting success, and they want us to believe the defeat of the Taliban is at hand. But the statements from Pakistan remind me of the story of the Japanese soldier who realized that his country was on the verge of defeat at the close of World War II. He told his friend the news, and his friend’s response was: “Impossible. The radio continues to report crushing defeats against the Americans.” The soldier replied: “Yes, but I noticed these glorious victories keep taking place closer and closer to the Japanese mainland.”
Wait until Taliban inflict a Hiroshima.

Meanwhile, you may remember my post about the poacher, the monkey and the fistful of nuts.
Well, read this article from the Boston Globe. The stupid monkey is going to lose everything, as the poacher stuffs him into the sack. Good riddance.


AGworld said...

> Wait until taliban inflict a Hiroshima.

Sweet -- couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.
The only problem is the eradicating vermin are as bad as the eradicated veermin.

san said...

Well, you never know - the Hiroshima or Nagasaki could be inflicted upon us.