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Lt.Gen. Sinha on the Danger the UPA Poses to India

may 10th, 2009

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Lt.Gen. Sinha on the Danger the UPA Poses to India

Continuance of the UPA in power will jeopardize national security, according to Lt Gen S K Sinha, who retired as the Vice Chief of Army Staff. He is referred to as the "Scholar - Soldier"

An email received from Cdr P.P. Batra, describing the lecture by Lt.Gen(retd) SK Sinha, on 03 May 09, at the Constitution Club, New Delhi, is reproduced below the fold.

Addressing a large gathering of senior ex-servicemen at the Constitution Club, Lt Gen (Retd) S K Sinha stated that the return of the UPA to power after the ongoing election will jeopardise the Nation's security. He said that he was not a member of the BJP and did not agree with it on all issues, but he felt that BJP coming to power will be in the best interest of our national security. Today, the Nation faces the greatest threat to its security since Independence and needs a strong Government at the Centre capable of taking hard decisions. He regarded L K Advani as the tallest political leader in the country, head and shoulders above all other Prime Minister hopefuls.

He traced how successive generations of Congress leaders had not addressed national security problems adequately.

Jawaharlal Nehru was the Nation's icon for his role in the freedom movement and as the maker of modern India. He laid a firm foundation for democracy in the country. However, his Kashmir and Tibet policies were disastrous for the Nation. We are still suffering from their ill effects. His China policy led to the debacle in the Himalayas and to great national humiliation. [Emphasis added.]

Lal Bahadur Shastri restored the prestige of Indian arms but at Tashkent gave up key tactical features like Hajipir Pass and Point 13260 near Kargil, won at great cost.

Indira Gandhi proved to be a brilliant war leader under whom the Nation won its most celebrated victory of thousands of years in the Bangladesh War. Yet she frittered away the gains of victory at the conference table in Shimla. She allowed herself to be outwitted by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Rajiv Gandhi's misadventure in Sri Lanka was a total disaster which did not serve any national purpose. The dynasty's regime for the last five years has exposed India as a very soft State. Thousands of her innocent citizens have fallen victims to Jehadi and Naxal terrorism.

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If the Congress once again gets enough seats to govern through the UPA, very dark days are ahead for India. Abandon all hope for India, in that case.

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