Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Kafkaesque streak in Indian politics : Francois Gautier

...Bharatiya Janata Party [Images] leader Varun Gandhi [Images] spent nearly three weeks in jail under the National Security Act, just because he said something which might be reprehensible. But many mullahs spew fire and venom in their Friday discourses -- but none ever gets arrested because riots would erupt immediately...

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M. Patil said...

Indian media is truly Kafkaesque, Orvellian, etc. However, rest of the aam Hindu is responsible for the sorry state of affairs too.

Every regional political party has a Cable TV channel associated with it. But, there is no channel to present Hindu point of view. When the Orvellian seculars censor news for ideological reasons, there is no other media to expose their blatant hypocrisy. Hopefully, the BJP has learnt a lesson and starts a channel to its view across instead of always being on the defensive.

The best defense is offence.