Monday, May 11, 2009

Fwd: Pamela Constable vilifies Taliban to save "Peace"

may 10th, 2009

this pamela woman is of the barbara crossette persuasion, ie she is a biased dingbat. unfortunately most yank women journalists and others in india seem to be of that persuasion, eg. robin raphel. they have traditionally been very enamored of mohammedanism.

well, pamela, welcome to the real mohammedanism, not your wet dreams of some virile pathan -- how shall i put this delicately -- ravishing you from the rear, like they do to their 'boy-chicks'. 

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Note:  Something sensible in the article was actually written by someone else:
"With each passing month a deeper silence prevails," columnist Kamila Hyat recently wrote in a widely circulated article. The public is afraid, uncertain and retreating into religion because the country's leaders are failing to address its problems. "Just as we fight to regain territory" from the Taliban, Hyat wrote, "we must struggle to regain the liberties we are losing."
Since, we are talking "peace" here, we may harken to Tacitus:
"...ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant."
They make a desert and call it "peace."

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