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Chinese billions in Sri Lanka fund battle against Tamil Tigers

may 3rd, 2009
i had forgotten about hambantota. no wonder the chinese are sniffing around sri lanka's ass so much. i attributed it to trincomalee alone.

so the chinese are screwing the church and its pals once again. i just love what the chinese have done to the catholic church in china. they have a state-sponsored church which owes its allegiance to beijing, not to the godman ratzy!
can chidambaram do anything more than whine? of course not. he's busy planning how to kiss quattrocchi's ass some more, after letting him go scot free.
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Chinese billions in Sri Lanka fund battle against Tamil Tigers

From The Times, May 2, 2009

Jeremy Page, South Asia Correspondent

On the southern coast of Sri Lanka, ten miles from one of the world's
busiest shipping routes, a vast construction site is engulfing the
once sleepy fishing town of Hambantota.

This poor community of 21,000 people is about as far as one can get on
the island from the fighting between the army and the Tamil Tiger
rebels on the northeastern coast. The sudden spurt of construction
helps, however, to explain why the army is poised to defeat the Tigers
and why Western governments are so powerless to negotiate a ceasefire
to help civilians trapped on the front line.

This is where China is building a $1 billion port that it plans to use
as a refuelling and docking station for its navy, as it patrols the
Indian Ocean and protects China's supplies of Saudi oil. Ever since
Sri Lanka agreed to the plan, in March 2007, China has given it all
the aid, arms and diplomatic support it needs to defeat the Tigers,
without worrying about the West.

Even India, Sri Lanka's long-time ally and the traditionally dominant
power in South Asia, has found itself sidelined in the past two years
— to its obvious irritation. "China is fishing in troubled waters,"
Palaniappan Chidambaram, India's Home Minister, warned last week.

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