Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the atlanticists supporting obama's evident decision to declare victory in afghanistan and go home

mar 12th, 2009

we know this is coming. the yanks are going to say, "we have won. hallelujah! and now we go home!" 

meanwhile the ISI is completely unaffected by all this, and is going through the motions of a "war". much like the yanks did at kunduz, when they allowed the ISI to airlift hundreds of senior ISI who had donned baggy pants and were playing at taliban guerillas. 

the atlanticists are jumping through hoops to justify the yanks giving the ISI more. whereas we all know what needs to be done: dismantle pakistan, and turn it into five or six statelets: baluchistan, sindh, pashtunistan, punjab etc. then they will all be busy fighting the overbearing punjabis and the rest of us can live in peace. 

now the most distressing thing about all this is that since the pakistanis (and their mentors the chinese) are past masters at the art of diplomatic theater, the end result is that a few expendable taliban (nee ISI) will be killed off, and the ISI will be given several more billions by the yanks. quite sad, indeed.

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san said...

yeah, the Atlanticists are driving an increasingly Euro-centric Left to quickly demand the US declare "Mission Accomplished" and bail out of the region, so that the West can return to its "rightful place" of focusing on the Russians.