Saturday, January 06, 2007

wharton on india and china private equity deals

jan 6th, 2007

in the middle of it, there's this krishnaswami person really being bearish on india. i have no idea if he's a very successful investor, but there's no need for him to be so negative. he could keep his bright ideas to himself.


san said...

Read this news:

Cisco Chief Moving to Bangalore

Now what we need are more manufacturing facilities, chip fabs, etc.

Ghost Writer said...

A consequence of this will be highlighting of Indian Managerial talent (which is considerable) and also recognition of Indian B-Schools as being at par with the 'Ivy league' in the medium term. Why? Because B-School's worth, brand-name etc. are essentially governed by what i term as "Elite Networks" (I will TM this one). As more of these "elites" start moving to India - they will hire more Indians from Indian B-schools to help them - thereby getting Indian "elites" a foot in the door of the "world elite" club. Don't be surprised if 10-12 years down the line - Yanks and Europeans who want "self-actualization" (a-la Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs etc.) start applying to Indian B-Schools

Harish said...

Hi Ghost Writer,
What you say may not actually happen. While India and Indian instituitions will always have the potential to become the best in the world, the reality of it will be otherwise.. The severe handicaps posed due to Indian bureaucracy and political leadership will stymie its growth.

If elite instutions like IIT, IIM , AIIMS etc, continue to boil over issues like reservation and minorityism what we are going to see is Emmigration (Part Deux) of India's best and brightest with far reaching implications.

Please dont underestimate the havoc the education policies of Sonia Maio, Manmohan and Arjun Singh and Ramadoss can do to our nation.

I think we are uncorking the champagne too soon here..