Thursday, January 18, 2007

economist wants limeys to suck up to india now

jan 18th, 2007

predictably, as india gets more prosperous, limeys will be happy to kiss indian ass.

so what exactly does britain have a competitive advantage in?

1. yobs, football hooligans and other pond scum
2. journalistic whores
3. money management of the $10 trillion loot from india

and which of these is india willing to import?

i'd bet on item number 2. want to bet that there'll be many new limey journalists singing the UPA tune? a prominent example is william dalrymple, who's sort of court-jester-historian du jour. others will soon start telling us more about the aryan tourist theory and about how mohammedans invented indian civilization -- you heard it here first, but these will be new BBC documentaries soon.


habc said...

I would not worry too much about the "British"

Please read this thread and see all the maar peet and gaalis flowing between English and Scottish nationalists

mahashivaji said...

Don't eer believe the British will ever allow Indians to have the upper hand in anything. I have worked wit hthem for decades and they are the smartest race in the entire world. Indians are a very sentimental and very naive lot. The Brits are incredibly cunning and ruthless as hell--especially when they are losing. Do you really think they no longer have an empire? The Bank of England OWNS the Indian software industry. Where do you think Azim Premji, Infosys, Satyam got all their money? The Economist is part of the Empire. That's bullshit that Britain needs to "engage India", needs to "treat it with respect". All bullshit---they can make a call to sonia gandhi and have her disarm before China launches a first strike. They can also make a call to agent sonia and eliminate any competition to their industries.

The Economist is just kissing Indians asses so they can lull us into sleep and rule our asses again through agent sonia.

Even Vijay Mallya sold one third of his firm to some British hedge fund.

Where do you think Sonia Gandhi gets her power from? Do you think she "just happened" to meet Rajiv Gandhi in England? Or, do you think sonia's handlers wanted her to be in England where they could watch her?

Brits will smile at your face and then stab you in the back. They are masters at this. Never believe for one moment that they have no desire to bring back the glory of the Empire. They have the muscle, the money, and in India they have agent sonia to help them.

Shahryar said...

"THE EMPIRES OF THE FUTURE are the empires of the mind."
-Winston Churchill

habc said...


Check out this comment on jihadwatch - it basically bears out what you are saying

mahashivaji said...


You are totally wrong. You don't understand what makes goras tick---even if scots and brits and irishmen might bicker and kill each other, in the midst of their gunfight, when they see a brown-skinned Indian (Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/...), they will put nod their heads at one another and point their guns at us!

This is the GREATEST strength of the white race---they love their race. When we Indians fight, we will fight each other to the death. Goras will kill each other, but they will immediately shift their gunsights on us if we enter the fray.

So, if you're looking to use the rift between Irish/English/Scots, don't bother. The moment you show your swarthy face they will unite.