Monday, January 29, 2007

why the 'eminent donkeys' will never see the aryan invasion bullshit is wrong

jan 29th, 2007

as pointed out in this book, it usually takes people from another field to come in and blow the cobwebs off the brains of the groupthinkers in an ossified field.

this is why the witzels and other pseudo-historians steeped in religio-fascist lies are deathly afraid of engineers using simple tools like: "let's look at this from first principles", "does this follow from the axioms without extraordinary leaps of faith?", "is this circular reasoning?"

no, the eminent donkeys do not want you to ask embarrassing questions.;jsessionid=QPLASBK3O1ZNQAKRGWDSELQBKE0YIISW?id=2823

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