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Nicholson's Kashmir Report should not be changed

jan 14th, 2007

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Date: Jan 15, 2007 1:22 AM
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Dear All
Baroness Nicholson has produced a draft report on Kashmir which for the first time redresses the balance for the Hindus. However she is under immense pressure to change the report before its published from the Pakistan lobbies. In fact if you search "Kashmir report by Emma Nicholson" on Google you will see thousands of lobbyists against this report from the Pakistani or Separationists groups.
The report should not be changed but the Baroness needs letters in support of her report from Hindus and Sikhs who think that she is right to say all that she did and that the report should not be changed.
I am giving the link below and if you agree you should write to her at House of Lords, London SW1 or send her emails on

Nicholson's  e-mail id  :-


Please do this urgently as she is under immense pressure to change the report to Pakistani requirements. I say this non-politically but for the benefit of the Kashmiri Hindus.
anil bhanot

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Bengali Patriot said...

Baroness Nicholson calls the Hindu victims of Jihadi terror "migrants".

24. Recognises the difficult living conditions of a number of groups, such as the migrant Pandits of the Kashmir Valley; urges that discrimination against them and other groups, particularly in employment, be addressed head on; suggests that such groups seek to empower themselves by establishing committees of their own elected representatives, ensuring that women and under-25s are properly represented;