Thursday, January 18, 2007

interesting view of limey relations with india

jan 18th, 2007

from a *bangladeshi* paper? they have financial papers in bangladesh? i would have thought all their newspapers would have been about mohammedan world conquest.


Hindu Fundamentalist said...
This is shocking indeed.
Manmoron singh directed the banks in November that 15% should be earmarked for minorities. The Finance minister came to know of this only in January.
The UPA is doing a lot of stuff in secrecy.

slim_shady said...

I believe this article was taken directly from the BBC:

iamfordemocracy said...

The BBC article is a communist perspective, and has clearly been written as a part of image building. What the article fails to mention is the recent change in the Highly Skilled Immigrant Program, and that the deliberate targetting of Indian (Asian) Doctors under some or other pretext. There is no need to berate UK politicians as Limeys. In these tough times, they could be the best friends of HINDUS if Indian think tank plays its cards right. More than politicians, common people have to pull their weight and impress upon UK public that fair and just society is in the interest of ALL, and to that end, HINDUs can contribute far far more than any other community/religion.

Ghost Writer said...

I think we should wield a special stick to the Limeys and tell them to go screw themselves when it comes to trade .Not that we need to - Britain does not have any competitive advantage anyways.

Being snooty and uppity and telling others hoe to do it right are the English specialties - sadly talk gets you nowhere on the competitive trade scene. Has anyone considered the following descriptions provided by the limeys about other people
1- Indian Workmanship
2- Dutch Courage
3- French Attitude (they may be right on this one)
4- American Loudness
but when it comes to home-turf - well what do you know - it's the British sense of 'Justice & fairplay'.
So the next time these b*^$@rds come calling we should tell them to
1- Apologize for the Bengal famine
2- Crawl (on their hands and knees) at Amritsar (look up the reason for Jallianwallah Bagh - for the uninitiated)
3- Return the loot taken from India; with interest
4-Own up to Mountbatten's flawed legacy and their own role in propping up Jinnah
5- Prosecute folks like Hastings and Rice in absentia for crimes against humanity

I have no time for the Brits personally - hope they rot in their sewer of a country.

P.S - to assess the extent of loot please know that in the days of the company - a man worked in India for 5-6 years and went back rich enough to buy a Parliament seat. Contrast with an H1-B worker, who works 6 years and goes back - well off yes - but not stinking rich. Now you know just how much money these good-for-nothing Limeys stole from us