Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cong losing sleep over BJP’s ‘silent march’ in Karnataka

jan 24th, 2007
go, bjp, in karnataka!
unfortunately, they are quarreling in kerala. sigh!

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Cong losing sleep over BJP's 'silent march' in
Anita Katyal
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Ghost Writer said...

May I suggest that the roots of this polarization (in recent times at least) go a little further back. The one event that sticks in memory is Uma Bharti's flag ceremony in Hampi (remember when S M Krishna said you cannot unfurl the National flag at Hampi as it was not - you guessed it - 'secular')

I think that event more than anything started the polarization process. Rajeev - hate to say it but i think the article you posted overstates the case. The Sangh Parivar is still organisationally weak in Karnataka. If people vote BJP it's because Kannadigas (and I would dare to venture that even some Muslims amongst them) are probably more conscious of their Hindu-ness than most in the South (I can hear the Tamil Brigade coming to lynch me - I mean no disrespect guys - I just mean that the Kannadigas are more conscious than most)

sand_dunes said...

bingo ghost writer !!! the sangh parivar has no base at all yet the next the BJP seems to be making ground u can sense it in ground surely but whether BJP can make use i dunno coz anath yedi fight is still on and btw still we kannadiagas are "secular " in eyes of barkah shabana teesta progressive as well i wonder will we be still BJP comes to power ??? question to ponde??

sand_dunes said...

also this article says that south kanara north kanara etc i.e udupi et all were always BJP bastions where rampanat conversion activties took place but the challenge will be south karnataka i.e old mysore belt where the vokaliga have tradtionally voted congress -bjp the other dominant community lingayat after ramakrisha hedge days are now BJP but it still the "gowda -vokaliga" sway over the state is still there even last elections BJP got abt 80 seats but didnt exactly do well in "old mysore " region