Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a chastened state of the union address by bush

jan 24th, 2007
the enormity of it all dawns on bush. iraq has become a tar baby.
but the americans simply can't leave. if they do, the mohammedan terrorists would have won, and then they will feel divine sanction to take the fight everywhere.
so what if a bunch of grunts die? this is the cost of being the world's hyperpower: you have to spill blood and treasure for that great guiding principle, oil, er... democracy.


abhiha marathe said...


The primary season for 2008 presidential elections has already begun. Would it be possible for you to post info about candidates' views on India and affiliation with evangelists from time-to-time? This will greatly help those of us who are eligible to vote in US elections. At present, Hillary and Giulani, Romney do not seem to have any significant affiliation with evangelists.


Ghost Writer said...

Dude - Romney is a Mormon - he does not need any affiliation :-)

The Mormon church is in super-drive when it comes to evangelisation.Interestingly they even evangelise in Europe (Germany being a favored target - I guess their original message of polygamy goes down well with Mein Herrs)

Another favored target is all of Asia - all in the guise of helping the poor. What the press will never point out is the ABUSE (all capital) of women in the Mormon church. No folks - I am not talking only of the "Fundamentalist" Church of The Latter Day Saints - but the Mormon - well - Rasool - Joseph Smith himself.

Interestingly - they don't like the Pope a lot - principally because he discounts their brand of Christianity. So if a Mormon asks you to convert - it is something to think about seriously. No need to wait until you die for your promised quota of - well - you know what. And as a bonus you get to spite El Popa!

RR said...

Chinese Dhimmis ??

China Central Television, the national state-run TV network, banned Nestlé's ad -- and all images and spoken references to the animal in commercials, including those tied to the Lunar New Year, China's biggest holiday.
China's postal service has launched 'Year of Piglet' stamps

The intent: to avoid offending Muslims, who consider pigs unclean. "China is a multiethnic country," the network's ad department said in a notice sent to ad agencies late Tuesday. "To show respect to Islam, and upon guidance from higher levels of the government, CCTV will keep any 'pig' images off the TV screen."

Suddenly, companies reaching out to China's booming consumer market have a pig problem. The edict has sent Nestlé and others scrambling to adapt to the last-minute rule change, altering spots that had included pigs.

Nestlé is now figuring out what to do with its ads, says its media-buying company MindShare, a unit of WPP Group. "We act in line with any requests that we receive from the authorities" about the content of ads, says Francois-Xavier Perroud, a spokesman for Nestlé.

Coca-Cola Co. says it already had plans to run two versions of its New Year ads, one featuring a cartoon panda and the other a pig. The company says it will be using the pig-free spot, in which a young panda tries to get home to its family for the holidays, on CCTV. The pig ads will run on local TV in markets without significant numbers of Muslim viewers, says a Coca-Cola spokeswoman.

From the WSJ(might be behind subscription wall).

san said...

Haha, Arundhati's Poverty Summit Raided by Poor Kids

Apparently, the meals at this hoity-toity gathering were priced out of reach for the poor kids.

KapiDhwaja said...

Here is a good article by B.Raman on the difference between Indo-US & Indo-Russian relationship...
The Russian Basket

KapiDhwaja said...

Putin's Resurgent Russia

indianpatriot said...

There was an opinion poll conducted for Hindustan Times which showed Sonia as the most popular leader. But India Today opinion poll shows Vajpayee as India's most popular leader. Poll conducted by Yogesh Yadav (Mandalite commie) shows BJP declining and Congress with allies getting 300 seats and BJP with allies 120 seats. India Today poll
shows Congess with allies getting 260 seats and BJP with allies getting 150 - 160 seats. I am trying to point out certain inconsistencies. Also please read hands down handed to Congress's social agenda(Sachar report, OBC reservation etc).

Disclosure : All for India Today subscribers only.
The "no" is a rejoinder to the UPA's social engineering, which, anyway, is in conflict with the India Manmohan Singh has been hard-selling at Davos and other shrines of globalisation. Unlike the prime minister, majority of Indians don't think Muslims must have the first claim on our resources. Unlike the secular-than-thou social therapists of the UPA Government, most Inndians don't think the Muslim community's backwardness is due to the heartlessness of the state. This survey has said it: the so-called compassionate sociology of the UPA Government is a political con. In the name of social reform, the UPA regime is blatantly mining the vote-rich minority ghettos. The numbers from Uttar Pradesh, the defining battlefield, show it doesn't help much: Congress is going nowhere. There is no end to its heartland woes despite the desperate measures.

The party that has to take some desperate measures, though, is BJP. NDA's vote share may not have gone down over the past six months. It is stagnant at 150 to 160 seats. For BJP itself, it has not been all that bad, but it has not been particularly good either. (UPA's expansion has not been at the cost of NDA but other regional parties.) Showing signs of revival, BJP is beginning to rise from the post-2004 defeatism: 21 per cent think the party's image has improved since the humiliation in the last Lok Sabha elections. One year ago it was 12 per cent; six months ago it was 16. And in Uttar Pradesh, with its vote share at 26, it is ahead of Congress by 9 per cent. Going by the poll, it looks like only one idea can energise the party to capture the space that rightly belongs to it in Indian politics. The idea is called Vajpayee. The ideal prime minister of India is still Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who hovers above Sonia, and much above Manmohan. It is for Rajnath Singh to reactivate the idea of Vajpayee as a winning force of his presidency. It is something he should be capable of.

He has a model to follow. His counterpart in the Congress has a prime minister to do the good work for her. They accentuate the stark bipolarity of Indian politics: the rising centre-left and the placid right, with the middle shrinking.

My comments on the survey and seat predictions.
In Karnataka JD(S) is shown as allied with Congress when 1 year back the coalition fell.
In last election each fought separately. BJP won 18. JD(S) won 3 and congress 6 and others(Bangarappa 1). Similarly in 1996 undivided Janata Dal got 17, BJP got 6, Congress got 5 and others(1). If BJP and JD(S) fight together congress may face a situation of wipeout.

In Andhra Congress has been shown aligned with TRS, CPI, CPM while BJP has been shown aligned with TDP. May be correct situation would be congress alone, TDP with CPI and CPM , BJP with TRS.

In Bihar Congress is shown with RJD and Paswan's Party along with CPI and CPM. That was the situation in 2004. But in 2005 Paswan's party fought Lalu and Congress bringing 2/3 rd majority to JD(U) and BJP. Similar interpretation would give 30 out of 40 seats of Bihar to NDA.

In Jharkhand congress is shown with JMM, RJD, CPI, CPM and Paswan's party. However JMM and
RJD fought against each other giving power to BJP.

In Haryana last election BJP fought alone and Congress got 9, BJP 1. But if BJP and Lokdal fight together congress will have hard time to repeat the success.

In UP India-today poll shows BJP with 26 percent(Compared to congress' 14 percent) and SP and BSP in similar range and BJP on revival path. Compared to 16 percent for BJP given by Hindustan Times poll.

74% of rural Indians and 72% of people in urban areas feel Manmohan Singh is doing a good/average job. Even in Gujarat, the hotbed of Hindutva, 79% voters feel the same about him.

Who do you think is more powerful of the two?

Sonia Gandhi 64 (56)
Manmohan Singh 23 (25)
All figures in per cent.

Best party to solve the problems of the country

Congress 32 (30)
BJP 24 (24)
Others 35 (41)
All figures in per cent.
Rest: Don't know/Can't say

Which party is more concerned about the poor?

Congress 31 (29)
BJP 24 (23)
Others 38 (40)
All figures in per cent.
Rest: Don't know/Can't say

Which party is best capable of giving a stable government?

Congress 33 (31)
BJP 24 (24)
Others 34 (37)
All figures in per cent.
Rest: Don't know/Can't say

Who among the current leaders would be the best prime minister for India?

Atal Bihari Vajpayee 24
Sonia Gandhi 20
Manmohan Singh 14
L.K. Advani 4
Lalu Prasad 3
Rahul Gandhi 3
Mayawati 3
Narendra Modi 2
Mulayam Singh 2
Sharad Pawar 2
Arjun Singh 1
All figures in per cent.
Rest: Don't know/Can't say

Rate the performance of the Prime minister

Good 37 (35)
Average 37 (40)
Poor 11 (11)
Outstanding 6 (3)

Which of these issues worries you the most in the new year?

Rising Prices 39
Unemployment 33
Government Corruption 9

What is your view on India being run by a coalition government?

Good 33
Bad 23
All figures in per cent.
Rest: Don't know/Can't say

Rate the UPA Government's performance in the past two and half years

Average 38 (42)
Good 35 (30)
Poor 11 (10)
Outstanding 5 (2)

How long do you think will the UPA Government last?

5 years 60
3 years 8
4 years 10
All figures in per cent. Rest: Don't know/Can't say
Figures in brackets indicate percentage in Aug 2006

Rate Rahul Gandhi as a politician

Good 32
Average 25
Poor 6


The 13th INDIA TODAY-AC Nielsen-ORG-MARG Mood of the Nation poll covered 12,386 eligible voters from 98 parliamentary constituencies in 19 states. The sample covered all age groups, gender and the urban-rural divide. The list of allies is on the basis of 2004 Lok Sabha polls. Thus, the inc+ allies include RJD, NCP, JMM, LNSJP, NCP, JD(S) in Karnataka; KEC(M) and IUML in Kerala; RPI, PMK, DMK, MDMK and TRC. BJP+ allies include the TDP, JD(U), Shiv Sena; BJD, SAD and AITC while the Left has been taken as a part of Congress+ except in Kerala and West Bengal. The fieldwork was done between December 26 2006 and January 9, 2007 and the poll was conducted by AC Nielsen ORG MARG under of aegis of Radhika Bhatia, Manager Client Service and Saurabh Chandrashekhar, Client Service Executive.

47% Muslims feel that the issue of backwardness of the community raised by the UPA is politically motivated while 24% cite lack of education as the cause of backwardness.

What do you think about the condition of Muslims in India?

Themselves to blame 28
Have same opportunities as others 27
Lack in education 13
Neglected by govt 8
Lack opportunities 6
All figures in per cent. Rest: Don't know/Can't say

Should Muslims have the first claim over the country's resources?

No 51
Yes 29
DK/CS 20
All figures in per cent. DK/CS: Don't know/Can't say

Should there be reservations based on religion?

No 47
Yes 31
DK/CS 22
All figures in per cent.

What do you think about the UPA Government's current reservation policy for OBCs?

Approve 33
No opinion 21 (19)
Disapprove 17 (16)
DK/CS 29
Figures in brackets indicate percentage in August 2006
All figures in per cent. DK/CS: Don't know/Can't say

Do you think the issue of backwardness of Muslims raised by the UPA is politically motivated?

Yes 46
No 27
DK/CS 27
All figures in per cent.
DK/CS: Don't know/Can't say