Saturday, January 13, 2007

the marxists in west bengal need to hire brit propagandists

jan 13, 2007

i dont know how many people have seen the PBS documentary 'china from the inside' being shown on kqed and other stations these days. it shows china in a wonderful light.

this is what the marxist government in west bengal needs to do: hire a british journalist to extol the virtues of how wonderfully marxism has helped the people.

brits are now increasingly on sale to the highest bidder and especially to the ruling castes to produce material that supports their view.

this is known in polite circles as journalistic prostitution. but this is the brits' core competency these days, in addition to managing the ill-gotten funds they stole from all over (including $10 trillion from india).


1. william dalrymple who hangs out in india and writes 'history' according to arjun singh, whereby everything mohammedan is exalted -- which accurately reflects the views of the ruling nehruvian caste.

2. the brit guy whose name escapes me who is the principal cheerleader for that chinese hoax about admiral zheng he and the 'history' being manufactured to claim chinese rights in the indian ocean and africa

3. this fellow jonathan lewis who made 'china from the inside', the 'authorized biography' if you will of china, showing all the negatives in soft-focus, cheerleading like mad, etc.

yes, sitaram, prakash and buddadeb, it's about time to call jonathan and give him a few million bucks to make a film about how wonderfully the fatherland of west bengal (and kerala) is progressing towards the socialist millennium under the benign eye of the great red fathers of alimuddin street in kolkata and the a k gopalan center in trivandrum.

can we say 'journalistic whore', boys and girls?


abhitux said...

A whore still has some respect.

habc said...

A whore would at least ask for money - these guys will do it for free.

Sucking up to China is not going to get anybody anything other than contempt. The Chinese are shrewd people and do not seem to be very emotional either - apart from the fact that their military background would make them have contempt for "weakness"

iamfordemocracy said...

This piece is one of the most naive and suicidal evaluations that I have ever read. If you believe some journalists (politicians, social workers, businessmen) are resorting to 'journalistic prostitution' and some others are pure, you are essentially giving up on any possibility of achieving anything significant. BJP has a similar mindset. Please note that everyone and every group has a right to project itself in positive light. You cannot deny them that right just because you think they are cheats or rogues or whatever.

Why can't RSS, BJP, HINDUs have a few journalists (higher a few from BBC...if money speaks, I am sure BJP and RSS can summon up enough to support a few bigtime journos) to project a good image? Why do these organisations continue to take a holier than thou stance regarding everything under the Sun?

Will Kautilya approve of such a puritan attitude?