Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fwd: economist on how US isn't going to slow down that much in 2007

jan 16th, 2007

do you guys believe this? i have been a little surprised that the real estate market didn't collapse after the sharp drop in new house starts. so is this the soft-landing we have talked about here?

inflation, btw, is at about 5.5% in india according to official sources, which translates to 7% in reality. therefore those fixed deposits in banks are earning you practically nothing!


san said...

Well, not earning you if you're spending in India, but if you're investing from overseas, then it's not too bad, especially factoring in rupee appreciation relative to other currencies.

DarkStorm said...

Well, as per san, now which sane person would like to invest in India?

Moronic governments !!