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Indologists To Hindus: Pay us to spit on your kids

jan 17th, 2007

that ari saja! good for him to point out the obvious idiocies of the sudha 'sepoy' shenoys of the world.

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Indologists To Hindus: Pay us to spit on your kids
By: Ari Saja
January 16, 2007
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Indology Researchers are in a tizzy because universities at Cambridge, England, and Berlin, Germany have shut down their Indology programs. The chatter between the self-proclaimed World Authorities on Indology is most instructive in this regard. Here is one of their stars, an Associate in Economics at a college in New South Wales, Australia, coming up with a grand economic program to revive their past glory:  

In, Sudha Shenoy ...> wrote: Let me rush in straight away ( 'fools..') What are the chances of an endowed lectureship /instructorship? (to put it no higher). With the rise in the number of really wealthy Indian businessmen, & with their ranks increasing, there should be one or two, at least, who have simple education/research in mind, & not propaganda??? Or what about large firms who now do more business with India??
I know that others on the List have had experience with wealthy NRIs. This is, however, a very specifc issue, & a purely educational one. Quite possibly there might be some interest there??
Sudha R Shenoy
A brilliant idea that the Assistant Moderator of the forum enthusiastically endorsed, along with an exhortation to "raise hell".  
Background of this Worthy Cause
University administrators have been commended for striving to race at glacial pace towards the 20th century by ending the Indology charade. "Indology" as practiced by said World Authorities, is the abuse and denial of ancient Indian traditions, and personal abuse directed against any researcher who dares to do honest research on ancient India. Those who have patience to rationalize the rantings of South African bowlers and Harvard professors, attribute this abusive behavior to the rapid exposure of their irrelevance. Originally established by the British colonial kleptocracy to win favors from Queen "Off With His Head!" Elizabeth 1, Indology's raison d'etre was to defend the Holy Imperial Timeline of western racism. In this version of "history", Creation occurred in BCE4004, and civilization rode to India from Central Asia via the Khyber Pass circa BCE 1500, courtesy of the ancestral Hun cousins of British royalty. In this timeline, the Vedas and the Epics of India had to wait to be written, until the Queen's ancestors had looted enough books from Mediterranean monasteries to copy them in India - sometime during the Mughal era. The short, dark, rice-eating and passive natives of India could surely not come up with intelligent writings without guidance from the tall, fair and horse-riding, martial Aryans from Europe! Thus Indology's primary intellectual controversy as described by Harvard University scholars, is regarding the pedigree of the animal attached to the backsides depicted on "seals" found in the Indus valley. The Harvard Indologists claim expert familiarity with the posterior views, leaving no doubt that they are asses. Indian researchers point to the vast ancient lore on horses. With the advent of researchers who have not been lobotomized at Oxford or in the Brown Sahib schools of India, uncomfortable questions have persisted on how the "Aryans" are supposed to have come down the Khyber Pass in their horse-drawn chariots, and why they felt compelled to settle down and write awesome poetry and immortal epics. Inconvenient evidence has surfaced that their cousins who went north, south and west preferred to burn books, and were still swinging by their tails from the trees of the Black Forest in uber-cultured Europe when Indians were running universities at Nalanda and Takshashila.  
Aryan Tourist Theory
The explanations from "Indology Research" are indeed hilarious, to use a word much blessed by St. A. Farmer Himself. The "Aryan Invasion Theory", its absurdity exposed, has now subtly morphed into "Aryan Influx Theory", better known as "Aryan Tourist Theory". Adam and Eve have now moved their Garden of Eden from Paris down to Israel to Iraq and now to South Africa, though more inconvenient evidence has surfaced recently of early humans in Australia. A single-point, unique origin of the human species is of course central to the Creationist / Scientologist tribes behind the Harvard school. 
The migration to India is now explained as Adam and Eve being woken up by the racket from Mount Kilimanjaro erupting, so that they sprinted, apple in hand and pet serpent in tow, along the shores of Lake Tanganyka, down the Nile valley, and across the Suez. Or perhaps they strolled across the Red Sea, conveniently parted. They then ambled across Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, on across the Afghan plateau to Bagaram Air Force Base outside Kabul, and then hitched a ride in horse-drawn chariots down the Khyber Pass, and didn't stop rolling until they got to East Bengal. 
Loose Foundations and Lost Furniture
As Indology's intellectual foundations proved to be as loose as its standards of intellectual integrity and general level of house-training, charitable Foundations stopped wasting money on the snake-oil purveyors occupying the Endowed Chairs of Indology departments. Cambridge closed down theirs a few months ago. Berlin has now shocked Indology - the Reich disowning Aryanship!  
Professor N.S. Rajaram, published a recent article titled "Indology must change with the times"[1]. Ironically, it was in "The Hindu", whose Editors have in the past been the obligingly uncritical patsies for  the obnoxious rants and utterly unprofessional personal abuse by Indologists. Rajaram  calmly lays it out:  
"Indologists' role as interpreters of India ended with independence in 1947, but many Indologists, especially in the West, failed to see it. .. today, six decades later, … No one in the West today looks to Indology departments for advice on matters relating to India when they can get it from their next-door neighbour or an office colleague."  
So the Indologists are now considering new sources of revenue. Their contempt for those whom they plan to milk, truly has to be read to be believed.  
Rob The Rich and Feed the Poor, And We ARE the Poor!
Here is the same Dr. Sudha Shenoy of University of Newcastle, on why Americans are too stupid to keep Indians in their appointed station in life, from another post on the same forum:
So now Dr. Shenoy comes at us with her vast intellectual superiority and "Upstairs/Downstairs" sense of the Proper Place of Indians, born perhaps of her lineage of servants of the British Imperial Masters. She dearly hopes to find some of these rich, technically educated but uncultured Hindoos, stupid enough to endow furniture for her ilk. 
Professor Michael Witzel of Harvard University is the self-appointed Fuhrer on all things related to India, Hinduism, Sanskrit, Californian middle-school curricula, the inferiority of Indians in general and IIT-educated people in particular, the low moral standards of Indian-American Hindu daughters who learn traditional dance, saving NRI women like a latter-day Phineas Fogg, and all else. He explained all about the same Indian and Indian-Americans whom they now plan to relieve of their money. Herr Witzel is to academia what formerly (Hon) U.S. Senator George "macaca" Allen is to politics. Here (see inset) is Herr Witzel's own immortal Post Number 2300, on the "Indo-Eurasian Research" forum, which over 3000 intelligent people saw [2] for what it is: a racist hate forum hiding behind ivy-covered walls.  

Before 1947, US immigration policies were so restrictive, barely a handful of Indians got in. The tiny quotas were filled for years, even a decade ahead.

Indian (& Asian) immigration could take off from the later 1960s onwards, because immigration regulations now allowed in migrants with technical skills. Hence the huge numbers of technically highly trained Indians in the US. Business migrants were also now allowed in.

In both groups, many came from Indian backgrounds where they learned English as a necessary tool only, & had little or no contact with the wider culture, literature, etc. So they have an excellent technical training/business acumen, but hardly any wider _education. Naturally they take in Hindutva doctrines completely uncritically: they do not have the  foundations to even recognise that such notions have to be considered sceptically. " – Sudha Shenoy
Witzel, Farmer and Shenoy have every reason to be optimistic. There are, indeed, desis wealthy enough to fund them to their heart's desire. Worse, they would happily fund their agenda of hurting India, Indians, and specifically, the little children in California, Texas, and everywhere else, who come crying home asking why their classmates poke fun at their most treasured beliefs. A worthy California philanthropist who is prominent in the Coalition Against Communalism (CAC) comes to mind. He also just happens to work with the (oh so non-communal!) Indian Muslim Council of USA [3], and with the Friends of South Asia (FOSA), which Pakistani news media have described as being sponsored by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence outfit that created Al Qaeda, and a host of other such organizations. This worthy has been spending the past months doing Houdini-like contortions on the Pan-IIT discussion forum, heroically articulating the causes of the Marxist Communist and Pakistani ISI patrons of FOSA like a true Comrade. This is after the FOSA tried filing an amicus curiae brief against Hindu Americans who protested the crooked goings-on of the California State Education Board, and the judge told them the "amicus" was entirely one-sided, and decided that they had no locus standi, to use another Latin phrase for "tossed out summarily"  
Elsewhere, rich desis in Atlanta are falling into the trap of funding an Endowed Chair in the Emory College, most recognized for its Professor Paul "Limp Paulus" Courtright, the author of "Ganesa: Lord of Obstacles". This is one of the most famous intellectual products of Indology/South Asia Studies (in the sense that Saddam Hussein and Abu Ghraib are "famous"), where the most treasured beliefs and traditions of Hinduism are grotesquely twisted into "psycho-analyses" based on fantasies of child pornography. As an instance of Emory's intellectual gems, a child asking for a lollipop is interpreted by Emory faculty as a clear request for oral sex. One wonders if the new Chair will be called the " Limp Paulus XXX Chair of Kiddie Porn Bigotry" in honor of Professor Courtright's seminal work. Citizens who exposed Emory's "intellectual standards" are still being busily abused as "academic terrorists" by the Emory gang, notably by Courtright and an Emory junior faculty member associated with conversions in troubled Jharkand. This last worthy advises citizens to be more "tolerant" towards such bigoted "scholarly interpretations" of their sacred beliefs and traditions. Those Atlanta philanthropists rushing to buy furniture for Emory are probably too busy to see beyond the invitations to seminars (parties) and Cultural Nites with pooh-bahs wearing high-sounding academic titles, and are hence oblivious of the mediaeval agendas of bigotry at such Schools of  'Divinity' and 'Religion Studies'. Thus they should be obvious suckers for the Indology Chair too. 
The ill-concealed "Rob the Rich and Feed the Poor, And We ARE the Poor" condescension of Shenoy and Witzel towards India, Indians and Indian-Americans is standard fare at Indo-Euracist forums. Some of their gems appear to have been preserved at the "IRFFAN" blogspot [4], IRFFAN declares itself to be a Fan Club for Witzel's Indology forum, with "occupation" listed as "Admiring Indo-Eurasian Researchers". From the sheer size of the blog, it is evident that there is much to "admire" about Dr. Shenoy, Dr. Witzel, and their merry band. 
Three cheers to hoping that desi-Endowed Chairs in Indology Studies at Berlin U. will not be greatly delayed. Dr. Shenoy  modestly aims "to put it no higher", the campaign at a "lecturer-instructor level". That would, coincidentally of course, fit positions for which she might qualify at the less demanding institutions. 
Please observe desis donating generously to the Indology chair cause. What's a circus without the comic relief? 
Ari Saja

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[1] N.S. Rajaram, "Indology must change with the times". The Hindu,  January 7, 2007.  
[2] An internet petition started by Harvard alumni drew over 3100 signatures, agreeing that Harvard is sheltering and fomenting hate and just plain poor standards in the guise of the "IndoEurasian Research Forum" which is run under an official Harvard affiliation. 

Message in IER Yahoogroup # 2300

[mod's note: While it still is weekend here, let us continue with such slightly off-topic discussions, but revert to straight-forward research on Monday. Nevertheless, as it sheds some light on the background of this thread, read this:]

"The Hindus in
North America ( HINAs) are not just hiina, "lost, abandoned", but they (understandably) cling to their homeland in all manners they can come up with. "Reforming" our schoolbooks according to an imagined Golden Age (Ram Raj), hoary India is just one of the expressions we can observe.

They also tell their daughters to study Classical Indian dance (not exactly a highly regarded occupation back home), they build many temples and have Sunday schools (as many other ethnicities do). But, they hardly invest in Higher Education as other successful Asians have
done. Nor allow their children to study items outside Law or Medicine, such as Indian Studies, --- the only way that members of their group could speak with real authority (for example, in school books).

However, as they are NRIs ("non returning Indians", as I just learned from a Hindi movie), they have begun ---as an old, very conservative US Brahmin friend pointed out to me already in 1994—building crematoria as well.

And see that they children marry within the local caste of origin (preferably, as per advertisement, of "fair' or "wheatish" color), if necessary imported out of India. (I have represented in court for one unfortunate victim of such a cross-cultural RNI-Indian marriage).

Or at least, they look for a spouse within the same general Indian caste (jaati), or worse, class (varna), or worst, among any Indians.

They have seen too many of their children marry US people (whether of other Asian or of European descent; Blacks seem unthinkable). And loose their Hinduism, which second generation people just understand as "boaring rituals" (puja, etc.), temple visits and Indian (mythological) comic books ...

All such items add to the heady brew that we have seen emerging here...

Cheers, MW
Michael Witzel
Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University
1 Bow Street , 3rd floor, Cambridge MA 02138
1-617-495 3295 Fax: 496 8571
direct line: 496 2990"

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virat0 said...

Pay us to spit on your kids
Dr Sudha Senoy is arrogant for being able to show that she is in sync with her advanced and light coloured masters.

They dreamed through their life to be accepted by a white man. When it comes she doesn't have the notion to take it critically. Her education means speaking english like english do, native south american language is meant for such people to find savagery and superiority of british accent, including the sexy fk yeah letters.

Yet she thinks :In both groups, many came from Indian backgrounds where they learned English as a necessary tool only, & had little or no contact with the wider culture, literature, etc. ......they do not have the foundations to even recognise that such notions have to be considered sceptically

Unfortunately Macaulay Saheb have trained these barbrians in race and such stuff, they have been paid to look down everything like a british sepoy.