Monday, January 29, 2007

vatican, rogue state: der spiegel

jan 29th, 2007

the theme is pertinent, the content is not :-),1518,460967,00.html

the vatican *is* a rogue state, and it's not because of those pickpockets and petty thieves. it's because it is the largest purveyor of hoaxes in history, as well as the biggest ethnic cleanser in history. it killed hundreds of millions of people all over europe, asia, latin america, africa. it is also the oldest and richest, and most ruthless MNC in the world, masquerading as a state. it is like saudi arabia in a sense: a grand extorter of money using people's blind faith as a weapon. (i believe the meccans worked a bargain with mohammed so that he would urge all mohammedans to come to mecca, which of course generates nice profits for the locals providing victuals and housing. similarly pilgrimage to the vatican is a big money-earner for them godmen.)

the entire der spiegel issue is interesting:,1518,k-7054,00.html

thanks to habc for the original link, on the hilarious "we capitulate" story. hilarious, if it weren't for the fact that this is what the kaangress, the marxists, and other invertebrates have been foisting on india for a long time. it is, therefore, more like black humor. you feel like weeping rather than laughing.

here's the link:,1518,462149,00.html

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DarkStorm said...

>>"Let us pray," he said, "for the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary."


from the first link.

Does that ring a bell ??