Friday, January 26, 2007

Raoul Maino Implicated on Gang Rape Charges

jan 26th, 2007

disclaimer: i am just forwarding this message without verifying it.

there's been a slew of messages about this. maybe there's something to it, although the usual pseudo-secular, dynasty-sucking-up-to EL media has clammed up about it. on the other hand, would even rahul, not exactly a genius, do something as self-destructive as this, especially immediately after the white world has anointed him crown-prince?

but then, he did apparently get caught trying to smuggle $200,000 into the us a few years ago. and he did (does?) have a colombian drug-cartel girlfriend. maybe his handlers didnt tell him what to do.

i have been thinking of obama as a manchurian candidate, but rahul would be the perfect manchurian candidate, wouldn't he? (anybody seen the original film? i saw the recent one, which was not bad, not great.)

kumar asks a good question -- where are the women's rights banshees, shabana azmi, teesta setalvad, et al? or is it ok if a woman is allegedly raped by the dynasty scion? i guess since the woman is only a hindu, it's ok.

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Is there any way to campaign for this poor girl's rights? Can we press the UN or any women's rights groups to condemn this crime? Just because he's a member of the most powerful clan in India doesn'r mean he should be allowed to get away with this crime.


iamfordemocracy said...
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mahashivaji said...

I am surprised too. Where are the women's rights groups? Usually these western intel agencies are very good at covering this kind of stuff up for their agents or "protectees". How and why did they allow this leak to come out?

Maybe they wanted to keep Raoul in line? Kind of like "don't get too're still only half-white so our loyalty only goes so far."

You never know. But yes, Agent Raoul has been anointed by the white world as the crown prince. If this happens, then India is finished. We'll be a colony once more. I'm beginning to think that Indians are incapable of ruling themselves. What a shame. We'll be rules by an uneducated half-wit who will take orders from his overseas handlers.

mahashivaji said...

Interesting like:

"The Quator Coronati Masonic Lodge was founded in 1886 by Sir Charles Warren and Sir Walter Besant (Annie Besant's brother). Warren also was Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police Force."

Annie Besant helped FOUND the Congress Party in India. This is interesting...the Brits had the foresight to realize that they wouldn't be able to hold on to India in name, but if they cultivated a group of fifth columnists within India, they could always be the true "power" behind the throne?

Also, isn't it so coincidental that Agent Sonia Maino met her husband while he was studying in the UK? She just "happened" to meet him, they get married, and she kept professing how she hated politics...always the outsider...Then, her mother-in-law get whacked...husband gets whacked...Sonia now inherits a vast sum of wealth in the form of overseas bank accounts to which only her inner family circle has access. Through this money and a tremendous amount of help from overseas intel organizations, she is able to consolidate her power.

What happened to the woman who was not interested in politics? Hmmmm...

Maintain the guise of a simply dressed Hindu widow, but assasinate anyone who stands in your way, buy off those who oppose you, lie about your qualifications, refuse to convert to the religion of her husband, and keep minting money from the hundis and coffers of our most hallowed places, but always say, "I am just a simple widow. I am not interested in politics."

Wow. Are the Indian public this stupid?

How could a half-wit woman, daughter of a fascist bricklayer, former barmaid, wield this kind of influence WITHOUT any help from overseas and without any interest in politics?

I think they kept her in the waiting in the wings--"Don't worry Agent Maino. Just bide your time. We will take care of the mother-in-law and your husband. You'll get your chance..."

Intel operatives are absolute snakes. They can wait for decades to strike. They can even have children with their enemy, and they have tremendous patience. Then when they get their chance, they strike hard without hesitation.

Think about it---even though Agent Maino has a ton of cash, you can't buy the entire Indian media, political establishment, MPs, CPs, etc. without some help from a greater power. Money definitely helps, but you also have to cover up---not as easy as you think in a country like India.

My question---if they've anointed Sonia and Raoul, what is their plan for us? Where does India figure in, in the Great White Plan?

Here's what I think:
1. Sonia/Raoul dynasty
2. Subtle conversions to christianity---one state at a time.
3. Once India becomes 30% christian, then the Cathlic Church will institute tithing---all new Christians must give 10% of their earnings to the Church. This will save the Church from bankruptcy and guarantee their future.
4. If the foreign agencies can convince India to be ruled by a white man and to also worship a white man, and to put away our brown gods, then this wil be a great victory and a lot of things will be possible...let's see what happens.

mahashivaji said...


1. White christian countries are rich and developed.

2. Non white non-christian countries are rich, developed, or soon to be more developed than the white christian countries.

3. Non white christian countries are poor, under-developed basket cases with zero hope.

Why is this?

Please post responses.

mahashivaji said...


I don't want to clog and clutter your blog with my, I've started my own blog.

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chandramahal said...

What, indeed was the religion of Sonia Maino's husband?

Is there anything clear about it?

iamfordemocracy said...
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