Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Congress-sponsored communal brutality

jan 23rd, 2007
shades of the moplah rebellion. then the turkish caliph was deposed by the british, so mohammedans killed 10,000 hindus in malabar.
now saddam hussein is killed by iraqis, so mohammedans go out and attack hindus.
moral of the story: whatever happens in the world is a good excuse for mohammedans to go on a good old-fashioned rampage against hindus because there will be no pain to the them in reverse.
this, of course, is why they were really startled when in gujarat in 2002, there *was* pain applied to their bottoms. they, and the kaangress, and the marxists, just couldn't believe that mohammedans could also be at the receiving end of pain.

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Congress-sponsored communal brutality
It has been reported that several people were injured, vehicles damaged, houses and shops looted and ransacked during the communal violence that rocked Bharatinagar and surrounding areas in Bangalore on 19 January (Friday). It continued for three days. According to the Police, the trouble erupted when a group of people were marching towards Shivajinagar Stadium from K G Halli to attend a rally organized by the newly formed People's Front to protest against the execution of Saddam Hussain and 'American imperialism'. It is understood that the processionists set on fire some banners on Seppings Road in Bharatinagar. A group of people took objection to this which led to a clash. Those who were part of the procession started attacking houses, vehicles and shops with stones, the police said. The mob started pelting stones and burning vehicles parked on Thimmaiah Road. The arsonists barged into a web-designing centre, damaged computers and set them on fire. The mob barged into several houses and shops, ransacked them and looted valuables.
The police had enough indication of the impending violence as some of the processionists were carrying weapons. Taking advantage of the lax security, a section of the processionists went on the rampage and targeted the homes and properties of the majority Hindu community who live in the lanes and by-lanes of the Muslim-dominated areas of Shivajinagar, Commercial Street, Bharati Nagar and Fraser Town. According to the police, around 50 vehicles, including cars and police vehicles, were set on fire. The police rushed additional forces to the area. The situation was very tense and explosive. Similar incidents were also reported from Thimmaiah Road, Narayana Pillai Street, Seppings Road, etc. The whole area was strewn with glass pieces, mangled vehicles and burnt tyres. The injured have been admitted to various hospitals. The Assistant Commissioner of Police (Fraser Town) Puttathimme Gowda has stated: 'In order to quell the mob, a head constable fired three rounds in the air. Later, I used my service revolver and fired four rounds in the air. This did not control the situation and people started throwing stones at me and my men.' Puttathimme Gowda, sub-inspector M Malalingaiah, police constables Ratnakar and Siddaramaiah were injured in stone-throwing. V Anand, another constable, was stabbed. In all, 20 police personnel who were injured have been admitted to a private hospital. The police resorted to lathi-charge and burst teargas shells to disperse the mob. Later they opened fire in the air.
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iamfordemocracy said...

Not sure how many noticed the following. In the KBC show where SharRukh Khan has replaced Amitabh Bachhan, there was a participant with the name Ramkrishna Guggoi or something... What shortform should he use SRK wondered. He considered Ram but quickly moved on to something else. He settled on Guggi. He never used the word Ram or Krishna later nor did the participant insist on Ram or Krishna.... Wat it communal? How many Hindus noticed this?

Ghost Writer said...

The way out is for the Hindus in Bangalore to vote en masse for the JD(S)-BJP combine when the elections roll around - and of course to bring out the Gujarat formula if the rioting gets too bad. The first might come to pass but the second - the mildness of the Kannada Hindu will once again give way.

I was in Bangalore not more than a month ago, including in these 'sensitive areas' (Commercial, Shivajinagar etc.) - it is the next big thing in communal violence. Bangalore has all the makings of a city on the boil - the overcrowding, income disparities, the appalling infrastructure - and most important of all - it is the Brand New target for the Islamist Jihadis.

They want to scare away the IT and BPO sectors (a FUD - perhaps they have been reading you articles Rajeev!). In their place everyone in Bangalore will be running - well - 'Kashmiri Emporia' of all kinds.

Sandeep said...

Here's a report from the ground. An eyewitness so to say. You might want to feature it as a separate post: http://www.sandeepweb.com/2007/01/22/violence-in-bangalore/

surya said...


on the evening of 21st Jan I was very much there in Shivajinagara area. Everything was normal there. It was one road leading to Whitefield through which the procession(planned some 3 months earlier) went through. When I reached home which is in South Bangalore ( that means I travelled from the east of the city to south and that too some 15 kms) I saw in our news channels " Bangalore Burning". I was surprised and asked mysef "where am I? ".

There was an isolated incidednt in one particular aread and the media sensationalises it and blows it out of proportion. I think there are diversionary tactics to take the blame away from the Saddam Hussein rally.

Shahryar said...

I wonder how long before Indian muslims take heed of this fatwa!

Excerpt from Top Saudi cleric issues religious edict declaring Shiites to be infidels.

The Associated Press
Published: December 29, 2006

CAIRO, Egypt: A top Saudi Arabian Sunni cleric on Friday declared Shiites around the world to be infidels who should be considered worse than Jews or Christians, the latest sign of increasing sectarianism in the Middle East.

Abdul Rahman al-Barak, one of the top several Wahhabi clerics in Saudi Arabia and considered close to the Kingdom's royal family, also urged Sunnis worldwide to oppose reconciliation with Shiites. The Wahhabi stream of Sunni Islam that is followed in Saudi Arabia is conservative and views Shiites as heretics.

"By and large, rejectionists (Shiites) are the most evil sect of the nation and they have all the ingredients of the infidels," Abdul Rahman wrote in a fatwa, or religious edict, that was posted on his web site Friday.

"The general ruling is that they are infidels, apostates and hypocrites," he wrote. "They are more dangerous than Jews and Christians," he wrote in the edict, which Abdul Rahman said was in response to a question from a follower.

Like most hardline Sunnis, Abdul Rahman employed the word "rejectionists," used as a derogatory term to describe Shiites because they opted out of the Sunni school of Islamic theology. He also said the sect was the work of a Jewish conspiracy.

iamfordemocracy said...

Here is the IBN explanation for the causes of Bangalore riot. Why does Bangalore fume?. The gap between the rich and the poor, they would make the readers believe. That's a top-spin.